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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Birth Day Snippets

  • Begins with work

  • Lunch with Shaun and introduced my colleagues to him

  • Hard selling begins

  • Occasional wishes popping in

  • Speed home at 5.30, picking up parents on the way

  • Calls from Audrey and Teri (surprisingly)

  • 45min nap

How is this a birthday =_=;;; The most boring birthday ever zzzzz. I'm very grateful for the wishes guys! I know I haven't been a very good person lately with the asshattery I've been pulling around. I would like to apologize for all the tempers that have been flying at me. I admit I have been avoiding the situation, running away like the damn Asians do, spending most of my time cooped up refusing to talk to some people. I'm quite ashamed of my behavior >_>;; and will do my best to fix my attitude one step at a time.

I do feel that whatever I did was necessary as I find myself too attached to this particular social group. I need friends from outside that particular circle. I find difficulty in connecting back, it's almost as if..... I've grown out of it.

Throughout the months, I've grown closer to my college mates and colleagues in a matter of hours. I'm proud of that. I don't think I'll ever go back to my 'rubbish talk mode in chan'. Firstly... I'm not keen on seeing some people there and secondly, it just doesn't benefit me. My hours of crapping is replaced with Crunchyrolling and going out.

This years birthday has definitely been a silent and sort of lonely one. I am happy for the wishes and calls but it feels so contrast to what I experienced last year XD Not that I like celebrations though. I grew up in a life where birthdays and festivities passes just like any other normal day. It just feels so different suddenly. Nevertheless, here's to hope for a better birthday next year. On Friday, Lagoon and Mamma Mia awaits!

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