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Friday, October 24, 2008

After They Cursed The Weather, My Turn Came In Next

The gods don't like me today =( I did something stupid and my keys dropped in the mud for the second time this week. Lets just move on to the brighter side of today =o=. I went for a class trip to Damansara Intan for some project.

Buildings look so much different @_@

We rot for an hour or so, squinting our eyes at the slideshow on the 13" laptop screen 10 feet away.

Hurrah for teatime and everyone made a beeline for the cups and saucers. Their tea isn't exactly good, tasted like I was drinking some foul massage oil. I'd rather stick to Twinnings anytime. The sandwich is lovely though I can't eat it cuz the cucumbers and unpeeled tomatoes are too hard and big for me to chew ><

Now comes the advertising session =D Hot tea served with our local cakes and sandwiches.

Camwhoring came next XD

Obviously I joined the fun as well.

Not recommended *runs*

.......erm... so cute bebola! >< *chases after it*

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  1. hey.. how come my picture had been posted ya.. @@
    budak ni~~