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Friday, July 31, 2009

Disaster at the Altar of Creation

What we aimed for:

What we made:



Lol disaster indeed =D In the midst of studying now and my stomach is not giving me peace TwT.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

KL Tourists We Are!

Yesterday we took Miriam around KL. Some of the places we visited:

  1. Nasi Lemak store at KJ

  2. National Mosque

  3. Old KL Train Station

  4. New KL Train Station (KL Sentral)

  5. Setapak Hot Springs

  6. GSC Cinema, Times Square! XD;;

God knows for some unknown reason, I was just so tired for the first half of the day =( My day has barely started and I'm tired T_T;; and yes we took a tourist to go watch movie hahahaa. We watched HP6 and it's just sad to me D8. It's full of snogging and love dorama between the 3 main characters but Luna Lovegood is so adorable!!! 8D

People have been very spiteful lately and it's really getting on my nerves... have a cat..

Kiraneko's cat XD;; Looks like oversized Siamese cat haha

How can this beeeeeee *jealous* cis! XD;; You owe me Tiramisu cake from Just Heavenly! =D

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Kendra Spam and More!

IT'S NOW MINEEEEE!!!! Watson was having the promo from 23 July - 27 July, it's only RM26.90 (NP: RM33.90) Good bargain! I was tempted to gamble my luck incase they give it to me in their goodie bags during their consumer panel session.

Backlogging session. These are photos from Sunday onwards.

Went to meet Kendra again and gawked at the room somemore >w<;; She brings joy wherever she goes XD;; even the bank manager was more interested in the dog than her business between the her and the owner rofl. Some of the Malay adults and practically almost all the children wanna pet Kendra XD

A room with an awesome bathtub...

And this looks like a super single bed with BIG pillows XD

Nice doggy~ I manage to pet the fella XD Stinks though x_X

Cat of the day. This one looks evil @@;;

Took our graduation pics today. Wasn't in the formal group picture but it's no loss at all =D Sad that our class auntie spoiled the mood.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Meeting Kendra

My day started with an unknown call which was actually the postman with my dress lol. Amazing, he called my number with his handphone before ringing my doorbell XD;; My dress arrived in a BOX *_* with invoice and all. Thumbs up to VavaVoom~ For those who know, it's the mini gray dress I showed you guys =D Then it's wash up and rush to work!

Her buns are a horror but I look so cute in pigtails *_* No I'm not being vain lol, it's an honest comment to myself XD I pretty much hated it when the fella said 'Don't smile too much, Chun-Li takde braces' Argh I feel so discriminated T_T it just made me feel so down for the rest of the day grr. I totally felt like quitting on the spot. The job itself was just so difficult D8.

  1. It was hard to get into the spirit of the game since I'm not a gamer myself

  2. I was just so conscious about my braces the whole day T_T;;

  3. Tolerating random men going 'Chun-Li~, Chun-Li~~' while I pass by. It ain't a joke when over 30 guys said that while you make your way to the ladies.

After work, rushed to Hilton Hotel, KL to visit Kendra. Many thanks to Jared to dropping me there >w<

Le Meridian looks like a club from here @@

Meet Kendra, the first guide dog in Singapore/Malaysia =D She's a Labrador

The hotel room is just awesome TwT It's an executive suite located on the 33rd floor. The first thing I saw the bathroom, it occured to me.. 'omg, your roommate can watch you shower D8' Okay thank god there's a sliding door lolz.

Hilton Hotel really gave one heck of a welcoming to Kendra. Everyone was just to interested in her and showered her with lots of petting =D. The hotel gave her a complimentary chew bone and a bag of dog food @@;;

Big ass TV and 2 bottles of spring water with the tag written 'This item is chargeable' wtf

Had the chance to mess with the MacBook Pro to change in between OS systems and check out the new stuff they have. Goodness, my iBook is HORRIBLY outdated XD

Guests on the executive floor have their own lounge which is on the same floor as well. All food and drinks are free! (Alcoholic drinks included >D) See Kendra there? <333 The food spread there is AWESOME.



