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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Room8008 Grand Opening

Hello people! Introducing you to a blogshop I've been stalking for a long time :D This blogshop is in my A list for a few reasons but mainly because she has a show gallery so anyone can pay a visit and try on the apparels before purchasing :D I love this practice! Even though I'm a S-M size, some blogshop items I ordered never quite fit me and they'll end up chucked into a corner.

She recently renovated her shop so she's having a grand opening next week :D Details are below~

Date: 7th July 2012
Venue: Unit 52, Level 7, West Wing, Berjaya Times Square
Time: 1pm - 8pm

Please join and support her~ <3. There is also a contest going on and the prize is a customade item. 

How to Win?
1. click on "Room 8008" page
2. Find the picture above *points up*

Terms and conditions apply
The winners will be announce on 8 July 2012
Sneak peak of her store~
Don't let the pastel color fool you, this place is not just pink, frills and lace. She sells various fashion pieces according to the blogsphere fashion trends. She has some inspired stuff too imported from Hong Kong. Just to show you some samples of the pieces she brings in.
Assymetrical Fish Tail skirts.
Sequin Skirts
Pastel Pink Off-Shoulder Tee. I have this and the material is soooo soft and comfy <3
I think I've spent a total of RM500 at this shop in just 2 visits orz. And the best part is that her tops and skirts can be paired with just about anything else she has in-store so you end up in a dilemma on what to bring home for the day ;_;

Feel free to visit her online shop over here: Room 8008 

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Niko Niko Onigiri @ Sri Petaling

I had a lot of trouble finding this place as there's lack of info on the interwebs so figured I'd make a blog post to help contribute more information about this place. Niko Niko Onigiri is located at Jalan Radin Tengah along the same row as Hong Leong Bank and Wan Corner 24 Hours mamak. As the name says, they sell onigiri's but they also have other main dishes like soba, udon or curry rice. Photos for this post are taken with phone camera because I wasn't carrying my digicam, so sorry!!! T_T
How the shop looks like from the front. Their signboard occupies the whole shop but the restaurant only occupies half a shop lot.... weird.
Inside was cosy though I wish they would paint their walls with a less brighter color.
Ze menu~
The stuff here is quite affordable ranging between RM2.50 to RM12++? About there XD;;  I ordered the Onigiri set + Miso + Salad + Side Dish (RM7.90) and a cold ocha (RM1). We had the choice to choose 2 types of onigiri's so I tried Deep Fried Salmon and Fresh Salmon onigiri.
Tadaaa my settt
 was shocked at the size of the onigiri *_* Twice the thickness compared to Jusco's onigiri's and Jusco's onigiri is about RM2.90! Side dish was some chicken and egg salad. Everything was very very tasty and worth every penny!!! >w<b Even the miso tasted better than Pasta Zanmai!!! (not that Pasta Zanmai's miso was tasty in the first place but you get the drift lol) With so much rice in that set, I was very surprised to find that I have room for one more @_@ so I asked the chef for recommendation :D
Katsuobushi Onigiri recommended by the Chef :D
Katsuobushi also known as Okaka is dried, fermented and smoked skipjack tuna which you can find sprinkled on takoyaki's :D I always thought it was called fish flakes lol. The onigiri is a lot saltier compared to the salmon onigiri. I found it too salty at first but then by the 3rd bite, I think my tongue got used to it lol.
The filling inside the Katsuobushi Onigiri
No more Jusco onigiri's for me! I'm already loving this place (just need to ignore the ugly green walls) and planning to come back to try their soba and curry rice! *_* The onigiri's here are so affordable and freshly made. So much bliss as I sink my teeth into the crunchy seaweed then into the soft rice *o* it was a great ending to my Monday :3

Niko Niko Onigiri has 2 branches so far

Sri Petaling Branch (HQ)
No. 67 (Ground Floor), Jalan Radin Tengah, Bandar Baru Sri Petaling 57000 Kuala Lumpur

