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Monday, July 30, 2012

illy Coffee Workshop

Firstly, gotta thank Silvy for having me along for the coffee workshop *_*. She scored invites from TimeOutKL. The workshop was held last week at their HQ Università del Caffé della Malesia
in Phileo Damansara.

Reached there on time but had trouble with the parking. The visitor's basement parking is scary!! and with crime happening just about every corner, I just parked outside nearby the payment office. It rained that morning so I was one of the early birds XD
The class room environment. Very spacious :3 for a class of 10

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Young Hearts Bra Fitting Workshop

PS: Sorry for the typo at the title T_T

Just sharing some news of one of my favorite brands. Young Hearts is having a bra fitting work shop at their Tropicana boutique. I love fitting workshops as they help me learn more about the sizing for a brand. Different lingerie brands have different sizing which makes it damn confusing... geez... wonder why can't they come up with a one-only International size ~_~;; I could be a B75 at Sloggi and yet in Xixilli I wear a D75 wtf.... 2 cups difference. Moving on to the details of the workshop!

Click on the image for more info! :D
I own a few Young Hearts pieces myself and they're really comfortable and have really cute patterns yet so simple :3 Price is VERY affordable too <3. You can check on their latest collections at their website: Young Hearts Lingerie 

For those who are going, seeya guys there!!! (if I have no plans forced onto me lol)

PS: Did you know, this is the company that brings in Sorella, Minoshe and Pierre Cardin? :D

Monday, July 23, 2012

Guardian Customer's Choice Award 2012

The Guardian Customer's Choice Award's objective is to recognize top health and beauty brands sold nationwide. Winners are selected based on a voting system that took place from 2nd - 30th April. The judges of course were no less the customers themselves!

This year, Guardian's 12th Customer's Choice Award took place at Studio Lounge, Tropicana City Mall. Much thanks to Tammy who hooked us up with invites and also Adeline and Heidi representing Guardian for the warm welcome =D. Thank god I had Silvy and Arisa to teman me hehe~

At the studio lounge waiting for Silvy~

This year's annual event is emceed by April Kuan and Xandria Ooi from Capital FM 88.9. There was also a live feed for listeners by DJ Liang and Deborah.
Very much in love with Xandria's dress <3. Definitely not something for short people like me to wear >w<.  The butterfly motives move as she walks on stage giving the illusion that the butterflies are flying 8D

DJ Liang, gah the bad reflection! :(
The awards were given out to 90 categories with over 200 brands contested and 354 participating products ranging from hair, face, personal care for him and her, cosmetic beauty, hygiene, supplement and medication, mother and child products, confectionery, home and accessories.

Customer's Choice Award for Condoms *smirks*
Customer's Choice Award for Hair Gel
And the person collecting the award represents the brand well! 8D
The Vote & Win contest not only gives customers the opportunity to vote for their favorite brands, there were also fantastic prizes to be won. The Grand Prize was RM10,000 Guardian vouchers + 3D2N Holiday Spa for two at Mandarin Oriental Hotel. ....Wow imagine the amount of toiletries I can buy with those vouchers *_*.

Prize giving ceremony for the Vote & Win contest
It came to no surprise when Loreal bagged to Top Voted Brand award
Just look at the amount of trophies on the table itself =P
Together with all the Loreal staff
Now all together with the trophies XD
Memories with the whole bloggers group :D

Friday, July 20, 2012

Achievements Unlocked!

Yay! Got a bunch of good news and achievements rolling in this week, some I can't tell yet but I'd really like to scream happily about some things over here so bear with me! :D

1. 15 July 2012 - Yay for Retainers!
My braces for the top row of my teeth came off and I got my first set of retainers! :D
Clear retainers :D looks like Invisalign braces doesn't it? XD
The dentist gave me these Clear Retainers rather than the standard retainers since I've got a sensitive gag reflex. Oh they had such a hard time trying to force the mold in my mouth even with the smallest size. I was gagging and even vomited once then they gave up and called the boss to do it lolz. 

The good thing about having these Clear Retainers is that I only have to wear them at night instead of the whole day for the next 6 months :3. The bad part is, I still get a slight gag reflex whenever my tongue touches the end of the retainers. So normally I start wearing it after my bath and don't talk to anyone lol. Even drinking water is a problem for me, I have to remove it first before drinking XD;; 

2. 16 July 2012 - 100th Workout Achieved :D
Finally achieved my 100th workout at gym after 1 year orz lazy me. I was absent for at least 2 whole months. One was because of work and the other was for a knee injury TwT but dammit it feels so good achieving 100 now! >A</
My 'medal' :D
Also after talking to a few people in the last 2 days, I think I accidentally set another goal for myself XD;;
Click on the link for more details on the race!