Cheese section 8D;; There was blue cheese, brie and a hell lot more unknown cheeses

Oh, and Kendra loves eating carrots, cabbages and apples haha

Might see her again tomorrow~~~ *floats*

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Unwanted Visitors In The Early Wee Hours

Some group leader we're having *snorts* Here's how the work was divided.
K (L) - Overseeing work, WPD (written), Comm Law
EM - Comm Law
J - WPD (written), Comm Law, Animation
ZS - Animation, WPD, Comm Law

Is it me or do I see the shitty work not distributed evenly. It saddens me that 2 of my group members (1 of the particularly) gives no shit to learn the software required for the 2 subjects. The work was pretty much auto-dumped to the other 2 because 'they dunno how to use the software'.

So much jack shit.... which brings me to rage about a user who posted a useless, derogatory comment on such a beautiful album in my FB. The post was unnecessary and it's something that you could bring on MSN instead of leaving that unpleasant mark on FB. It's like noobs chatting on the CF forum when chatting on MSN could've been much easier. Difference is, I get to wipe out the comment. I was cheesed off and when I told him, that fucking chicken said 'oh you sound mad, talk to you later'. Duh I'm mad but is evading the situation gonna help?! I would've just been happy with a 'I'm sorry' and he can continue to ignore my pissy self for the rest of the day. The nerve =_=

Had a really bad start for today. First woke up late and had a roach encounter in the bathroom when I went to wash up. I was half laughing and crying when I knocked on the room of my parents' door =( It's sad how scared am I of a roach. Yes I was knocking on their room, pleading my dad to smack the roach at 6.30 in the morning =(. I think my mum refuses to admit that we have a roach problem. 6-7 roaches in the house in the past 2-3 months.

They probably don't realize but I remember every single roach that made any public appearance in the house. It's a lot compared to the time we were staying in those bandaraya flats. Roaches do appear but only 3-4 a year unless the workers pop by the neighborhood and spray the mosquito insecticide but hell I think you get where I'm going now >w<. Bandaraya flats is one of the dirtiest and smelliest areas to live in and we only get 3-4 roaches a year but my current house which is vaccumed, mopped and dusted weekly is getting what I consider very frequent visits from those unwanted guests. I'm very scared =( There's never been a day when I don't hope for a roach on my floor/bed when I wake up and switch on the lights.

I saw a very pretty cat 8D;;

It has the most beautiful sad looking face @@;;

After class, I went shopping with Sylvene at KLCC. Found some really nice deals in Isetan, can't say the same for Parkson. Then we went to the boutiques like Topshop, MNG and Zara to continue our hunting.

Glow-in-the-dark pantsu! =D Most interesting item for the day >3<

Verdict: I didn't buy anything woohoo~ Good me XP

Friday, July 24, 2009


*curses Citibank* I just flipped through the promotions booklet that just came in today and saw that there was 50% off Bayview Hotel for Melaka and KL. Gods... the Superior room is only RM264, minus the 50% discount, it's the same amount I'm paying for my current hotel! *curses*

BMW doggie *o* Twice I saw this fella and twice I found it hanging around the BMW showroom at E-Curve XD

Went to E-Curve to try on a costume for work. The costume fits, except for the sash D8. Dang, the previous person is dang thin T_T;; *feels fat* and the boots fit (how can it not?! It's like PCK boots only with lace-ups this time) Then had to rush to Kl Sentral to pick dad and we head to Kepong.

Spent 5 agonizing hours waiting for the tinting D8 cuz they had to rip the old tinting out. It's in Laman Rimbunan and Carefour was a good 15mins walk away D8 guh. Good thing too, cuz I found my thick stockings at Sawks rofl. Expensive (RM23.40) but I needed it by Monday x_X;; My old one ripped sometime in May thanks to my sharp nails.

Sneaked into PetsMore and took a pic of this GR *cuddles*

Food for the whole day totally sucked... Brunch was Nasi Lemak and the sambal was nothing but spicy >_>;; Ate Spicy Nasi Goreng at Kepong later and it was just rice + egg + meat + chilli = tasteless crap wtf. The worst was my dad's mixed noodles. My stomach did some extreme flip flops when I took a sip of the soup. I'm not a person who complains much when it comes to eating. I can just drink those soups at the mixed rice stalls where it tastes nothing but water with pepper and you won't hear a word from me. *grumbles* gods, today's meals are a total horror till I just can't bear to eat dinner grrr. Someone cook for me please *cries*.

