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Saturday, January 31, 2009

St Valentine

It's 2 weeks to the day where the city will be filled with PDA and flying invisible hearts. The Cupids are either restless or mens hormones are just raging as they know the day is drawing near and it'll suck so bad if they're alone on that day.

Ever since I came back from Ipoh, some guy friends I know suddenly come up to me saying they miss me and crap and frankly it scares the shit out of me. Asking me out just makes me boil with so much hate. I'm not sure why but I take it as a signal that I'm in no shape to go in any relationship.

Time to plan a spa trip or a cookout.

Friday, January 30, 2009

Ipoh Mali Mali

The Joys

  • Angpows like duh

  • Cats everywhere <3

  • Yee sang!

  • Stuffed with food

  • Uncle DVD sold us 12 DVD's for RM50

  • Hawt Chinese boys performing acrobatics

The Bad

  • Irritated eyes and nose due to dry air-cond

  • The usual bitch spoiling everything

  • Bored like hell


  • Grandparents pronouncing Butterscotch as Buttercock....

Sunday, January 25, 2009

To My Dearest: Recipe For The Perfect Hug


  1. 2 people

  2. 4 arms

  3. 2 hearts

  4. A touch of love

  5. A pinch of humor

  6. A sprinkle of glee


  1. Extend arms and wrap them around each other.

  2. Clear your minds, take a look at each other.

  3. Pull yourselves together and mix well!


Yesterday I spent 6 agonizing hours at the salon for a perm >_>;;; I don't think I'll ever going for a perm ever again lol. The torture my hair goes through, I'll just wait until the curls wear off before I do something funky with it. It's a tad bit too curly for my taste so just gonna wait for gravity to do it's work till I get my desired waves.

Permed brunette. Well if my colleagues say I look older, I could always say I just wanna catch up to their age during my internship lol.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Classy~ Me Like~

So much for having the spirit of going to work after my gastric attack. I went there after lunch to find the office locked T__T Seemingly the boss decided to treat everyone to lunch so I went to do some shopping and grooming to kill time before heading back to the office. Got my eyebrows and upper lip (hurts like crap!) threaded and my underarms waxed *_* for only RM20 XD As for shopping~

Jumped into Solemate for a quick look as their shoes looked good.

Inside looks just gorgeous and the shoes look so classy 8D that even if I bought them, I won't have the heart to wear them out. Shoes range from RM120-RM300. There's a lot of dinner dresses too, sadly not my type.

Came back to find my masks delivered! XD 10 eye masks, 5 face masks and 5 lip masks ROFL

Think I'll do some eye and lip pampering tonight after the rough threading session~ XD

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Joy To The World~

2 things to rejoice about:

  • My published ad

  • Angpow from boss!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Addiction Never Ends

I'm mad. Pissed to be exact since Saturday but it never stopped me from doing some online shopping. Still, it's best not to push my buttons within the next 24 hours. Am still hunting for a CNY dress but found some nice dinner dresses instead *o*

Beautiful halter neck dress with a tulle skirt =D but that's not the best part of this dress.

It's bareback! <3 RM55 from Miss Capsicum

Dress from An Old Flame Comes in lovely bright colors. Perfect for summer at RM54 =D

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Youtube Trolling

I've always loved Hip Hop so was spending time looking for cool dance routines that make me drool and cry cuz I can never squeeze out the time to enroll for the classes.

Flo-Rida - In The Ayer dance routine <-- Nice group choreography
Akon - Dangerous dance routine <--- Love how synchronized it is XD
Beyonce - Single Ladies dance routine <--- *jawdrops* Just beautiful =D I prefer this compared to their improved version. It's advised not to search anymore dance routines for this song unless you want a major brain break.
Britney Spears - Womanizer

GAP has brought back bell bottom jeans for Summer 09 *o* so praying real hard I'll get to see more. On the other hand:

Beautiful toga dress from Iccy House RM60 and available in Blue and Red as well =D Pic from Iccy House.

