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Friday, October 3, 2008

Back from Trolling

Firstly, I gotta say Leona Lewis is like the 21st century of Mariah Carey + Christina Aguilera XD and I can't believe Nick Pitera's brother, Dominic is following his footsteps orz.

Second, there's some sort of white thingy in my gums. When I tried to take it out, it hurts a little as though I'm gonna end up pulling something else that's part of my gum o_o;;; I suspect it's an infection and hopefully no pills TAT.

Third, I just returned from Ipoh and it was tiring x_X. Started our engines on the first day of Raya at a blardy 7am and has breakfast at KL. 9am we left KL, I was driving for the whole 2 days covering a good 500km. Going back and forth from Ipoh is around 200km per trip, the rest of the 100km was wasted in Ipoh like seriously lol. We made a pit stop at Gopeng before reaching Ipoh then continued the journey by using the trunk road.

Stopped at Gopeng cuz we heared there was awesome porridge which turned out to be normal porridge with steamed chicken dumped inside. The woman selling the porridge was kinda lan si and told us to wait for 30mins or else get something else. Once we reached Ipoh, headed to Simee to greet grandparents then it was off to visit our relatives at Penchalang and Cempaka. Penchalang is at the south most of Ipoh and Cempaka at the east and Simee smack right upmost north. So we practically drove around Ipoh the whole afternoon, then head to town for dinner before going back to grandparents house for the night. I'm surprised my leg isn't cramped ugh.

Best of all, we idiots navigated ourselves with only a tourist map hahaha. That map shows very few roads, filling 3/4 of the brochure with areas of interest. We spent most of the time in Penchalang cuz the place was a maze =A=;; Overall my driving and navigational skills level up! I managed to drive back without feeling sleepy too X3

Pictures tomorrow cuz I'm just too darn tired.

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