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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Run Wild or Chained to a Desk

The first question that I asked myself while I was filtering through job vacancies, do i keep myself chained to the desk in a corporate company or to take a dip in the ever-challenging advertising industry. I've never been keen to enter corporate offices cause I hate the formalities, I hate the boring blue environment, I hate dressing in tight skirts and blouses that are difficult to move in, I hate the boring people in there too. My string of office jobs in

Monday, November 29, 2010

Adventures of Kopi and Teh

It was one of the days when me and Audrey felt so photoshoot deprived looking at the newbies in CF churning out more costumes faster than I can collect my salary  and start on my own costumes =( Ah the pressures of working~ We felt so syok sendiri so one day so we decided on a Coffy & Tea shoot.

Ah Audrey looks so hensem wearing like this ;w;

Shoot lasted for about half the day with no hitches, the good side of casual shoots~

Photo preview~

To see the whole album, do visit here
PS: Make sure you open each photo in order and read the captions as it tells a story =D. Honestly we didn't intend to have a story, it was just totally random after I sorted out the photos.

Of Flaming Boxers & Egg Tarts

Ugh it was surprisingly a VERY frustrating Sunday cuz everyone seemed to have a bone to pick with me. I woke up at 8am to line up for the DC comics goodie bag at Pavilion. Got my special 'free' parking spot near the Ritz, or so I thought it was free =(

Some parking attendant came and asked me for RM3!!!! I mean it's nothing compared to paying RM7 at Starhill but all the while I've been parking at the area for free, so I argued with him a bit D: then decided to let it slide since he had this official looking receipt with ParkWay's chop.... not without leaving a threat that if there's a single scratch on my car, I will personally ram him down to add on to the deco =P (okay I didn't exactly say that but it was what crossed my mind).

Then as I walked into Pavilion, a guard stopped me saying I can't go in till 10am WTF?! I asked him what reason is there and he said just cause it's closed wtf??? This is the first time I've been shoo-ed from a shopping centre just cause they're not open D: I saw some people walking to another direction from the corner of my eye so I followed the trail of ants people and got in from the side entrance! >o</

Again as we queued up in front of the store, we got shoo-ed again wtf =( but the staff were kind enough to give us a running number so that we can get our goodies for us early birds 8D. On my way out, I found a nice corner near the lift where I could hide till 10am >D so I stayed hidden till 9.51am then went back and join the queue. Thank god, I stepped out just as the lift opened and a flood of people came out cuz there was a guard at that corner too ma cheebai >_>

The crowd at 10am.

As Johnny told me on Saturday, the store didn't opened till 11am, again they didn't open till 11am today but luckily I brought a book to kill time. It's a bit sad that people just walked off the moment they received the goodie bag without bothering to tour the store =(. I on the other hand decided to browse through to see if the store concept, it looked kind of interesting from the pictures Johnny posted.

The shoe aisle caught my eyes omg the pretty shoessss ;o; but they cost RM199! I wanted to take a closeup of my fav but the salesgirl was there so I dare not =( but I like those pink fluffy shoes and the neon colored ones at the bottom shelves =/ I'm starting to like some pink stuff but the amount of pink fanatic girls out there just scares the shit out of me =_= from buying anything pink related.

I find it quite reasonable actually as their shirts cost RM119 minimum wtf and a cap with a Superman logo on it cost RM99 o_o I wonder if it's real swarovski gems or they're just charging us for the painstaking labor to stick all those on the cap.

My goodies~ A superman shirt, my flaming boxers! XD and also a superhero calendar which shall be on my office desk! =D

After the DC comic event, I went to pick some egg tarts before heading home. I've loved the egg tarts at this place but never got the chance to stop by here cuz there's no public transportation near this area despite it being in the heart of KL =/ so I'd like to introduce you toooo~ *drum rolls*

Win Heng Seng coffee shop! Some might know this area especially with the huge Tropicana ad up there. This place is infamous as a lunch area but there's a jewel within the cluster of hawker stalls~

Lives the king of all egg tarts that can put Jon King to shame!!! >A< Ok not really the king but it's one of the tastier egg tarts in KL.

Egg tarts fresh from the oven! Their tarts are so famous that a fresh batch comes out from the oven every 15 minutes and before the next batch comes out, they're all finished! People come from Singapore, 'tapau' 20-40 pcs before they board the bus.

