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Sunday, October 5, 2008

In Need to Rant

Before I rant, Join me in my world of one liners XD.

A much needed rant is required cuz I've been tolerating this shit for days. The whole world already knows how biased my parents are but this seriously is out of my head. Agreeing to her son's RM150 per month piano class wishes but complain expensive when her daughter wants to join aikido for a mere RM60 per month. Both of us are getting the same amount of allowance yet she can just throw RM150 at him to splurge on anything he wants for his 2 day stay there. Mind you that his accomodations and travelling expenses had already been settled by her, and he's 16. I had to beg my fucking way to go to Melaka when I was 18 and I had to pay my own accomodations and travel fees.

Next was my teeth growth problem. I had to delay my visit to the dentist due to the Raya holidays. She pestered the shit outta me to call the dentist then when I told her they're pretty much closed till Monday. She just shrugged and said it's my problem then. What the fuck is that kind of answer.... first you bug the shit outta me, then dump me to the corner to lick my own wounds. I'd rather if you don't even give a fuck in the first place if that's the kind of attitude you're gonna show me. I'm the one who's enduring the damn pain, not you.

Third would be about the committee I've committed myself to. Like what Shaun said, it's full of shit. People just backstab each other and act on their own with their peers. This isn't a community, it's just a one man's show and the rest of us are just for deco. I feel so frustrated just hearing things in there and itching to just scream at their faces. If the shit I predicted happens, I'll quit without hesitations. There's no reason for me to stay any longer.

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