Oh yes I accidentally agreed to run my first 10km on my birthday lolol. There's no reason to avoid unless it's me end up working late the day before but highly unlikely OAO;; So yes... I gotta start training soon! :3. You can join the race to watch me pass out 8D

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Facial @ Kanebo, Starhill

I normally don't buy facials from deal sites since they're mostly at smaller salons that I'm not familiar with and my face being super sensitive, I'm not ready to go through another round of cystic acne again. Saw this deal on Groupon and it's too hard to pass up! *_*b One being that it's Kanebo and two, I get to do the facial at the Starhill branch hohohoho a place that I've been dying to go~ :D Thank you Groupon for answering my prayers!!! heheheheh XD

The deal on Groupon
Better than what I wanted since I know the basic facial is about RM98 :D.

Took a picture of the front before my appointment!
Was brought here for a foot soak after filling out my details~ The water was wonderfully warm *_*
After patting my feet dry, I was brought to the treatment room. 
Their rooms are fully well prepared *_* most salons I go to, require us to store our clothes in the lockers placed outside the room. I love that each room in Kanebo has its own closet for us to store our valuables :D. The room is also equipped with hair dryer, comb even contact lens solution and casing! A+ for service XD

Products used for the day were from Kanebo's Blanchir Superior Brightening Range and also the kanebo Impress Range *_*. The beautician started of with double cleansing using a normal cleanser then followed by a foam cleanser. Instead of a scrub, she applied Brightener from the Impress range to soften skin, remove dead skin cells and encourage skin turnover rate. My skin feels awfully expensive now after I found out LOLOL. 

Extraction was dreadfully painful >_o oh well... no pain, no gain as they always say DX. I was squirming most of the time ;_; really wish I didn't have that many face problems T3T. After what felt like ages of extraction, she applied a cooling gel to sooth the skin and started the Ultrasonic Therapy. It's just rubbing a device all over your face to help uplift your face and improve blood circulation and skin tone. 

The shoulder and face mask was absolutely heaven~ I could feel my shoulders cracking from her massages and boy my body feels a whole lot lighter for the first time XD;;. As for the mask, she applied a clay mask for me as I have oily skin, then followed by a moisturizing mask + eye mask. Lastly, she applied essence for my pimples and sunblock for my face <3

I really enjoyed my facial at Kanebo :D even the facial packages are affordable too for such good service! >w<b. The basic facial starts from RM98 and for those with acne or oily skin, the Purifying Facial is RM138. Reasonably priced since most acne facials at other salons start from RM180++ to RM230+. 

Till we meet again, Kanebo~~~ *molests face*

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Catching Up and Pigging Out

Been stressed and depressed cuz that same person was being a dickhead as usual. Even with a semi-direct confrontation and I'm still waiting for an answer. Whether it's playing ignorant or no balls to answer, I'll bite the next time this happens... My tolerance is being pulled way past the limit....

Wanna share with you my long awaited anniversary present as well :P
Pusheeeeeeennnnn <3
I honestly still prefer the smaller Pusheen cuz of the expression XD;; The fur on the bigger Pusheen SPARKLES and it looks like it needs a trip to the groomers @_@. A bit disappointing honestly.... oh wells... both of them are occupying the space beside my pillow sitting on my books and handphone being the cats they are XD

The last 2 weeks been catching up with people + juggling gym after work hours. This week along I met up with 5-6 people that I've never met for months! Great to catch up~ :D I'm very glad I call and happy that they called me out too <3 Very happy that I'm not forgotten TwT

Darrell planned a surprise BBQ for Michy's birthday which turned into a Bacon Fest. We tried almost every bacon combination possible with all the food we had haha,

Finally had my Tamago Mentai fix >< and had more when I went out for dinner with Jonathan hoho~
Makan Zang Toi's choco banana cake~ Been dying for this when I was in JW Marriot last month but couldn't go since we were so busy. Thanks Jia Chee for asking us out *o*/
Joanne and Sam's dessert platter~
Giant Chocolate Latte Macaroon from Delectable by Su. Thanks Jon for sparing your time~ ufufufufu
Yes I seem to be taking more pictures of food rather than the people that I spent time with OTL. B-b-b-but I did enjoy my time with them ;w;. The next 2 weekends will be another busy time orz, I still have a few people to meet and also visiting places as new material for blogging hehe :3

Now I shall go shower and put on my foot mask and enjoy as much of my remaining Sunday as I can!!! *sobs*