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Thursday, October 30, 2008

UTAR: No Choice!

I think UTAR should change the slogan on their shirt. Instead of 'My Choice' they should change it to 'No Choice' or better yet, for a double meaning, put there 'My Only Choice' (said in a sacarstic way) which makes both admin and students happy lol. I got a call from them today but didn't answer as my phone was set to silent so I called them back:

Me: Hi, earlier I got a call from this phone number....?
Clerk: I dunno who call you
Me: (asshole..... by this time I suspect it's a company or something) Okay..... may I know what company is this?
Clerk: UTAR
Me: ....bye *shuts phone*

UTAR also made me realize that Stupidity isn't a disease.... it's a fucking plague that can never be cured. So here's a shoutout for UTAR students to becareful of this woman below =w=

This is just one specimen that you'll regret knowing. Please stay away =w=

After class, I was suppose to go and see my tailor but I've been feeling so crappy lately, for once I wish I don't have to sacrifice my afternoons for cosplay or anything else and just kick back in somewhere new so I made a trip to Pavilion and dragged Brian out for lunch. No pics of my lunch /@o@\ cuz my stomach was just being evil.

Then trolled to TopShop since they were having their MidSeason Clearance and tried on 2 dresses. I barely fit into a size 6 dress T___T

*pulls the zip up*
*flails around the changing room* "So effing tight! I can't breathe argh!!!"
*takes a deep breath*
"ok, pose! >< *snaps pic*"
*unzips and throws it to a corner* "I'm alive.....! x_X"
Price: RM283

Same kind of dress, same 'problem' only that zip's at the back and it brings a hefty tag of RM313. Oh yes, both dresses are on 30% discount. I'm actually surprised I have no problems with zipping both dresses up since it was seriously super tight.

And DiGi continues it's plan to eat up the world with their banners.


  1. I agree with Dusty. You look gorgeous!

    Also, that banner has been up there for I think... 2 years now? Maybe they have a 5 year contract with monorail...

  2. pretty pretty....the one in black looks really nice on you!!! :D :D you look seductive in that? XDDD

  3. wah.. u really straight to shooting some1 that u cannot "tahan".
    no wonder Zef will recommanded ur blog in his blog there XD
    i think u are more suit wif the black colour 1..but expensive..dun tell me u really planned to buy it or......the shirt alrd in ur clothespress.

  4. Nah he hasn't seen this entry yet XP I have other clothes coming in soon, sides... the dress damn tight on me D8

  5. Tight can pushing up ur breast and restructure ur body figure for temporary..haha...