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Thursday, October 9, 2008

Forgotten Time

Lemme just waste 5 seconds of your time by telling you myCGPAfuckingdroppedandIamscrewed

My morning started quite peacefully. Found a Hibiscus tree near my condo and the flowers are blooming nicely =)

Growing perfectly *_* The petals are layed out nicely like how we see it in our books XD

The rehearsal was some fucked up shit. Very unorganized and I'm very tempted to pull out. I hate it when things are unorganized and the committee isn't fully informed of the situation. This sounds so similar to some other shitty event committee ain't it? The recruitment manager told us that the meeting will be from 9am to 4pm but it ended at a friggin 10.30am because of the poor attendance. Gods, I could've been earning my RM60..... So to avoid wasting my precious leave, I dragged King for breakfast while I called Shaun to drag him out for lunch. On our way to Old Town me and King saw...

FREE EGGS ON THE SIDEWALK! *steals* It was left in front of Jaya Noodle House and no one seemed to be giving a damn XD;;

After lunch, we went to MidValley since there's just too much time to kill and Shaun teaching me to skip class. We went trolling around The Gardens and found the craziest things!

It's Teddy Krauser!!! DMC has arrived in Malaysia! GO TO DMC! 8D

Rose Tea for teatime XD