Oh noes, this is no longer a youtube trolling entry XD;; On the side note, one of the ads I designed will be out in tomorrow's newspaper *o* Nothing much, just a job recruitment ad. Hopefully it'll give some extra points to my final report! XD Also, I'll be taking part in helping to organize a F&B exhibition for the SME Council. Whee~ busy~

Monday, January 19, 2009

Bangsar Shopathon

Can't believe I spent 3 hour in Bangsar and I couldn't browse all the shops in time! Didn't buy anything either which makes it sad as well TAT.

The dress that I wanted to try so badly but turned out to be a dissapointment T^T It's such a pretty color =(




Loved the pattern but cutting of the dress is terrible.

Loved the top but no XS size, skirt is out of the question.

Sunday Breeze

I finally moved that lazy ass of mine to dye my hair! >< The now-bronze highlights are really ugly so time to cover those up *o*

The color I took, dark brown so that my ongrowing black hair won't be so obvious.

No more obvious ugly half-grown highlights!

Drove to Queen's Park after that and jumped into the pet shop for a quick look <3 and I saw this sleeping fat angel.

Would love to have a dog as big as this *o*/

This is so LOL! XD The cat looks so petrified and it tried to pry my brother's hands off by using its back legs. We were trying to get it out of the neighbors car cuz it refused to move from the pipes under the car.

Can't update my Bangsar trip until I get the pics from the RO addict.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Belated White Christmas

In all the excitement of online shopping (damn you!) I forgot to show my late Christmas present that I got for myself.

Tadaa! isn't it so pretty! <3 They key is there not cuz it's pretty, there's a reason for the key =D. Key is in the middle, pic was taken before the alterations. Thank you Round Bean <3

Today dined with crabs. It was a war I tell you! They were just vicious creatures dying to jump into my skin but I survived! >w<

Guide to fight crabs

  1. Button up, no low cut shirts.

  2. Tie hair up.

  3. Hammer is a must.

  4. Use ALL your pretty fingers to hold it down.

  5. Direct crab to neighbor instead.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Bling Fever TAT

BEAUTIFUL PAIR OF SHOES FROM KISS AND TELL The perfect pair for CNY! Why am I ranting and not getting it? Cuz they only stock from Size 6 onwards! *headwalls*

Looked through the videos for ALA 2009 and the Macross skit is so brain breaking orz! Facing so many problems lately just that I've been too arsed to list them down here. My face problem is one of them. Rashes popping up like crazy starting from my eyelids down to my cheekbones, then on my nose and around it and now it decided the corners of my mouth would be a good place too...

As for the rest of my problems.... I'm leaving it outside my door. One of those 6 DBKL trucks that I unfortunately bumped into better come and collect it... Smelling 6 different bundles of trash today can make anyone skip lunch.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Therapy FTW

2 things can never leave my life. Shopping and animals <3 I went shopping instead of eating lunch today to shop for some dresses. Interested in the red snakeskin-like clutch cuz it can be used to hit people. So now I'm just dumping photos I took from Sunday onwards and let it tell you the story.

Not sure if you can see, the cat looked terrified and it IS terrified. It looked like it stepped on something explosive cuz part of it's body is charred and the toes on one of its paws is dangling by a thread. It spat at me when I tried approaching it x_X

Doggie!!!! *squees* Staying right opposite Brian's house >o< The more you pet it, the more excited it'll be and it'll start jumping around. If we weren't seperated by the gates, I bet it'll pounce on us XD. It knows how to sit, roll over and shake hands too! >o< Brian had to pet it or else it'll come and slober all over my phone cam T__T

This dress makes me look taller and slender but it's bursting at the bust!

A boutique to be on my favorite list. Located in Bangsar selling classic chic outfits. Planning to buy one of the dresses there.

Cat in the Bangsar Jungle! This cat loves to camwhore D: my camera was so near it and it didn't budge but it scampered of when I tried to touch it.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Bi-Weekly Report

Trainee's Particulars

Name: <text got nomnom-ed>
ID no: 0702731
Course: Advertising
Department: Not specified
On-Site Supervisor: <text got nomnom-ed>

Duties Performed

  1. Photostating

  2. Bitching with colleagues

  3. Playing DS

  4. Reading relationship jokes on LowYat 

  5. Rolling the chair around office

Main Challenges

  1. TmNet hates us all

  2. DS out of battery at the wrong time

  3. Trying to stop myself from laughing out loud or grin like an idiot at the jokes

How were the above challenges resolved?