August issue of Cleo has Herbal Essence conditioner sample (60ml) <3 in Raspberry. The smell is so strong that Jared's car smells of Raspberry now 8D;; I've been meaning to try this shampoo but it's expensive. RM14+ for 250ml if not mistaken =(

There's a ~H2O+, Stagecolor, Algotherm Warehouse Sale at 1U from 29th July till 1st August. Must get H20's Raspberry Guava range *_*

...I didn't mean to have a long entry for today D8;;

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Grad Prep

Photo taking session is on this Friday so me and Sylvene went to Nichii Fashion City, Fraser Business Park to hunt for white collared blouses (requirement for the photo taking session)

Tall, tall heels! *O* *swoons*

Argh my hips look big but I love how the blouse hugs my figure, there's a ribbon behind the adjust =D. My problem when trying the blouses is... while it fits nicely around my body, it's bursting at the bust D8. But if I take a size bigger, it'll look loose on me ;_;

I love this salmon pink (they call it orange D8) dress or top lol. Suppose to be a top but I can make it into a mini dress. Sadly it's not something I'm looking for in my list.

This was too good to pass up haha. She gave her card to the cashier and drifted to the shades section. Halfway trying on, the cashier said her card was denied and she went back to the cashier with those shades >o<;; It looked like she was about to pay and walk out with those shades (with the tag on). It just seemed shit funny that I burst into peals of laughter >o<;; Sorry Sylvene HAHAHAHA

I must save for the cute nightie I saw at PaperDoll, Tropicana Mall T_T;; I know I won't wear it often but it's too cute to pass up! It's time like this girls aren't very smart @@. You see something you like, it's shit expensive and you know you'll wear it less than 10 times in your life but you just HAVE to buy it.... and by the end of the year (or much much later) who knows, you'll find it among the stacks of second hand clothes, donated by me XD;;

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

It's Been A Year...

Happy bithday CandyliciousCat~~~ >3< We've survived a lovely positive year with minor rants along the way. I love you~~~~

I'm interested in going to Bukit Cahaya for their Big Thrill course. If anyone's interested, we could make an outing together :D

Date: 3rd October, Saturday
Time: 8.30am onwards
Venue: Taman Pertanian Bukit Cahaya, Shah Alam

Hoping to get 5-6 people to join :3 After that we can head to Klang for some Bak Kut Teh but anywhere works as long as there's good food =D If no one's interested in the Big Thrill course, we could still go there and have fun :3

Extra Info Here

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Tea Meeting

She was THAT bored lol

The tea meeting was a bit of a bore, I was 'fishing' throughout the talk. Boring shit on how to tackle interviews bla bla bla. Good thing there was food or I would've died T_T;; then the reps Soft Skills Dept came and droned on about how good is soft skills for us and their point & certification system just to encourage us to join.

Honestly, the skills are expensive and I feel like I'm just buying the certs just to make my resume look pretty. Each course ranges between RM80-100 and we can claim between 15-20 points for each course we participate. Once you've gathered 115-120 points, you will be awarded with a cert which can be added into your resume. The difference is, public universities are awarding these certs to students who participate in these activities which are compulsory in their campus. UTAR however doesn't make it compulsory, you just gotta buy the dang cert =.=

After the tea meeting, discovered that classes were cancelled that means I was free for the day @@;; so went to meet up with Jared. Waited for the bus for ages which resulted with Sylvene camwhoring the whole time at the bus stop and in the bus. Got to watch Ice Age 3 and it was much better than my experience with Public Enemies XD;;

Oh yes, I'm back in Pangya lol. Joined it just to get resources for Kooh. They have a download manager just for the exe file which makes things much faster X3.

Monday, July 20, 2009

BB Craze

How I love you samples~ Bobbi Brown's cleansing oil, available for the 1st 200 cuztomers =D For RM140 per bottle is okay I guess but still... Shu Uemura looks much more attractive~ *floats*

And I just got myself a makeover voucher from Bobbi Brown~ Whee~~~~ XD All this is a result from trolling blogs x_X;;

Went to MVM (again) to buy the stuffles :D RM208 in total x_X and I got myself some Rose Tea since it was cheap :D Finally got a taste of Carls Jr fries and it's good TwT baibai McD!!!! You suck :D

My money is here and there, it's so hard to count my finances T_T Eyeing a XOXO dress but it's RM60 T_T;; and I have to pay for the alterations (damn height) *continues searching*

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Raid Failed

I woke up at 5.30am....
and that's considered late rofl!
I'm serious! The ballroom foyer was FILLED with people by 6am D8

Pity that I couldn't go but heck I think that did some good cuz I saved at least RM200 so that can be used on other stuffs~ Manage to get most of the stuffs I need for my project X3

Went out with Audrey and Jia Chee for lunch. Sad lunch of A&W, we swore not to go there anymore. After lunch it was a visit to Jia Chee's 5 dogs OTL

Audrey seems to be fascinated with Milo's butt. Latest dog in the family and it's 2 months old =D Enjoys dragging things into its cage and claiming it as its own lol. Photo by Audrey.

