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Sunday, November 25, 2012

My First Sigma Haul!!!

Finally oh finally!!!!! I've been hearing so much about Sigma back in 2010 but the price... omg the price.... As a student, it was waaaay out of my budget and also there were barely any lowyat sprees ordering from Sigma's site. So I continue to read up on all the spazzing and how the quality was on par with MAC brushes. Now after 2 years, I can finally strike it off my wish list :D

Few weeks ago, I came across Luxola, the first online luxury cosmetic and skincare site in South East Asia. They bring in a selection of exclusive products from the most sought out brands! You can spot some popular brands like Beauty Blender, Korress, Sleek Makeup and Sigma which are quite difficult for us Malaysians to get our hands on. The best part is, they ship from Singapore!!! which is a lot less to worry about :D Delivery time is quite fast too between 2-8 business days. As for Sigma, if you do monitor the pricelist in MYR, it's a hell lot cheaper compared to the prices on lowyat forums! :D

Luxola had a sweet deal whereby there's a free gift for pruchase of Sigma products above RM125. Plus that sweet deal I bought from Living Social hehehe I immediately placed my order together with May's :D

Saturday, November 24, 2012

So Ends Another Chapter.....

The last time I had such a painful ending was back in 2007. Today marks my last day at my office for my first job. Amazing how fast time flies @_@ and how painful it was to submit my resignation. So much confused feels but I knew it was something I HAD to do. Will definitely miss everyone and all the silly stuff we did T_T.

It was a good 2 years and 9 months T__T
My new job will be based in KL.... will definitely miss the PJ yamcha sessions, visiting Char Siew Pao, cloth hunting in Kamdar, and also the Selangor holidayssssss :( First 6 months will definitely be a struggle for me but if I can pull through, it'll be very worth it! 

GAR Kitty and last words from colleagues <3
Last piece of advice from boss!
Definitely learned a lot from the hells of Hagley & Hoyle! Thank you to everyone for the guidance and patience with me! I will try my best not to forget them 8D;;;


Friday, November 16, 2012

K.I.S.S.ed by Kinerase®

Little A, there was once, a girl by that name,
Whose niche for adventure drove them insane,
She had lived for her heart, for that was no doubt,
And whatever she wondered,
She thought with a pout.....

Monday, November 12, 2012

Caturday Revamp

Hi all~ This blog will be on a short hiatus as I've decided to revamp it :D. I planned to only revamp next year but due to certain events, I've decided to speed up the process~ Do watch out for the next entry! Hopefully it'll be up by Saturday if there's no hitches :D

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Dogathon 2012

Dogathon is back again! It's going to be a yearly visit for me XD The only place I can go molest all the dogs to my heart's content! <3 This year, Dogathon was held at Bukit Ekspo, UPM serdang. A joint effort between The Students' Society of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and The Zoologico Club of University Putra Malaysia. One of the biggest dog events in Malaysia where you can get all the pet therapy you need =P

PS: The following pictures are a mixture of mine and some taken from Swing's album. The pretty pictures are hers ;_;
This year there's a Halloween theme :D All dogs require a full checkup before entering the field. I guess it's practical training for the veterinary faculty? =P
First up, we spotted a VERY beautiful Alaskan Malamute!!!! To my surprise, it belonged to SPCA O_O. 

LOOK AT ITTTTTTT *____* So handsome!
Beautiful shorty Shetland Sheepdog 8D
Red Husky XD
More Huskies! <3
A fluffy Spitz 8D Looks like a nice foot stool *kena piak*
Loads of Golden Retrievers too :D This one had one of the most softest fur I've ever felt <3
Both are poms! <3
HUSKIES! Huskies everywhere XD
This year there was a lot more Huskies O_O and turns out, they were all from the same Husky community so every year they gather for a picnic. Pick a Husky and molests lol, all in many sizes and colors lined up XD;;

And then.... we found THE Husky to squeal over for the rest of the day!!!


Looks like a teddy bear!!!!! According to the owner, they never trim the fur O_O. Nobita looks like it's wearing a fur hat hehehehe <3

And these 2 Huskies here look like twins :) never got to find out if they are or not haha
Fattest dog I've seen, EVER D:
That goldie could barely support it's own weight D:. Dogathon this year was very muddy that's to the PMS weather, my shoes were caked with mud T_T. Most of the dogs this year seem quite camera shy T3T or maybe I'm just so slow in taking their pics.... Anyways, if you adore dogs and can't keep one, this is the place you should visit for your 'pet therapy'. Seeya in Dogathon 2013!!! >o</

Monday, November 5, 2012

Jump Festa 2013 Tenipuri Goodies Spazzingggggg

I just saw the update on Ice Archeress blog and OH-MAI-GAWD the Tenipuri stuff is fuck load expensive!!!! T__T

DAT BATH TOWEL UWUWUWUWUUUUUUUU T___T and and and the clearfile settttt!!!! Hopefully someone in the Tenipuri community gonna make a batch order XD;;; *crosses fingers* Fuck my balls man... the stuff is really horribly pricey!! ;_;

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Post-Halloween Shoutout!

Hello guysssss :D hope you had a Happy Halloween dressing up and scaring the shit out of people! So many places were having their own Halloween parties. I attended one of my friend's Halloween party at her place but sadly didn't dress up since I came straight from work, and the evening rain dampened my spirits :(. Still, I was curious to see how the rest would dress up~ :D

Carved pumpkins!
Part of the decorations by Shio and Potter! I feel so guilty for not dressing up especially with so much effort from Shio and Potter in decorating the whole house T_T

The 2 hosts: Shio (creepy witch there) and Potter (mummy in bling specs)
Yoke Lai also unleashed her bishie potential! With a cute fluffy spider on her head~ <3

Some Halloween themed finger food
There was also pumkin carving sessions for those who wished to try~
Jared and his rotting skin?
Rest of the group! You can see the rest of the Halloween decorations! Cool right? :D
Note to self: Should plan for Halloween costume early T_T. Thank you Shio and Potter for the invite!!! I shall dress up should there be a next time! XD

PS: Some of the pictures are taken by Raz :D so yes credits to him~