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Monday, March 26, 2012

So We Went To This Scandalous Event

So last week I went to my first ACG event (I guess it could be classified as that? lol) of the year. Decided to do something simple to move around easily. I ghetto cosplayed Shinobu from Junjou Romantica so that I can get the chance to test the eyebrow wax I got from a friend last year.
Pretty boy? 8D *gets whacked*
Oh the wax was a bitch to use orz and I need more bloody practice =( especially on drawing the eyebrows part ugh! 

So back to the event.... this event was honestly very badly promoted.... almost as bad as AFKL with all the anal and self contradicting nitty grits. The fee was ridiculously high and doesn't justify the amount of activities lined up for the event. The location was ridiculously far, about 40-50km from KL =A=. By now you'd probably be wondering why did I bother to haul my ass to the event when it already sounds so bad. Well.... I was just curious since this event had a certain theme to it. 

Event was quite small, about 120ppl max that attended? I'm not sure. We went 2 rounds around the area and then started rotting from boredom XD;;
So bored that we camwhored
Good thing was, it was easier for me to catch up with friends this event was small. There were shota butlers bringing food into the hall to sell. The food was also not bad and reasonably priced which was a plus for me. I didn't get to eat the food cuz they were sold out by the time I was hungry T_T such a pity.... They had sandwiches, cupcakes and ONIGIRIIIII >(

Those who were bored and had nothing to do brought and shared scandalous material =D I hope those pages aren't where the excitement starts XD;;;

By the time we reached home, we were so dead tired. Boredom really saps a lot of energy.... =3= Now working towards the photoshoot in which I need to get rid of my proximity issues asap OAO

Sunday, March 25, 2012

7 Day Countdown!

It's a week before RAGE and I have so many things to do! In both office and home. I'm choked up to my neck that I bring my work home >_< so will have to juggle office work and my personal stuffs this week ;_;. Workplace is a landmine for the next few weeks, any wrong move and KABOOM! I'm praying nothing goes wrong this week ><

As for RAGE, settled accommodation and transport months ago when it was announced =D. For cosplay plans... I'm cosplaying from the series Working! for both days. Can't be bothered to make some complicated-epic-and-can't-move costume.

Day 1
I'm not manly enough!!!!
Suppose to cosplay Yamato-buchou from Prince of Tennis *sigh* but my face isn't mature enough so....

Executing plan B. Meeting the seller to collect my costume tomorrow hehe. Wig is a last minute order, hope it arrives by Friday haha or else I'm cosplaying myself for Day 1 lol.

Day 2
Collecting costume on Friday. Need to give the wig a cut, hopefully on Tuesday. Need to find cute hairpins too OAO which I hope to accomplish on Friday and double check whether I have knee length socks. Last minute visit to the print shop to see how fast would it take to make a hardcover book >_<.

PS: Oh my bad, it's a 6 day countdown? =P

Friday, March 23, 2012

You Could Be My New Addiction~

Wow more than a week since I've blogged. Lots of things I wanna share but it's either I can't find the time or it's not the right time to post it yet OTL. Dad just got Unifi installed in our house~~O(≧∇≦)O so I decided to test by loading some Youtube vids so simply clicked from the recommended tab.

Sekihan & Piko singing Magnet LIVE

The mindfuck starts from the middle btw and omg I'm shocked!!! щ(゜ロ゜щ) What sorcery is this!!!!! Really loved their female voices <3 though in the live I prefer Sekihan XD. Both Sekihan and Piko are Nico Nico Douga singers. You can read more about them from here and here. I downloaded all their CD's yesterday and am addicted to Sekihan's The Madness of Duke Venomania *w* but overall I prefer Piko's songs hehe~ somehow his female voice is a lot nicer in the albums XD. 

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Evolved! Welcoming My New Phone 8D

For those who have me on FB and Twitter would know that I just got my new phone yesterday :D. The most amazing part is that I sold my previous Blackberry 9700 and bought a new one all in 24 hours lolol. Nao RT-ed about someone wanting a BB urgently with a budget of RM800. I've been mulling over getting a new one but not sure what to do with my 9700 so decided to take the gamble and sell it XD;; The condition was, I had to pass it immediately OAO;; so I didn't have time to say bye to my baby ;3;. After thinking about the time I need to backup my stuff and the condition of the items, I sold it at a price slightly higher than the market price in LYN.