Subang Branch
No. 28, Jalan SS 15/4D, 45700 Subang Jaya, Selangor Darul Ehsan

Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday, 7am - 9pm

They cater for gatherings, parties and meetings too.
For orders, kindly call Mike Chin, 012 390 8213.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

June Cosplay Woes & Buys

Ahh *stretches* now with the launch at work over, I can focus a bit on cosplay. I'm having my Tenipuri Shoot this weekend so prepping my face and packing stuffs to make sure I don't forget anything :D. PS: did anyone get the problem of Blogger swallowing up the reading list? Mine was blank the last 2 days which got me panicking since I stalk a lot of blogshops and friend's blogs OwO;;

Back to entry.... I bought a new racquet with my Hari Belia winnings while the rest is chucked into savings :3. Initially I was set on the Dunlop Biomimetic 600 Lite based on my research last year but the dealer recommended the 700 as it's the latest model.
The racquet was RM200 more compared to the 600 Lite but it had a promo and some freebies. The racquet was an upgrade from the 600 Lite so I figured I'd just get it. Not to mention that the 700 is 20+ grams lighter than the 600 Lite.
Took it for stringing on Monday and I just collected it this afternoon :D
Most expensive prop ever! This is gonna be Yamato's racquet XD;; Quite happy with my purchase except the dealer is so pushy zzzz so not gonna recommend it to people D: All I need to do now is pamper my face for the rest of the week and give my wig a little trim~

Next is the Working! shoot which is tentatively after Raya ;_; but we have yet to find a location so last week I had a recce with some of the members over breakfast.
Our Inami started with dessert first haha

The place turned out to be Levain's baby sister and the location seems too small to shoot so yea... plan scrapped ;w; Going to recce the second location within the next 2 weeks.

Goodies I got throughout the month which were all books i can't read LOL
Cosplay book ordered from China, Maru book that Audrey helped me buy from Japan.... it was priced at RM74 in Kino FML. Saiyuki Character Book: Sanzo & Goku ordered from Kino :3. All books that I can never understand :D but I can always admire the pretty pictures instead lolol.
Collected my Moekana cards from Swing <3
Oh I'm not a fan of Danny Choo's stuff really but I respect him as an entrepreneur. These are Hiragana flash cards and I find the price quite affordable. Between this and the boring flash cards available at bookstores, might as well get this instead XD;; Now to wait and see if there's a Katakana version coming out :D

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Super GT Experience

Phew after 3 weeks of working like a mad dog and juggling my cosplay life, can finally blog about my Super GT experience. While everyone was on the AFA MY hype, I decided to take up a part time working at the Super GT. Pay was decent and I was earning rather than spending so why not? :D Thanks Melissa for introducing the job to me! We were helping out in a Corporate Suite for the event basically being runners during the 2 days.

Shirt for the day..... Yes... I'm Jelyn for the day since the original Jelyn FFK-ed
Company we were working for :D
Stayed at the hotel on Friday night with Satan and Hitori. Had to wake up at 5.30am for breakfast T_T

Good spread *w*b
Pass for the day :D
The suite I was working in ohohohoho
Snapped some photos of the practice session before work officially starts
I was stationed inside while the 2 boys had to stay out to welcome and usher the guests heehee 8D. So many jakun moments for me. I had my own walkie too~ *jakuns* I had lots of fun but at the same time it was really tiring work. I was taking care of bags, busting tables, washing TONS of towels and running around looking for miscellaneous stuffs.
By evening, all the colorful bottles are out :D
Had fun watching him :D According to his partner, he ranks 3rd  in Malaysia *w*
During the second day, I exchanged shifts with Hitori and was stationed outside. Had lots of fun watching the sumo game XD;;
Sumoooo :D
He fell as he pushed the Red guy off the ring hahaha
Rolled back into position XD
Getting a wedgie- I mean adjusting the suit XD
Camwhored with friends :D
It was a good experience though there were times we were bored off our heads x_X. I learned a lot but it's not something I wanna do every weekend. The company really took care of us well :D and if you realize.... I have no pictures of any GT queens here XDXD;;;; I just didn't have to time to go and snap really....