The uncle and his magic oven~

After fighting with the crowd, I manage to get 15 tarts to take home. These tarts can fit into your mouth so you won't make a mess at home =D The tarts are priced at 70 cents per pc. They do sell other snacks such as siew pau and pineapple tarts, not sure for the pricing of those.

On my home, some stupid herd, yes it's a bloody fucking herd of about 20-30 Malays decided to cross the road when the traffic light on my side is still GREEN! I'm not trying to be racist but it was a whole fucking family of Malays =_= I'm telling it as it is. These are adults carrying small children and crossing the road when the light was green! Are these people that suicidal! They see my hugeass green car coming towards them and they just take a step forward!!!!! Retards I tell you, fucking retards!!!! They only know how to copulate to populate wtf.

I dropped by Jusco to grab my Sebamed stuff and ended up spending RM196 wtf! Most of the amount went to my beauty drink as there was a promotion going on or else the actually price would me RM149 D: I didn't expect to spend till mid-Dec but ugh the promotion caught me off guard! Never mind ;_; I have to tell myself that it's cheaper compared to if I buy it later. My Sebamed was going on discount too so I grabbed the cleanser just incase mine finishes. The sample kit is lasting really long =D even though I'm using quite a generous amount on my face every day. I take it as a good sign =)

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Work: Trip to the Print Factory

This happened in 3-4 weeks ago but I thought it's not appropriate to share till the brochures reach the client. After 2 years, this project finally went to printing so me and Johnny got to go see how the brochures were printed =D

We accidentally went to the wrong print factory at first hahaha cuz the building colors were the same >_< thank god it was the wrong factory cuz that factory smelled like something died..... >_>

This factory is thankfully clean hallelujah! >A< and it has air cond! A rarity in print factories since the factory beside didn't have any air cond and I also recall the print factories in Pudu area didn't have any air cond too ;_; This rambling on air conds is so totally not relevrant to this entry so moving onnnnnn =w=;;

First we got to see the first set of prints and compare them to the original proofs. If any adjustments needed to be made, they can adjust the ink output before they make the final batch of prints.

Oh I forgot to add, for this brochure, we went ahead with the traditional printing style which is using films rather than providing a CD, reason being that using films assures sharper images and better print quality. On top of that, we're using special paper for this brochure and according to my boss, the ink on the paper takes 3 days to dry! @A@

The uber heavy machinery used to print the brochures. It looks like a tram ride from here haha!

Buttons to operate that tram ride machine

After making the final adjustments, we did another print to see the results.

Making the final touches. I just realized how outnumbered I am @_@ since I'm the only girl in this whole trip. Hmph must ganba and prove myself worthy!!!! >A<

That concludes my trip to the print factory, hope it was interesting to you readers out there =) Sorry if you guys dozed on your keyboards ;_; I just thought it'd be nice to share some of my work related stuff here.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Updates #2711

Ah after all that iPhone hate released onto the entry, I feel much better. Been feeling very frustrated lately cuz I sent my car to Lim Tayar after discovering one of my tires having low air pressure despite me pumping air last week. Turns out 3 of my tires need to be replaced. 1 is leaking, 1 had a bump and the other tire is cracking =( so I got myself a set of GoodYear tires for RM600

They look like kiwi now~

Then while they were fixing my new tires, the service guy called me saying my rims were dented too so it'll be another RM210 to fix 3 of the rims *sobs* Gods this debt is going to hang on my head till February, I'm praying for a bonus this year!!! T_T

My face is getting much better. Ever since I started on the beauty drink, I noticed the healing process speeding up. Will probably continue on the drink for another month, gods this is expensive maintenance =( but I still have 12-14 days before I make the final decision.

Need to get new work clothes too so I've been scouting around and nearly decided to buy mori styled clothes but the thought of washing them just killed me so I settled for some basics. Already purchased a pair of skorts after I found out I can wear them in office >D and I'm eying a basic cardi, puffy sleeve blouse and a fluffy skirt X3 just waiting for some detailed pics. Oh and I also caved in and got myself the Balenciaga inspired messenger bag :3 should be coming in before 15th December. Wow... that's a lot of spendings I realize >_< and I got to buy toner too since my sample kit toner is running out (like finally!)