Some people say I'm cheating but let me describe the condition of my 9700 to you 8D

  • No paint chips or scratches on the phone
  • Unopened earphones
  • All plastic for the wires, adapter, battery and phone still intact
Other than the privacy screen, my phone looks almost bloody brand new '__'. I've seen BB users with their phone of 1-2 years and the phone is in terrible condition >_> so yes I place high value on my phone. Most importantly, as long as both parties are happy, it's good >w<b.
My new phone :D
Yesterday popped by DiGi and got myself a BB Torch 9810. I've been debating with myself so long between the Bold 9900 and this. The Bold is a lot more convenient without the sliding pad but the screen is so small and camera with no autofocus (seriously RIM, WHY of all things no autofocus wtf D8) while the BB Torch is much heavier and looks a lot more fragile compared to the Bold. Hope I can take care of this new phone hehe~ 

I noticed RIM didn't include the handphone pouch for the Torch so my phone shall be temporarily naked D: and the CD for the desktop software not included too =3=;; For a user like me who only has Streamyx, it's torturing for me to DL the file online D: 

Sunday, March 11, 2012

So I Went Shopping Again *facepalms*

This was suppose to be another Tenipuri spazzing posts but I'll spare you all by showing more pictures of my impulse purchases this week *facepalms*
Not my purchase but these are souvenirs my dad got from Japan. These are handicrafts made by the blind and deaf in Japan so thought of sharing them :3
Looks like Rotiboy bag XD
First impulse purchase lol! Pipit Zakka Store brought in a series of handmade Batu Seremban (which is sold out in a matter of 3 days WTF!). They were released on Thursday and now completely sold out the heck! I dropped by the store on Friday and there were only 3 left. I was hoping to get my hands on the green set and end up....
Black set >w<
Only the black, yellow and purple set were left =( Ah wells at least I got my hands on a set for my own ><. The Five Stone set came in a pretty canvas bag with instructions printed on brown paper lolol Presentation: A+
Them pretty cloth patterns~
Went material hunting with Valkyrie and Shirae today. We walked through the usual Bunga Reben and Kamdar first then Shirae introduced us to high class fabric shops with cloth cost as high as RM300 per meter OAO;;;; Lots of pattern cloth available there, very suitable for baju kurungs XD Thankfully I cleared about 50% of my cosplay stuffs so I wasn't looking for anything. 

Whole day I thought I won't be spending on anything except food and travel but I was dead wrong TAT. We always bound to spend when there's cash in our pockets OTL. I dropped by Nature Republic to stock up on my acne stickers but sadly they were out of stock so the sales assistant introduced me to some ampoules and aloe vera gel for irritated/acne skin.
Oooooh look what followed me home! T__T
Total for both items is about RM70 T_T and I'm really not happy with my impulse purchase *sobs* so these products better work!!! 

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Tenipuri 100 Kyoku Marathon: My obsession with Hiroki lol

Just finished downloading and watching Tenipuri 100 Kyoku Marathon XD~~~ I am a hardcore Tenipuri fan but there are some things in Tenipuri that I don't follow. Like the live movie and TeniMyu D: somehow seeing silly tennis moves brought to life isn't as good =(. Anyways back to the marathon, the following screencaps are taken from unknownsolution and Tetora's Multiply accounts.

So much nostalgia watching the DVD!!! And the seiyuu's are all so good ;_; 90% accurate to what you hear from their singles. Oh Minagawa Junko you're my idollll \>A</. I could name about 40 songs out of the 100, does that mean I'm not hardcore enough? @_@ Most of the songs I recognize are from the Seigaku cast and Atobe's XD. You do get to see the smaller groups like Aozu, Cap to bin and Hyoutei Eternity oh and also THE MEGANE'S XD

Minagawa Junko~~~
Best seiyuu everrrr >w< she cried while singing Yakusoku. Love, love, LOVE her voice as Ryoma~ XD
Hiroki Takahashi as the VO for Eiji Kikumaru
Oh boy he's so cuuuuutttteeeeeeeeee. Eiji's voice is a lot more high pitched but I still think he did quite a fantastic job during the marathon *_*. He's got cute dimples too <33333 I can't believe he's 32 TAT and still has such an adorable look!!!
Naru & Hiroki, VO's for Takeshi Kawamura and Eiji Kikumaru
This was when they sang Ometto Samba XD Naru is quite cute too *o*~ 