  1. Restart modem x10

  2. Bring adapter

Learning outcomes from above

  1. Must spend time wisely to keep self awake

  2. TmNet never fails to be a bitch

  3. Homg I touched a photostating machine! =D

  4. LowYat has nice dirty jokes

  5. All sockets that are empty are not working except the one in the pantry

it has been a very eventful 2 weeks *__*

.......Sylvene, real one I'll send to you on Thurs/Fri lol

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Klik Klik Klik

Yesterday I took the camera down for a stroll at the pub and I can say I'm glad I made the choice to get a prosumer cam.

Would've uploaded a nicer shot but the good ones are being used for the website.

Work's draining but I'm getting by =D Bi-weekly report to fill in this week >w<

Monday, January 12, 2009

So Much For My Resolution

I have been stuffing myself without thinking for this weekend and that's bad *_*;;; Went to the Dessert Bar as they're having 50% off =D and had a go at their sinful fruity desserts!

No pictures unfortunately as the lighting is terrible but there's lots of pictures on other blogs and you can see their menu here Dessert Bar Website *drools* I won't mind going to the one in Menara Hap Seng before their offer ends 8D;; I have yet to try their cocktail smoothies and Berry Delicious. Chocolate fondue has been added into their latest menu and boy it's thick DX They use Belgian Dark Chocolate and I tried finishing the chocolate but got sick of it after 3 mouthfuls XD;;;

Diet also begins this week =D OJ to start my day followed by yoghurt. Fruits and light stuff to be my snack when I'm hungry (if I can find it) and no deep fried stuff! >< *waves bye to KFC and McD* Fried Chicken ;_; Friesss ;_;

Saturday, January 10, 2009

A Chance!

Yessss it's a Friday. I've never been this grateful for Fridays since my weekends used to be occupied with assignments but now it's different! *_* Friday means Sat/Sun is FUN FUN FUN! NO STUDY! NO ASSIGNMENTS!

And yes it's a happy day cuz my boss handed me his DSLR to play with!

Olympus E-510 twin kit lens *drools*

Now to wash clothes *groans* and prepare for Youth09. Hopefully I can have dessert tomorrow T.T

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Bring Me A Coffin to Sleep In

At office right now and horribly sleepy. Goal for tonight:

Cut my nails. I can't really hold my pencil now.



Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Killed and Killed Again

Oh so busy town of Bukit Bintang~

After exam, it's indulgence time =D Went to Bukit Bintang in a very sleepy state to hunt for a few things.

  • Leather gloves

  • Socks

  • Boots

The end result was:

  • Gloves too big eventhough I took the smallest ones

  • No pink socks =(

  • No plain black boots. There just has to be SOMETHING on each pair like a flower or ribbon or just one stud =_=

Wandered around Pavilion deciding whether to keep myself awake by buying coffee or just continue to walk around like a drunkard. Coffee wasn't worth it so walking it was. Spent the rest of the afternoon trying on clothes that I can never afford. Found an Envee branch in Pav, bye bye MidValley XD;;

A dress that cost RM809 T__T. Sad as well since they didn't have a size 6. This is an 8. Dress from Coast London.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Work just Ownz and Kills

This is mine for the next 4 months >o</

Work was awesome in many ways. I reached there super early and trolled up and down the place to find the office and not surprising to be the first person to arrive... Albert is my supervisor and he showed me to my PC <3 and I had to awesomely give this horrified look and ask 'am I gonna be doing photoshop? o_o' Thank gods it's actually just extra Macs they took out from the art room. He took me around and introduced me to everyone in the office =D just 17 people which is good enough.

