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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Bacon & Latte :D

Greyson Chance. Bacon Party. FAT FAT FAT

Yes that pretty much sums up those weeks that I was away and couldn't blog....We had a random bacon parteh after I found some cheap bacon on Lowyat

Think x2
The seller was selling 1kg for RM38. Picture shows how much you get for 1kg =D Hell the strips were big and thick *O* and there was around 10 of us that day. Some brought other food and Ezel got more ingredients to cook.
Mashed potato with bacon bits

Scrambled eggs with bacon bits >_> can't really see the bacon orz
Oh sinful bacon~~~ Stash cooked by KidChan

Thanks to whoever who brought the salad *O* Couldn't stop munching on the corn and brocolli
Eric and Kira brought Latte over~ So tak halal 8D

Latte begging for food <3
Been pigging out so much and ignoring my workouts. I think my BMI is gonna shoot up x_X oh all those hard work *sobs*

Monday, April 16, 2012

Corzplay Weekend

Late post is late =/ I wanted to post last week but I'm not getting any photos so you'll have to bear with ugly low quality photos~

Last Sunday I took a short trip to KLIA with Audrey and Shun for Junjou Terrorist shoot. There's a small scene in the manga that took place in the airport so I was hoping to shoot that part. The shoot was small and fun. We jakun a lot and I think people thought we were like little kids riding the travelator so many times XD;; 

Given a choice, I would really like to capture a scene of both characters with the background of the plane taking off *gets slapped* I was mostly the problem OwO having proximity issues and lack of expression OTL but I hope the photos turn out well..... or else there's always a retake =P
Camwhore photo at the end of the day =D
Sunday I went to gamefest which was held in MMU, Cyberjaya. Went to judge the cosplay competition so I decided to not give a fuck about accuracy and cosplayed Yamato Yudai from Prince of Tennis. I honestly look too small for him TwT but I love his character so much <3 and I could recycle Ryoma wig wahahahahaha~

Did a small (ok not really small) photoshoot with a few photographers OTL honestly I only wanted one photo of my Yamato XD;; but thanks for those who spared me their previous time T3T I look forward to the photos~~~

Photo by Usagi~
Love this impromptu photo take by Usagi =D cuz it shows a bit of Yamato's 'kakkoi' side lololol. I hope to see the photos of when we were really playing tennis *O*

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Melaka Trip Loot

April is a month I'm planning to suppress my shopping urges (yea right). Didn't help that I've been feeling depressed for the past few months AND was in Melaka during the weekend =P. Surprisingly I didn't buy much food but I got some of my cosplay stuffs and exchanged a lot of things during the event.

Finally bought Shiomaru's album =D. Couldn't buy it during CF cuz Shimokawa Mikuni took my money, I'm sorry!!! TAT I got my hipster glasses for Popura, laser light to play with cats and chopsticks with my surname from Jonker Street. Gwen came up for the event as well so got my Dior and also a box of Godiva's along with a tulip scarf as souvenirs~ Thank you Gwen!!!! <3 

Had a chance to cosplay for the first time of the year too :3 so brought my name cards down and exchanged it with a few photogs and cosplayers~~ So glad to meet you all and please add add add meeeeee *o*/

Camwhore photo from Potter~
Cosplayed Inami Mahiru for RAGE Day 2 and was so not in character XD;; Only had light makeup on, decided to be lazy with falsies. My face can't handle heavy makeup DX, it'll make me look more like a hag orz. Definitely gonna retire this wig >_< I suit Popura better orz. Looking to invest in Dolly Winks for Popura if I successfully pass my no-shopping ban this month hehe~~~