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Friday, February 24, 2012

POT Music: Fukushi Michiru - Valentine Kiss

For those who don't know.... I'm a hardcore Prince of Tennis fan! =P Just wanted to share the latest Valentine Kiss cover by Fukushi Michiru. Yes I do realize it was released 1 year ago but I still wanted to share it cuz the cover is soooo funny XD
Awww poor Michiru XD
02. VALENTINE KISS (karaoke)

Picture shows Michiru reaching out for the stomach ache medicine XD. His valentine Kiss version isn't bad too, much more cheerful compared to the rest <3

Download link: Here

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

My Black World

Black for many various things. I'm still feeling a bit gloomy after yesterday's incident but the arrival of package diverted my thoughts for a while! I'll spare you guys the details and head on to the juicy stuffs I've been buying =D

My emo world!!!!
I went shopping a bit to hunt a few more pieces for my dress and everything turned out to be black. The pressure from the fashion world made me cave in to get those silly clutches cuz it would've been stupid to carry my Japanese school bag for a dinner T_T. Bought a Pashmina to cover my fatty bits too since I'm resting from gym for about a month.... Very happy with the scarf =D it's 70% pashmina and 30% silk. Got it for RM20 which was quite cheap as I saw the same scarf in Kenanga Mall for RM39.90 WTF.

Envelope clutches! My short pinky sticking out >_>
I've never wanted to get these kind of clutches honestly. 1. they're FLAT! I don't know what can I put inside. 2. They're crazy expensive going from RM50-RM65 for something that I can barely put anything in, it's just plain ridiculous. Or maybe I'm just cheapskate. I got this bag at a clearance sale so it was going at RM30 :3 plus it was at an acceptable size for me. Didn't want it looking so huge beside my body D:. 

End up I'm still sticking to my word that I don't like such clutches. It's too flat and I can't put much things without the clutch bulging and going out of shape =( but good bargain. Anyone wanna take this off my hands? =P
Crocodile skin-like texture =D
Last item is an Alexander McQueen inspired clutch! It's so rocking gorgeous that I immediately ordered with no second thoughts! I pre-ordered this from Somewear Blogshop so I had to wait for 3 weeks. Do visit their shop as they have lots of really nice stuff! I'm eyeing those Gucci inspired belts 8D~~~
Another clutch with no idea what I'm wearing it with <3
So fabulous!!!! I'm still so in love with it and can't stop playing with the rings~~~~
Super stylish AND spacious!
My hand is too ugly for this bag ;A;
And Pusheen is saying hi in the background XD
Close up on the rings
This is a bag which can be a weapon at the same time!!! 8D *staring at the rings in glee* Got this at Rm50 and it's much much much much muuuuuuuuccccchhhhh more worth it!!! 8D Surprisingly this bag came with its own dust bag too o_o I've bought bags RM70+ and it comes in cheap plastic >_<. Kudos to awesome service from the blogshop >w<

Suppose to do 2 reviews which I've been procrastinating for almost 2 months T_T. I'll try and have the review in the next entry.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Pig Out @ The Hungry Hog

Valentines? Roses? Chocolate??? What the fuck is that? Yea yea call me the Valentine Grinch but the idea of having a day specifically just to buy my darling's love with roses and chocolates is such a turn off. True I did that in my freshmen year with my first but that was pretty much it. I'm not a big fan of receiving roses as well.... it's 10 minutes of happiness then the rest of the day pondering where to place the roses only to throw them when they wilt. Such a waste isn't it? (I think by now boyfie is super sad? lol)

I did receive chocolate though =P but not from Jared
Chocolate from Jia Chee~
Not as a Valentine gift though, got it as a souvenir from her trip to Rome XD;; Packaging is really weird with the cats on the box. Googled a bit and found out these chocolates are called Cat Tongues which is Katzenzungen in German. These chocolates are a treat in European countries and the chocolates are shaped in cat tongues. Thanks for the souvenir, Jia Chee~ 

