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Monday, October 27, 2008


It's amazing how I was talking to Onini about the temperature feels more like 32 degrees than 27 degrees as said in the weather forecast yesterday and today it IS 32! XD;; 'Feels like: 36' That's so darn right! I've been drenched in sweat for the past 2 days D8 no amount of Ice Lemon Tea or Honey Lime can help.

Oh yes pimping a new uber cute anime for you guys~

Shugo Chara! Doki!!

The OP and ED screams absolute cuteness and it's a very uplifting anime overall. Currently it's in season 2 =D 52 episodes.

I just realized that CF is around the corner yet I'm not enthusiastic about it at all. If I actually drop all my cosplay plans this year, I can buy myself a DSLR.... take more photos, having more things to write in my blog. Boy, I'm thinking so far in the future.

I would like nothing more than to slap someone actually =( for misdirecting his anger to me months ago. I know I'm suppose to move on and shit, yes I have, except for this teensy weensy issue. It continues to linger in my mind and I just can't put it to rest T_T. The urge for revenge... I've always been a revengeful person =( The satisfaction of him tasting the bitter end of the stick.... an eye for an eye as they say.

The weather isn't helping with my grudge as well D8


  1. hot... i feel like eating a strawberry parfait ._.