Well, that's pretty much what happened this week. I'm staying home for the weekend so that I won't go and spend on anything, but might go for the DC comics hunt on Sunday depending on Johnny's experience today >D

Next update is about work 8D~

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Apples and berries, the useless battle.


When the question of the iPhone vs Blackberry pops up, 7 out 10 people will scream
'iPhone rocks!'
'iPhone is the best!
'iPhone is the easiest thing to use!'
'An apple a day keeps the blackberry away!'

These, are just people who've either been brainwashed by the iPhone bedazzlement or just kids who got suckered by the colorful screen without knowing their needs and wants for a frikkin PHONE. Truthfully, there's nothing to compare between an iPhone and the Blackberry. The fact stays that iPhone is for those who want to have 'fun' on their phone while the BlackBerry is for business users and that's to it. Why else would iPhone users scream how iPhone is the best while you don't see Blackberry users go screaming 'omg the Blackberry is the best fucking shit in the universeeeee'. We, Blackberry users are just too cool don't need to shout out to the world how good it is cuz it IS good.

I do admit that the iPhone is an innovative and attractive piece of work, but it's not something worth to get worked up. Really, if it's the easiest fucking device to use in the world then why can't my 74 year old colleague pick up her calls from the iPhone whereas she can handle other phones with ease. Other than the nice and wide screen, being able to surf the web at ease and the games, there no other reason for me to get the iPhone. I hate the touch screen, I hate how big it is and it's so thin I feel like I could snap it in half at any moment. I occasionally slam my Nokia phone to the wall when I'm pissed during a call, my Blackberry suffers the same torture but not that often... though it has dropped from my bag to the concrete floor a couple of times. Both my phones are still alive, can't say the same if I held an iPhone.

I've been a Blackberry user for about 6-7 months and frankly I'm quite satisfied. No sadly it's not the most awesome fucking invention in the universe but it's enough for me. They keypad is not too small and I can easily type even with long nails, my contacts are so organized right down to their birthdays, MSN addresses and anniversaries (although not necessary XD;;) Camera is decent, the maps are good and the GPS is quite reliable. My only gripe with the phone is that web surfing can be a real pain on the small screen. Scrolling around the web page using the scroll pad can give my thumb an early ticket to arthritis.

So iPhone-tards, just STFU about how epic the iPhone is cuz it's not as glamorous as you make it sound but for those who bought it cuz you think it will serve you well with your lifestyle then good for you. You make the BlackBerry sound like it's the most difficult machine to operate and you wanna know why? Cuz your mind works as simple as the iPhone. Here's another thought to shove up your ass as I end this entry, the Blackberry is just so good that countries FEAR its awesomeness.

Signing off~

Monday, November 22, 2010

Covers and Food Discoveries

This weekend has been great! Though it'll be nice to update this blog a little about my personal life =)

This week was one of the very rare weekends that I stayed at home on a Saturday! D: Bored out of my mind deciding what to do ;_; Was quite thankful when my parents dragged me out to have dinner with some of their Singaporean friends. We ended up in some small hawker store at Taman Cahaya.

SG-ians can really eat in KL o_O. They ordered Bak Kut Teh Porks Legs, Char Kuey Teow, plate of cockles, Claypot Chicken Rice, and Satay D8. The BKT and Porks Legs was worth as they came in huge claypot bowls when we ordered only for a portion of 2 people. Whoever said that only Klang provides the best Bak Kut Teh can go drown themselves in the river =D This weekend I really stuffed myself good like yesterday I had awesome Beef'acon burger and Burger King!

At night, me and Mika went on a cover spree (actually I think only I did =.=;;;) covering random songs that I can remember. It was fun and the results were funny =) like hell I'm posting here!

Also, just a reminder I should make a trip to Kota Damansara to check the clothes boutiques. Back to work now! *sobs*

Friday, November 19, 2010

Guest Review: Collistar Thermoactive Talasso-Scrub

Lots of thanks and hugs to SaSa for picking me to review the product! Would've been keen to review the BeautyFoot too since I would so love peeling the skin off XD;; Onto the product! I'll be reviewing Collistar's Thermoactive Talasso-Scrub in this entry.

