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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Busy Like A Bee~

Gosh today I missed a whole day of lecture @_@. 9am I had to send the car to the service centre for the third time. Seemingly they haven't collected the rims so I drove my brother to the MPH sales. Then lunch with Audrey, kicked my bro at Cheras LRT and went back to the service center. This time, they have the rims so they fixed the alignment and balancing. More asshattery happened, my suspension is spoilt so god knows what they did till it took 45 minutes. Replaced the lightbulb in the car with a much brighter one. All in total came up to almost RM200 for today.

Thought I could go home for a nap but was dragged to pick bro and was stuck in the jam. Imagine from the Pandan Jaya LRT to my house too almost an hour when usually it only takes 7-10 minutes. Jeez, people are just so excited to celebrate deepavali aren't they? Then got dragged to Jusco for some light shopping, got some sandwiches and sushi so there's my breakfast and lunch =D.

From now on, the pictures shall do the talking.

All hail MPH! *bows* and look at the jam there. The police came everyday and issued samans.

While my brother was picking his books, I popped by Dataran Hamodal for the Zara sales.

People were rummaging for clothes as though they're free =/ Stuff is a bit pricey and I don't really like their cutting. I fell in love with a pair of shoes but it costs RM249 DX and I realized some idiot is bending over in my photos zzzz.

Came back from Zara and I saw this in the minibooks section hehe. Total Bitch Control Kit.

Total, the books came up to RM217 including Mama Pat's. The mystery gift turned out to be a pair of shades. Here I thought, 'oh awesome I get a new pair of sunglasses~'

Noes it's eating my face =( so ugly! *emos*

Can be a hairband I suppose haha.

Molested FootStool and Greedy at Audrey's house XD;; (ok that's not really they;re names, I'm just joking lol)

On the way saw a funny clinic 'Kelinik Menusuk Jarum Kecederaan' .....DO NOT WANT!

While waiting for my car to be repaired, we went to yamcha at a coffee shop. There was a Daschund running around the shop <3 Uber cute~ Had so much difficulty taking a still picture of it cuz it kept running around like a jakun DX.

Todays haul.

Damn blogging makes me hungry, time to grab the sandwiches.


  1. DeculturedPraetorianOctober 25, 2008 at 6:36 PM

    Oh hey ... *liwats the guy bending over* . Wait YOU DID NOT SEE THAT!