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Friday, October 31, 2008

Satisfying The Shopaholic Virus in Me

I woke up after 7 hours of sleep feeling as though I never slept at all. I hate feeling so faint at times. It makes me unable to think, my fingers start to tremble, my legs give way and all I can do is either crash to the ground or find a spot at the side to lie down and wait. So far consuming food helps, better make a point to keep chocolatey snacks in my bag next time.

On to my day today. Bathi was as boring as usual and of all places, I have to sit at the place with no light D:. So... I spent the 2 hours catching up on my sleep XD;; Sylvene was so wonderful to have mistaken her timetable :P Rushed to MidValley and had Pizza Hut for lunch. Service was just terrible..... they sloshed soup onto the sides and on the handle of the bowl and the pizza was super tough. Then trolled down Petaling Street for some light shopping before heading back. The super huge brush I wanted for Amulet Spade costs RM1000... the hell... orz.

Busy busy Masjid Jamek, only place for cheap breakfast from 6am-8.30am. I always buy my breakfast from a Chinese grandma that sells bihun, mee and fried rice beside the Chinese aunty selling soya bean =D.

Flower power! *o*/

This bouquet costs RM40 <3

This one as well only that all the roses are pink <3

Pinwheels~ Makes me feel like I'm so free suddenly @@

Then went to my favorite pet shop to molest the pets and this GR was the 'star' for today. Reminds me so much of the 10 promises To My Dog movie XD

I like the sand colored rabbit <3 Wanted to take a close up but I felt the owner watching it so I pretended to SMS when I was actually taking picture ><

Then I went to my next favorite pet shop a few blocks down and I saw this Saint Bernard!!!! *O*/ Its so wonderfully cute and huggable! <3333

I feel so much happier after all this pet therapy! \*O*/ Also, the clothes I ordered a month ago have reached Malaysia, just waiting for it to arrive at my doorstep now! =D and Oh Popsicles sent me an email saying a buyer backed out so the summer maxi dress is available! I'm so happy eventhough my money is flying away fast lol. Before I went back, I also bought one green top forgetting that I'm already getting the green maxi dress XD;;

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  1. oh my god.. u r really had a quality time wif urself..jealous.. cute dog..