Again, Audrey showed her fascination with the back portion of the dog. Not in this photo but she couldn't stop spazzing over Fluffy's tail XP. It's not a tiny ChowChow but a Pomeranian after a haircut 8D. Looks like a lovely pillow doesn't it <3

Rushed back to go to the Modern Home and Living Expo 2009. Sad my parents don't wanna but the PestFree thing >_> Say they don't trust it T_T;; They only bought new tinting for the car since it's about time to change it and it's anti-break. The tinting is 3 times the thickness too though I wish they would buy tinting that can reflect heat effectively. All of us are dying in the heat in the car lol.

This is a must for my future homeeeee T^T9 Everything is just so organized, neat and in plain view! Only bad thing is it that everything will get dusty darn fast. Oh wells, I saw some with sliding doors! *jakuns*

RM100 gift voucher from Slimming Sanctuary X3

And joy for I found my orchid hair pin after so long~ RM5.90 T_T;; but I can't bear to not buy it after I've been hunting it for ages. It's gonna be a challenge to keep it in good condition.

Crunch time this week. Today after cleaning house, hope I can complete some work before heading to MVM to buy the tea set, collect my sample and go to KBU to fetch my brother.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Three Cheers~

Another thing about Melaka I forgot to mention... is how much I hate Melaka roads D8 especially in town. Wtf most of them are one way streets. The map doesn't help either >3< since KL main roads are 2 ways. Damn frustrating trying to find our way around D8.

My Mac is home and it's been upgraded to 160gb from 30gb lol. It's a big leap I know but that's the smallest hard disk available >o< and the price ain't bad too, RM160 for 160gb so wtheck not :D It shall be my movie pc 8D cuz my Fujitsu doesn't have much space TwT

Mum was introducing this Plug In Pest Free thing that makes roaches and rats all confused. Sounds promising but I'm not keen for the work in progress stage >_<. Think I've been squealing in the house to often di >3<;; 4-5 roach attacks this year is considered a lot for me @@;;. Here's part of their FAQ:

Q: How does PEST FREE work?
A: PEST FREE alters the electromagnetic pulse through the electrical wiring in your home / premise. The pulse disturbs the natural eating and breeding cycle of mice, rats and cockroaches. This drives them out of their hiding places where they have previously been safe from chemical sprays.

I want them dead, DEAD, DEAD! >A<

Q: How will I know PEST FREE is affecting the pests?
A: As early as 24 hours, you may start to see a change or increase in pests activity and a higher than normal number of pests.
PEST FREE disorientates the pests and they become easier to catch. They would want to leave the PEST FREE protected area as soon as possible.

...*gulps* I'm not too happy with the thought of having roaches going berserk suddenly T_T;;

Q: How long does PEST FREE take to rid of pests from your premise?
A: Usually, after 4-6 weeks, these pests will be cleaned out. However, this depends on the cleanliness and level of infestation of your premise and its surrounding areas. Some bad infestation cases may take up to 3 months or more. Adequate number of PEST FREE units installed in your premise is also necessary for a good result..

Dammit that's too long! >A< I'd rather put the plug it in each room but it's RM270 each ;_; Will check out their booth during the Modern Home and Living Fair 09 at MidValley this Saturday. Good timing too so I can raid roadshows and check out The Body Shop, Crabtree & Evelyn and L'occitane for my stuffs X3

Have a cat picha~ which is totally unrelated to todays entry but who cares T_T;; This is a nice bulat thing~ <3

Gotta sleep to prepare for WAR!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Randome Garble

Shieldtox and Ridsect! You are blessings in my life!!! \T_T/

Monday was Krispy Kreme's birthday~ Happy belated bithday Krispy~~~

I celebrated by eating you~~

Tuesday, a day road trip to Melaka with my darling and extra luggage (parents) :D Had to make a little detour to my brother's school to collect his report card. I'm just so amused that his female classmates find Jared cute XD;;; I swear those white hairs of his went into hiding among the black hairs on his head! *flees*

Stopped at SMK Padang Temu to deliver some books and they have this epic room name XD

Parked in front of some manly statue to visit Jonker Street. I have to say... he looks like a huge fat disgusting raisin with the lines there...