The green gunk~

Collistar is a beauty brand founded in Italy 1982, expanding steadily in the market and is now at the top position in the Selective Perfumery market in Italy. In 2003, Collistar achieved First Place in the Global Beauté* (Make-up+Treatment).  Their products are sold exclusively in 2500 perfumeries and prestigious department stores and also 2000 points of sales abroad. Collistar believes in being innovative in both their formulas and packaging which lead them to be the first cosmetic company to have its product displayed in a museum.

That's a mouthful about them, now to the product! Collistar's Thermoactive Talasso-Scrub is a heat-effect treatment that is designed to exfoliate and reshapen the body. This amazing scrub contains sea salt, glycerine, green tea, ivy, fucus vasciculosus, fig shoots, Actisculpt, essential oils of rosemary and lavender and retails at about RM145 for a jar of 700gm.

The sea salt helps to exfoliate your skin instantly leaving it smoother, brighter and more toned while lavender and rosemary essential oils revive the skin and give energy and wellbeing to the organism. SaSa was kind to give us a deluxe sample size

How To Use

Mix the product with the spatula, our sample size doesn't come with a spatula so I took the spatula from my facial kit and mixed the gunk. Scoop a generous amount onto your palm and massage it on your body then rinsing it under the shower. The scrub is must be used on dry skin for greater exfoliation effect and best used once or twice a week.

My Thoughts

The moment I opened the tub, my bathroom was filled with the smell of the essential oils you smell at Thai spas. The grains of the scrub were much bigger than the scrubs I've been using @_@. The moment I started scrubbing it on my dry skin, I could feel the slight heat effect and it felt kind of weird scrubbing on dry skin. Feels like I was rolling in the hot sands of the beach lol.

After scrubbing vigorously, I rinsed with warm water and oh my gawd my skin felt awesomely smooth!!!! Especially my hands haha!!! It's the best scrub so far if you want to feel squeaky clean like after a body wax! XD;; I'm still feeling the heat on my tummy after my shower, please tell me its burning my fats! (yeah right lol).

Overall, it's a nice product if you want a Thai Spa at home but it's so pricey!!! =( Once again, thank you SaSa for selecting me and very sorry for the late entry!!!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Shu Uemura Aya Takano Christmas Party - Pavilion!

Wohoo!!! It feels like I've been stepping on clouds this whole week! XD. I RSVP-ed for the Shu Uemura Party that was held last Sunday after begging and Begging AND BEGGING Audrey to go with me lol. After I RSVP-ed, the next challenge was to dress up to the theme of Abracadabra Fantasy. I wanted to win it so bad cuz the prize was RM500 worth of Shu Uemura products *_* but the theme was.... pink and glittery D8 which was so not me.... maybe it's just me and my lack of creativity TwT.

I scouted many stationery shops just trying to find ideas for the event. End up I got some superbly expensive stickers that cost RM9.90 and bought some foam cut out shapes from the stationery shop near my house that cost only RM2.50 (ended up only using that OTL)

The Aya Takano range, some stuff was missing ;__;

Door Gift: Some Australian sweets which I gave to Audrey since I don't really like these kind of sweets.

THE FOOD SPREAD!!! I was mostly feasting on the sushi since it's soft ;__; I just got my braces done so dare not nomnom on other things.

The tower of brownies! I love this since I had some during the previous launch before :3 but didn't take much since I was so scared of the chocolate sticking in my braces ;_;

The Limited Edition eyelash curler. There's different colors according to the months. This is September's :3

We're treated to a manicure that's based on the theme. Audrey got her nails done since mine were kinda short ._. doubt the fella could put anything on my tiny nails.

My outfit of the day :3 Love the mini lashes *o*

I used Shu Uemura's mini lashes and the RM2.50 foam cut-out shapes :3 Cancan hat is Kiraneko's >w<;;

And guess what, I won the the Best Dressed Award!!!! 8D More like the ONLY DRESSED one ._. cuz no one else was in costume D8. The prize was RM500 worth of Shu Uemura items which we get to pick wohoo!!!! I've never been so blank when choosing stuff at the outlet hoho *o*;; Kicked Audrey to pick what she wants and I just tembak at anything I thought of using in the future. End up our selection totaled up to RM498!!! Keng rite? 8D

Our haul! XD Audrey took 1 Premium cleansing oil bottle and an eyebrow pencil. I took the Limited Edition Aya Takano cleansing oil, makeup mist in Mint, the Limited Edition Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler for the month of September and also a tube of eyelash adhesive to experiment on.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Random Picture Post and Hauls

The amount of masks I have at home =/ I told Johnny I would upload them when I have the time lol. Reason there's so much piling is because I never had the time to spare to use them =/ but I kept buying cuz they were going at a cheap price orz. Some were given by friends, some were exchanged. Now, I'm not using much masks cuz of my acne skin. The amount of blackheads on my face are quite alarming =3=;; should probably make an appointment for a facial soon.