While some couples flocked to posh restaurants during this commercialized event, we decided to go for a bacon fest at The Hungry Hog. Been dying to try the place for some time and people said the food is quite good. I got goosebumps when I read a foursquare tip about a hugeass cockroach climbing up someone's leg but it was too late! Already there waiting for Jared lololol
Simple sign to the cafe, I almost missed it LOL
Interior was simple and clean though I wish the floors were white. Easier to spot roaches XD;;
My tea arrived with warm milk! Plus points for that though I wish they put it in a small jug with a spout =P makes it easier to pour into my tea.
BACON STRIPSSSSS These were delicious~! and expensive T_T
Jared's i-Pork. He said it's too soft for his liking XD;;
My Bacon Spaghetti. I missed out the word 'chili padi' on the menu ;__; it was horribly spicy and oily orz
I felt the chili in my spaghetti overpowered the bacon T_T. I think my cough will go worse with the amount of greasy, oily, spicy food I took today lol.
No chocolates for Char Siew Pao but got her a treat instead =D

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Rosti oh Rosti~ I'm mad for Rosti~

This week marks the end of the long string of holidays T___T No more public holidays till May!!! *sobs* this is why I can't go to Singapore yet XD;;; I'm just so pampered by Malaysian public holidays hehe~ We had Monday and Tuesday as a holiday so I thought of heading out for some market research~

Had a nasty fall on Monday followed by a fever, cough, cold and diarrhea in the next 24 hours.... Let me introduce you to my new best friends...
Following me more closely than the yellow man :3 
The lipbalm was a life savior, one of the best I've used. Should probably put it on my review list :D. Being sick didn't stop me from doing my other shiz!

Did some shopping that should be done at least a year ago....
Mountains~ =D
Went to a friend's birthday partyyyyy

Party was held at Marche! I've never been to the place but have read up on their Marketplace Dining concept so was curious to try.
The shops! *O*
We were given a passport at the entrance and it gets stamped after every order. At the end of the meal, the passport will be given to the cashier to calculate X3 It's like dining at a very expensive food court with better food XD;;
My passport!
Potter had kindly set a menu for all the guests but I ended up taking the ala carte passport since I was still having flu and cough, can't really eat much =(
Beef bacon rosti!!! :D 
The only place I know that has rosti besides Outpost cafe which closed some time ago. The rosti wasn't very crispy and it's horribly oily but for this much and RM14.90, it's not too bad :D. I have such a huge rosti craving now T_T;; I'm gonna hunt every single cafe in KL that sells rosti next!
Birthday girls~
We were encourage to cosplay for the event too so me and Jared went as Spongebob and Patrick!
Close enough! =P

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

ドラえもんの世界 2012

It all started when....
- Tuesday -
Colleague: *shows Doraemon World event info*
Me: Wah RM35 leh so expensive T_T somemore in Genting
Colleague: You get a Limited Edition TnG Doraemon card leh
Me: .....LETS GO!

And that was how I was suckered to go to Doraemon World by my colleague. We went on Saturday with a party of 3~~

This entry is quite picture heavy so I'll have to put a jump break for this :3

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Locked In A Tower

My Chinese New Year hasn't been enjoyable so far but I hope everyone else had a blast collecting angpow, stuffing yourselves with food and gambling your hard earned angpows away =D. I had to bring my ass to Ipoh this CNY since I've been avoiding all Ipoh trips with my family the whole of last year. See, ever since my grandma passed away, mum has been having loads of problems with my grandpa. The house ain't very big so the rest of us could feel the tension during the whole trip. Turns out this trip is as stressful as what I experienced during my last trip. We'd be sitting at the dinner table and not a word is said.... but let me not bore you with my family problems.

Once I touched KL soil, I immediately told my parents I had to work and escaped to office for the last few days of the holiday. Anything is better than being around my mum!

I took lots of photos of my trip but they were mostly pictures of dogs and cats I chased after =P

Meals at Ipoh were too luxurious for my taste.....I live a simple life when it comes to food so things like deer meat and pig intestines don't appeal to me =( I ate a lot less compared to what I usually eat. Instead of gaining a few pounds, I think I lost a bit, which is good I guess hehe.
Pot of meat that was served during the second day of CNY. I only ate the prawns...
Lou sang is a must for last 2 weeks XD I had 3 so far. 1 with grandparents, 1 with parents friends and 1 with office~
Taken with office colleagues at Eastin Hotel~ The buffet was excellent!
I was looking forward to the angpow designs this year since it's the Year of the Dragon. Was hoping to keep some but most of the designs were terrible T3T. The only angpow I'm keeping this year.... is an Angry Bird angpow *facepalms*

Souvenirs were mostly stuffs for my cosplay~
Japan Fanta! The ones in KL were all in Thai.
Had the chance to watch fireworks upclose! Was the first for me and I really enjoyed it~ XD
Thanks Josh~