Yeah I went all the way to Melaka to bring back silly pics! XDI brought back souvenirs for you guys too :3

Melaka cat pics!!! *gets smacked*

My cosplay progress is still at 0% DX and I'm already thinking of my future plans wtf. Looking at Kooh, Idolm@ster or Pia Carrot *w* and finish my BRS TwT. Utau is on hold till I can get a decent wig for her D8

I half wish I had sewing skills =D;;

Monday, July 13, 2009

Blue Sunday

Watched Public Enemies today with King since I was darn bored and everyone was away =( and I have to say...


Oh no the actors didn't suck. The storyline and filming did. The filming was done as though it was a poorly made documentary. Don't know whether that's the style they want but it gave me that impression. I was so distracted by that throughout the whole movie and it's not funny considering I'm not the observant type =(. Only thing I enjoyed was the Heineken ad in the cinema...

After that, we went for tea at San Terri. Their selection of cakes look so good TwT. I forgot to take pics of the tiramisu cake >o< but didn't order the cake cuz broke desu TwT;; People owe me money till I can't even pay Audrey her RM10! >A< So we only had the 1001 Night Tea which is a combo of Green and Black tea + Sunflower and Strawberries.

Today was the last day for the Shu Uemura roadshow~~ *squeals~!!!* One thing I like about MidValley is that the cosmetic roadshows give samples and free makeovers! *_*b. The last time I went, there was a Kanebo roadshow and visitors can get free skin consultation and a sample pack of their skin care set that suits your skin ^o^~ This time Shu Uemura had this game where you spin the wheel and you'll get samples depending on where the wheel stops at XD;; so I got Shu's toner and some eye cream XD~ Was hoping to get their cleansing oil but hey~ can't complain with freebies~ 8D

Sunday, July 12, 2009

5 Productive Days, 1 Lazy Day

I need a proper camera.. This is part of the brownies I made on Friday T_T;;

Those brownies worried the crap out of me cuz I baked them for almost an hour =A=;; The recipe said to bake them for 15-10mins at 180 degrees but after 25 minutes, my brownies were still wobbling like STOMACH FATS UGH *shudders*. It turned out well =D and the crust tasted wonderful and crispy when it's warm.

Today was the most unproductive day EVER. My schedule started at 5am. Replacement class, sleep, drive out for lunch, sleep, go to Ampang Point, sleep, dinner, SLEEP. Lazy me =/ but there's nothing to doooo TwT. I'm craving to shop but I'm on a very tight budget for my cosplay and shopping spree on the 18th >A<. Must not cave in!

Earlier at Ampang Point with Audrey, I spotted the diamond edition Maybelline Eye Studio eye shadow at RM39.90 TwT and it's really pretty and pigmented. It's so worth to buy cuz I'll be able to get the the make up pouch for free with any purchase of Maybelline products RM30 and above and I do need the make up pouch for my mineral foundation *_*;; b-b-but I don't have the cash at hand but have cash at home >A<.

Reasons to get the eye shadow:

  1. I have no eye shadow!

  2. Use it for the upcoming dinner =D

  3. LIMITED EDITION D8 (I'm a bad advertising student for being fooled by those words T_T)

  4. Will get the make up pouch so it's getting 2 products that I need x_X

Reasons NOT to get the eye shadow

  1. EXPENSIVE! 4 colors for almost RM40, that's an average for RM10 per color....

  2. I have no cash at wallet >3<

  3. There's other reasonably priced eye shadows?

  4. I'm on a tight budget hello!!!! *knocks sense into herself*

DILEMMA! Temptation was so great cuz I have all my cards with me T__T. Gah, took me a good 10 minutes to reason with myself that I do not touch the ATM unless my money at home runs out T__T and swiping the card would mean an I.O.U which is one of my top 10 things I hate grrr. No money = don't buy T_T *cries at the silly rules she makes for herself*

So many cats >o<~~~<3 got the picture when I was eating lunch at Jalan Pasar.

Close up. They look so fat =O