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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Cooking Master Boy Brought To Life!

Omg I totally must pimp this when Deidara shared it on his wall!! Everyone knows how facepalming the dishes in Cooking Master Boy can be. The exaggeration in the anime makes it look as though the dishes defy the cooking laws XD;; especially in the later episodes that cover the legendary items. I'm so sad they ended the series so fast T3T. Was hoping they would finish finding the legendary cooking items.... now we'll never know T___T

Anywaysssss, meet PlumeStreet (雨前羽街) from Douban. He posted some dishes which he tried to recreate from the series. Following in instructions from the anime step-by-step, he manage to recreate 16 dishes and all mostly delicious according to him.

You can check his page here: http://www.douban.com/people/plumestreet/

But for those who have trouble navigating, here's the specific entries of the episode and the dish :D
Episode 1: Golden Friend Rice
Episode 2: Mapo Tofu
Episode 3: Stir Fry Bak Choy
Episode 5: Stir Fry Green Pepper and Pork
Episode 7: Dumplings
Episode 8: Rising Dragon Dumpling
Episode 9: Incomparable Noodles
Episode 13: Cat Fish Noodles
Episode 14: Plum Fried Rice
Episode 18: 5 Color Congee aka Rainbow Congee
Episode 19: Galaxy Noodles (Sadly it's not as sparkly as the anime lol)
Episode 20: Silkie Chicken Rice
Episode 21: 3-Egg Siu Mai
Episode 23: Big Bang Siu Mai
Episode 25: Phoenix Tail Lobster

I hope I got them correct @_@. I found the Rainbow Porridge look kinda gross. My fav is the Mapo Tofu and the Lobster :D. I wonder whether we'll see dishes like Panda Tofu and China in the Red Snapper >D. Yosh this makes me wanna gear up and finish Mao asap! *O*/

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