Masaya Onosaka and Kohei Kiyasu as VO for Takeshi Momoshiro and Kaidoh Kaoru
Must not forget this arguing duo *w*. I just had to take this screencap cuz it so reminded me of Momo and Kaidoh's brawls XDXD. This was during Track 45 Otoko no Bigaku with Tezuka Kunimitsu. 
Aozu banzai!!!! ^o^
Almost cried when they sang White Line ;__; their voices are so beautifullllll and I think Oishi should have more singles or character CD's! His voice is honestly very beautiful~

The Meganes XD
Ahh~~~ another group I've come to like after watching the video XD. Consist of 3 members Okiayu Ryoutaro (Kunimitsu Tezuka), Kiuchi Hidenobu (Oshitari Yushi) and Tsuda Kenjiro (Inui Sadaharu). All 3 of them look so good in glasses!!! ;A; so smexy~~~~ especially Okiayu Ryoutarou~ XD so.... I have an extra shot OTL 
I wonder did they style his hair intentionally to look like Tezuka XD
Can't believe he's 50! and hardly any wrinkles booooo damn Japanese >w<

and Tsuda kenjiro looks so geek *o* so INUI!!!! XD He has a very nice singing voice though pity I only heard how good he is from the Anukiji Christmas CD's. Rest of Inui's singles are kinda meh =/ I'm a bit sad that Kiuchi Hidenobu didn't do Oshitari's usual Kansai accent =/
Another shot when they sang Odorimasenka. And yes costume change based on their album! <3
Valentine Kiss!
Valentine Kiss with Sanada, Atobe, Kabaji, Shishido, Ootori and Rikkaidai members. I wish they make all the males have a Valentine Kiss single T_T. For those who listen to Sanada's single, you rmember at the end he went screeching 'KKKIIIIIIIIISSSSSSSSS'??
Oh yes he did that! HAHAHA XD Kudos Taiten! XDXDXDXD
Another side character that I found awesome is Kuki Kiichi's seiyuu, Eiji Takemoto. For those who don't know, Kuki's from Kakinoku Middle School and appeared during the Tokyo Prefectures. If not mistaken it was the first few episodes like between Ep 10 to 20? But yes there's a few singles of him reciting tongue twisters I found it kinda cool XD
This was when he was reciting about the pajamas hahaha XD;;
That's all the screencaps I gathered. I found Junichi Suwabe looking too gay to comment T_T but as usual his voice was awesome.

Oh wait, last photo~

Review: Hurraw Sun and Moon Lip Balms

Last I used to lipbalm was when LipIce started producing flavors like crazy. I'd see 2-3 range for Mentholatum with 6-7 flavors each. Now I;m back to using lip balms again for so many reasons. It first started after my terrible experience with Proactive products. It dried my skin terribly and my lips weren't sparred. My lips were so badly chapped that it hurts when I smile. I could feel those layers of skin being stretched to the limit and at one point it bleed. My Crazy Rumors Coffee Lip was missing and I was desperate since my dry lips were interfering with my sleep.

Googled and looked around LowYat for a while and came to the usual Crazy Rumor or Hurraw Lip Balm treatments. I was curious on Hurraw for their Sun and Moon lip treatments. Price was 2x compared to the lip balms available at our local drugstores but hey, they're lip treatments right? Glanced through their ingredients list and looked up some reviews. Most of them were singing high praises about the product. Guess who's singing next? =P

Yes I got both =P and no regrets!
These 2 babies cost a hefty RM60 in total. Yes, ouch all right >_o but like I said, no regrets =) Each Hurraw tube is handmade with raw, organic materials with no preservatives. Their core ingredients include almond oil, coconut oil, cacao butter, jojoba oil, olive oil, castor oil and candelilla wax.

SPF 15 Sun Balm
We love the Sun.  It's amazing.  We believe limited, smart exposure is actually pretty o.k. for the skin.  But for those long exposure times, our SPF 15 Sun Balm will give your lips the extra protection they need.It glides on silky smooth (and virtually clear) like our regular balms but we formulated it to be extra thick and creamy for longer staying power while out in those shining rays!  Juicy Tangerine and calming Roman Chamomile extract make it super delish for your lips.  Did we mention it is packed full of amazing cold pressed oils to moisturize, protect and heal your lips?Red Raspberry Seed oil: Exceptionally high in tocopherols, this lovely oil nourishes the lips, is anti-inflammatory and proven to help in the absorbance of the Sun's rays.  
Sea Buckthorn oil: Super rich and off the charts in essential fatty acids, carotenes, tocopherols, and phytosterols which are great for healing sun-damaged lips.
Pomegranate Seed oil: Deeply penetrating and an anti-oxidant powerhouse; remarkable for the outer epidermal layer of the lips.We use non nano Zinc Oxide in our Sun Balm.  Zinc Oxide is the only all natural, broad spectrum (blocks both UVA and UVB) sun screen available today.  Zinc Oxide is a mineral.  It protects your lips by sitting on top of them and thus, provides a physical barrier against UVA and UVB rays.  It actually deflects the rays away from the skin to prevent any harm.  For adequate protection it must be applied often.As an interesting side note, to get our SPF 15 factor verified, our balm was laboratory tested on...Humans!  