Lotus fried with salted egg me thinks? Ate this when I had dinner with the J's couple of weeks ago XD;;

And now for not so random entries, yesterday, Jared, Edo, Toki and me went to Uniqlo again. Yes! Again! (for me lol) cuz everyone wanted to buy the t-shirts XD;; The queue was long but we only waited for less than an hour before we could go in. Well I ended up with an appointment at Pavilion while the boys went in.

We has Nerv shirts now!!! *_* Why can't this be CF's staff shirt for 2010!! argh ;__; Too bad the whites were out of stock =(

After Uniqlo, made a quick stop at TS to collect my body scrub for reviewing :3 Will probably put a review up some time this week. Suppose to blog about something work related, but I think it's best to wait for a few more days :3

Friday, November 5, 2010

Uniqlo Media Launch & Opening Day

Wohoo!!! Yesterday got a last minute call from Toki asking whether I wanna attend the Uniqlo Media Launch. I was torn between watching Panty & Stocking or going for the launch but end up setting my mind on the launch for the GOODIESSSS.

Was waiting around the registration table for him bwahahah trust the KL girl to reach first >D

The runway @ stage area

Damn everyone knew each other and I felt so lost and under dressed and I felt so conscious of my pimples cuz everyone there had super smooth skin =( There were drinks and appetizers, I had a taste of err something they called tuna's belly o_O;; not bad. There was one guy who stood in front of the waitress and kept eating right out of the tray >_>;; Men are kissing each other on the cheeks, it's a culture I'm not accustomed to yet @_@. Event started quite late around 9pm.

Fucking HAWT host from E! to emcee the event! Gods even his voice is nice!!!

Love her boots <3 Some of the celebs in Uniqlo attire parading down the runway.

I didn't stay long for the after party since it was so late D8 and I'm just pooped so I headed home. Just as I stepped into Marriot, Toki called asking me whether have I receive my vouchers. Apparently they were giving away vouchers as we walked out of the launch and I must have missed mine!!! @A@ so I hurried back just in time as the guard sealed the entrance the moment I stepped back in >w</


Next was the Opening Day where Uniqlo stores will be opened to the general public =D I kept hearing people's plans on coming early and stuff so instead of showing up at 10 as I planned, I decided to head there the usual time I take off for work.

Omigawd the place was already filled with people @A@. There were 4 rows of people waiting outside.

And more waiting inside! I heard it was an estimate of 3000 people queuing up.

I was lucky enough to be the first 500 to get the Lucky Draw card *w*

Hmm can I be lucky enough to win it? 8D Nothing to lose if I don't win unless this is an all expense paid trip then I'll start crying =P

My company during the wait 8D. No thanks for you Zef!! You FFK meeeeeeee D:

Didn't have to wait long to go into the store since we were one of the first few hundreds. I got some EVA shirts for Jared and Toki, a pair of jeans for Jared and some leggings for my mum's friend. For me, a sweat parka jacket, a checkered fleece jacket, bra top and a turtleneck <3. Total purchases for mine were about RM203 but I ended up only paying RM83~ Hurrayyyy \*w*/

Didn't manage to stay long as I got summoned back to office while I was queuing at the cashier D8

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

DIY Acne Mask

Few days ago Mugen posted a youtube link of BuzBeauty's tutorial to make an acne mask. Tutorial can be found here which explains my visit to the supermarket yesterday. Personally I like her tutorials but I find her voice horribly annoying but anywaysssss onto the mask~!


  1. Apple cider vinegar

  2. Sugar

  3. Honey

  4. Green tea (cooled down)

  5. Glass jar

Luckily dad brought back honey from Aussie so that's one ingredient less to spend on 8D. Sadly there's only sucky green tea in the house, should've brought home the stash of Purple Cane tea >_> I'd highly recommend a glass jar rather than a plastic container cuz the sugar sinks to the bottom so you'll have to scrape the bottom and mix it around before using it.


