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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Keratin & Scalp Hair Treatment @ Glamor House, Bangsar

More girly time! The last time me and Audrey went for a pampering together was for the manipedi at Pavilion. This time is hair treatment! XD I wonder will we be going for massage next just to complete the whole bestie pamper session from top to toe lol.

Spotted that Groupon had a Keratin Hair Treatment deal on their site. I got to know about the Brazillian Keratin Hair Treatment from Tammy's blog, you can read about her experience here. The treatment looks so promising but at a cut throat price of RM500 onwards, it wasn't something I could afford especially when the treatment can only last 2-3 months =(.

The deal I got from Groupon :D
The Brazillian Keratin Hair Treatment is not your normal chemical treatment. Most would think that it's like rebonding or any other straightening treatment but it's actually more of a restoring treatment. The Brazillian Keratin Hair Treatment is designed to help reduce frizziness, restores shine and strengthens hair. 

Other benefits of the Keratin hair Treatment include
  • Reduce need to use styling tools
  • Reduces blow drying time by 40%
  • Hair is shinier and silkier 
  • Repairs damaged hair\
  • No known side effects
Seems like a one stop solution to have fabulous hair right? Yea.. that's how I got suckered to getting that deal :D (same goes for Audrey haha!)

The Groupon deal package includes
  1. 1 hour Keratin Treatment (RM650 value)
  2. 30 minute scalp treatment (RM130 value)
  3. 30 minute wash, blow and styling (RM50 value)
Glamor House is set in a bungalow located in the heart of Bangsar, it's located along a small lane right before the Petronas station at Jalan Maarof. If you're not careful, you could miss the turn easily like Audrey did HAHA.
Glamor House!
There's parking in front of the bungalow but it was full to the brim when I arrived but don't fret, there's always illegal parking on the side of the road 8D *gets slapped* As you can see, Glamor House also provides other pampering services like facials, manipedi, slimming and aromatherapy treatments. There's even a playing area for the kids so that busy parents can enjoy their pampering session with ease.

Hair Styling section
The hair stylist section has glass windows overlooking the busy road of Jalan Maarof so you can see whether it's 'safe' to leave the salon before the traffic catches up LOL XD. Quite a spacious area but only able to fit up to roughly 6 customers. There's also a mini bar area there so they serve you some drinks during the long treatment hours.

Audrey started first since she arrived first
The stylist started of with the scalp treatment first. The scalp treatment deep cleanses and clears up all the grim and dirt from the scalp while relaxes, protects and soothes hair.

Hair carefully separated according to sections to apply the treatment
After applying the treatment, the stylist then started massaging the scalp to improve product penetration, stimulate the blood vessels and nerves under the skin while calming the tension on the neck and head :D Super love the massage as the stylist massaged the same areas twice. The treatment was left on for about 10-15 minutes, after a while, I felt a cooling sensation on my head, like a whole of mentos melted on my head lol. I guess it could be the product taking effect :D

Next came the Keratin treatment!

Audrey's hair partitioned to sections

Hair was partitioned to sections allowing the treatment to cover all areas. There was no small from the treatment which kind of surprised me as I've read that some girls went for the keratin treatment and there was a bad smell while they were having their treatment. The smell was so toxic that the hair stylists wear masks during the treatment Turns out, the Keratin treatment used at Glamor House has no Formaldehyde-free :D so it's very safe.

Although Formaldehyde-free treatments are safe, they don't last as long as the Keratin treatment promises. I got to know from the stylist that their Keratin treatment only lasts for 1 1/2 months! but the duration can be extended as you continue to do it often. Sad fact for me since I can't afford to pay the actual price :( but I appreciate his honesty and good to know that the salon used the Formaldehyde-free formula as Formaldehyde is very toxic and can cause immediate short term irritation of eyes, skin and upper respiratory tract.

She seems happy with the result? XD;;
The treatment is left on for 20 minutes then the stylist seals it using the heat of a flat iron
You can start to see the result of the treatment :D
I enjoyed the service at the salon :D, the staff is really friendly and always concerned for your comfort hehe. After the treatment, he told us we could enjoy 2 more treatments at the same price we paid for Groupon! but sadly it has to be paid in advance. I wasn't so keen on it as I wanted to wait out and see more of the results of the treatment so I declined >< Happy to say he didn't push us to sign on the package :)

After the treatment, we weren't allowed to wash our hair for the next 48 hours. I thought it was gonna be 48 hours of pure hell as from my previous experience, my hair already gets greasy, full of grime and itches like mad after the first day. To my surprise, my hair still remained fresh and grime free after the first 24 hours, only at the last half day did I start to find it greasy.

Right now it's been a week after my treatment and I'm quite happy with it. There's less hair attached to my comb now :P A bit sad that I can't afford this treatment to maintain my hair.

Glamor House
No. 3, Jalan Riong, off Jalan Maarof,
Bangsar Kuala Lumpur 59100

Tel: 03-2283 4868 (Call 10am - 7pm daily)

Site: Glamor House (Still in construction)


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