Moon Balm

A good night's sleep can be the best thing ever.  It's even better when you have lip balm on!  We have been using our Moon Balm Formula for years and thought other lip balm lovers would dig using a Night Treatment Balm as well.
Extra thick, creamy and rich; this balm has some serious staying power. The Vanilla and Peru Balsam scent will lull you to sleep.  Azulene packed Blue Chamomile lends a gorgeous green-blue color and soothes your lips for some true beauty z's!Check out what it's packin'...Avocado Oil: Thick and vitamin rich, exceptionally high in Vitamins A & E.  Highly recommended for sensitive and problem lips; rich in essential fatty acids.Rosehip Seed Oil:  Combats dry lips and has amazing anti-aging and rejuvenation properties.  Proven to regenerate skin, reduce scars, knock out wrinkles and UV damage.Meadowfoam Seed Oil: Amazing moisturizing and rejuvenating capabilities. Loves to adhere to lips making it a great assistant in preventing night time moisture loss. Argan oil:  Berber women Fair Trade harvest this amazing oil while the profits go back into preserving the argan forests. Super restorative; perfect to use at night!

Both balms work wonderfully! I honestly have absolutely no complaints about this. Both balms glide smoothly on my skin. I use the Sun Balm in the day and the Moon Balm after my shower. Both have good staying power and I've tried it. Ate my lunch a few times with the lip balm application and it's still there~! I can't vouch on the Night Balm scent lulling me to sleep since I don't really have problems sleeping but yes I'm in love with both balms~ They glide on so smoothly, smells so great (pssst the Sun balm smells of SUGUS! XD;;), good staying power and solve my chapped lips problem =)

I really used them like crazy since after the proactive incident, I came down with a fever and cold so both my lips and throat were so dry that I kept waking up every 2 hours just to drink some water =/. Now my lips are chapped cuz of the new clay cleanser I bought is drying out around the lip area (wtf face banyak problem). 

So yes conclusion? Very expensive and satisfying purchase lol~ If you're interested in ordering some Hurraw Lip Balms, you can get it from Makeover Now 

More information about Hurraw Lip Balms is available on their main website :3 http://www.hurrawbalm.com/hurraw/index.php

*goes apply the Night Balm before bed*
Nights! 8D

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Kerching kerching kerching!

Oh yea, that would be the sound of money flying out from my bank account T_T. March is all about paying for stuffs orz. I have 4 costumes to pay for all within this month. 1 for Sawachi, 2 for RAGE and 1 for CF. Yes it's a little early to be paying for CF costumes but tailors are getting so many requests that I had to pay early to secure my spot =( On top of that I've been buying more clothes!
Asymmetrical fad!
I don't know how but I ended up with THREE asymmetrical skirts. Oh yes now I remember, the skirts were on 50% discount! So yes, GET!!! XD;; Now I'm selling off the black skirt cuz I've got another 3 black skirts in my closet. 

Been combing through vintage sites looking for a vintage dress I could wear too :3 Finally found one from Cute Granny Vintage Do check out their site as they have many interesting vintage dresses =D
The dress I got
Consider it office wear! hoho~ 

Then just yesterday I went to Uniqlo to hunt black jeans for one of my characters. Uniqlo marks down their old stock for jeans but they don't announce it so it's your luck if you find any XD My first pair of jeans was about RM79.90 after 3 weeks of hunting. Most of the jeans marked down are size 21-23cm =A=;; and I'm about another 1-2 sizes bigger (oh fatty me T_T) 

Lucky me, I found a pair of black jeans marked down at RM69.90 *o*~ and it fit me~ hehe~ When the cashier scanned the code, the price appeared was RM49.90 OAO!!! So lucky~~~ I still had to top up another RM10 for alterations but that's okay~ It's still a hell lot cheaper~~~~
Meet Ms Bootcut Jeans~
Very happy with my purchases and hope this is the last for the next 2 months!!!! I gotta start saving for my new Blackberry >< Shall spend the last few hours of the weekend locked in my room with my BL manga's and Chatime.