  1. Add in 1 tsp of apple cider vinegar, 2-3 tsp of green tea and 5 tsp of sugar and mix it.

  2. Scoop out 1 tsp of honey and add it in to the mixture. Mix it well.

  3. Add in another 2 tsp of sugar and mix it again (that's a LOT of sugar @A@)

  4. Store the mixture in a jar and put it in the fridge =D The stuff should be enough for 2 weeks.

End result of the gooey concoction~

The cider smell wasn't as strong as I suspected, it didn't bother me much :3 Just take a cotton pad and dab the mask onto your face. What I do is to scoop some of the mask onto a spoon and swipe the cotton on the spoon for hygiene purposes and to make sure I get the sugar as well.

Massage your face for 2-5 minutes and then leave it on for another 10 minutes. I only scrubbed the sugar over my face for about a minute cuz the mask started to feel a little sticky and I didn't wanna massage my face that hard but I did leave it on for another 10 minutes. Having the sticky mask helped a little I guess cuz I was worried the sugar might start falling off bit by bit XD;;

As for the end result, give me 2 weeks before I can give my comments =D

Monday, November 1, 2010

Negative Emotions and Exciting Trips to the Supermarket

Officially back and settled down from Animangaki. Days before the event I kept changing my mind back and forth between going and not going for the event haha. Then Hisa asked me whether I can fix his makeup for Animangaki and of course I agreed to if (free tix man!).

Attempted to do a little eye makeup before I head to Sunway but it ended up too dark =/ ah wells. Reached the hall at 9.10am and I saw visitors crowding the entrance to the hall which was across the other side of the building. I ended up in the staff entrance of the hall and NOBODY STOPPED ME AT ALL despite how blur I looked @A@. I'll be damned for security hahaha, I could've stayed in the hall all day and leave when I'm satisfied. Oh and there were no signs to direct us to the hall from the main entrance =/ Thank god I had hisa to call or I'll be lost >_>

Met a lot of new and old people :3 felt so much like a school reunion. The schedule was very delayed from the very beginning. Karaoke competition took half the day but it was good!!! There was much more competition compared to AniCom. The solo's were a bit of a disappointment and I didn't stay long enough for OTP.

Everyone started heading home around 4-5pm and that's when I started to feel so lonely =( It felt like CF 2005 at Sri Sedaya, only that I felt like a newbie and everyone had their own cliques to be around with so I decided to take the chance and escape when Audrey had to go. On top of that feeling of loneliness, I accidentally saw a face I didn't want to see and the feelings of grief I felt 2 years ago came flooding back to me. When I wanted to pay for the car park, I realized I didn't have enough change and no one had change for me ._. (I asked about 4-5 people) By that time I was feeling so helpless on top of the rest of what I'm feeling, I almost wanted to sit on the steps and just burst into tears. Thank god one kind soul told me I could exchange from the security post T_T

Found out Jared was at SS15 so went there to meet him since I didn't wanna go home yet =( As I was telling him about my day, I couldn't control my emotions any longer and then he asked me whats wrong. At that point I was silently cursing myself feeling embarrassed at how weak I am, how I thought I could bottle up all the negativity and focus on all the good things that happened today, how I wish I could get into an accident, survive with  amnesia and start my life all over again.

Darrell called up as we were talking over it, bloody guy has impeccable timing sial. He dropped by and chatted a little sending all of us laughing till our jaws ached. Too bad he's such a spoilsport and didn't join us for dinner. Went to Sakae Sushi for dinner since Jared had some gift vouchers to be used then we visited the supermarket so that I can get my apple vinegar cider.

Went to look at jars of honey o_o expensiveness then I remembered that dad just got pure honey from Aussie so there's no need for me to look high and low for it.

But nothing beats thisssssss Holy sheeeeeet Are the bees shitting gold honey or something!??!?!

Got my cider too ohohoh~ It was more expensive than the price stated =P

Now you can have a Lucky Stick! 8D

Found Mason Jars!! *hearts*

Came back and found this awesome picture tagged~! *hearts* just a reminder to myself *starts humming 'you are not aloneeeeee'*