For the first 3 weeks I'll be under Rajes' wing. She thought me about media buying and the rates and stuff. When she's occupied with her work I pretty much did some filing of their invoices which is good since I got to know their clients at the same time and for the very first time I touched and USED a photocopy machine XD;;;

Lunch was also superbly cheap. RM3, that's cheaper than my area =A=! and we're talking about Bangsar here! >< I did doze off a few times and I blame my lack of sleep T___T. I was also introduced to the cousins that ran the whole agency. Eddy was much more talkative and he had a brief interview with me though it was more of a get to know session. Hanin brought some of her homemade brownies with walnuts. Diana, the general manager is very concerned for her employees but when it comes to work, you can see her swearing her tongue off at the asshattery of clients.

It's just the first day and we're already planning to shop at the Bangsar boutiques for some slacks for me on Thursday >< See how this is gonna kill me?! DX

You evil, evil Bangsar T__T

Mistaken my exam time given lol I thought it was just an hour but it's actually 2 =D

Monday, January 5, 2009

Where Are You Sandman?

I can't sleep for so many unknown reasons so I'll just be blogging my heart out tonight.

Hmm I'm actually grateful for the president as she's really made a difference in the committee. So sad she's leaving >w<. My status looks like it's STILL hanging and will probably stay like that until March? =_=;; and someone shook hands with me congratulating me for staying in the comm so I don't know whether I should feel proud or grateful that my ass is saved.

As for which dept I'm planning to go, I'm just hoping I'll be able to be the walking, talking, breathing portable external harddisk. It's like the safest position as in it's free from all political influence and a very passive job haha. Don't get me wrong, I love work related stress and just enjoy hearing dorama cuz it makes me think from many different views but my Final Year will be the death of me. Also it helps to satisfy my selfish curiosity on how a committee works and at the same time hopefully be their backup for any documents like how some can mysteriously disappear in a CAR =___=;; oh wait that's the responsibility of the assistant of the dept =P

I was very tempted to suggest that we record all our future meetings just like how journalists do it since I see all the 'eh I never heard you mention at the previous meeting' stuff. My dad works for the visually impaired so they have many recording devices, will just see out of curiosity whether they have one that can record up to 4-5 hours or else it's the old tape recorder~ Okay I'm joking to a certain extent but it would be awesome to actually know the truth at some point.

I also personally think that someone else deserves to be in the department instead of me. Eventhough he doesn't have an ounce of responsibility but he has definitely more passion towards the department compared to me. As long as he doesn't take any leading roles soon, it should be fine....

Internship starts today and I'm suppose to be awake at 5.30 but... I'm awake now 8D;; Not really prepared for exam but I believe I can manage. Should really try to sleep now ^o^/

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Let's Start With a Really Nasty Bang

This is one flaw I hate the most when it comes to dealing with human beings. When you do something they're not pleased about, they go to everyone else except YOU. It happens everywhere and I've encountered it in almost every environment I've been thrown in and until now I fail to come up with a solution to deal with this problem. To add the difficulty level, the person I'm dealing with is quite a nasty prick who I might add has been in conflict with quite a few individuals throughout the year.

I won't bother with whatever flaws they pointed out about me, bug me on MSN if you wanna know. The fact is, it's basic bloody common sense for an employer or in this case for the leader to start from the employee aka culprit, coughing out the reason for his actions before bringing judgment on his fate. My Starbucks manager pointed out my flaws and showed me how to improve eventhough he didn't give me a chance to explain but at least he showed me how to improve instead of pouncing and fire me immediately.

Did this individual do so? NO, this very individual went to discuss with her own version and perception of the situation without bringing me upfront to justify my actions. To even provide reasons that isn't related to the job scope is just ridiculous and shows much much she wants to get rid of me. To be making a big fuss over my personal affairs with SOMEONE ELSE shows that this individual clearly lacks leadership qualities. To turn a deaf ear on others and my reasoning, the individual has already proven herself not worthy of being a leader. Is this individual worth arguing with? YES I'D LIKE TO WIPE SOME SLIME ON THIS PERSON BEFORE SHE STEPS DOWN. *prays to the Goddess of Mercy and Goddess of Luck*