Monday, June 4, 2012

Sale: Sometime Boutique!

Sales! A girl's top weakness and besft friend at the same time. Followed by shoes, bags, clothes, jewellery yadda yadda yadda and it never ends. We girls want so many things in life but can never have enough money to afford them. 

Just want to share with you a boutique I've been stalking for a while, selling designer handbags. The designers are based in Korea, Hong Kong, Japan, Thailand and Malaysia. They are designers behind big brands, to fresh and undiscovered talents that are yet to make their mark on the fashion realm. Lemme show you a few of my favorites to make your wallets water 8D

Libro - Red
Book bag! Who can't resist a clutch bag that looks like an organizer/book and it fits your table/iPad nicely :D
Massimo - Champagne
Bag looks so simple and perfect for corporate or a casual day out :3 

You can check out more of their bags available at their website Sometime Online Store or their FB: Sometime Boutique

Go stalk their page as the sale starts tomorrow!!!!! :DDDDDDDD 

Saturday, June 2, 2012

May, C2AGE & Hari Belia Wrap Up

So much for trying to blog regularly, been pretty busy at work as the client has a launch coming up. I had own stuff to tackle as well. My car had a major bug problem....
It started by having 1-2 each time I go in the car then came to 5-6. I thought it was leftover food I left overnight in the car once so I tried sunning them to death by parking my car outside everyday. Didn't work.... so I sent it for a wash but they came back with a vengeance. Decided to take the weekend to spray my car and found out those bugs were after a pack of green beans I use for plushie stuffing so I threw them out and Baygon my whole car then shut it for the whole day. Came back to pick up the dead bodies only to find out that they were still alive WTF. Spray used to kill roaches didn't work so does that mean they're more invincible compared to roaches?!?!?!? D: But anyway... problem solved! after having them flying around in the car for almost 3 weeks..... disgusting....

Finally debuted something that's not ghetto or recycled for the year =D This  project was something I've been thinking of doing for over 1 1/2 years. Come to think of it.... it IS recycled since I did Inami for RAGE OTL. So anyways I decided to add a prop to my costume.
My Wagnaria book! :D
Binding quality was absolutely shitty and I haven't had the time to send it for rebinding *grumbles* I should really get to it next week =_=;;
Out team + 1 Hito. Photo curi from Hito! <3 
Lazy to post full frontal pictures cuz I look absolutely UGLY with my smile lines. My team consist of me as Popura, Arisa as Takanashi and Audrey as Yachiyo. Had a lot of fun meeting new people and some oldies *points above* Didn't care what was going on stage and I'm glad I did cuz there were some lame performances during that day, nuff said! Some people recognized where we're from whole most say we're just maids D: oh wells.....
Our team got featured in Studio Omoshiroi's video :D Thanks KC!!! I love how thick Popura's hair is!!! *molests*

Hari Belia 2012
This event was another headache for me cuz I had to prepare a whole skit in 2 weeks OTL plus my company is busy working for a launch so I could only work on my skit after work. 2 weeks of pure hell.... after a week, I was STILL fine tuning my skit orz. My audio was only ready by 2am on the day or the event itself! never again am I gonna rush something stupid like this O_O
Preparing skit props while running the skit through my head. Office abuse yay! :D
It was work from 9am to 9pm then worked on Hari Belia skit from 11pm onwards till 2am+ x_X. Glad it all paid off but still a risky thing to do! With the help of sound effects and soundtracks, skit audio was quite satisfactory :3 
During prelims. Like my props? :D
I reached home around 4 and was still editing the audio till 5 then got some shut eye till 7am. Reached the event area at 10am after braving through loads of traffic and road diversions. Good luck finding videos of my prelims mwahahahaha 8D 
Making full use of props!
My acting sucked so bad since I only practiced HOURS before the competition, but glad it was over >w<. The next day was the final and the theme would only be given. I was shit scared but at the same time relieved cuz that would mean I could go home, crash and not think about what to do for the next day. 

When I reached home, I just couldn't stop thinking about the next day LOL! Instead of crashing, I watched a few episodes of Working!! and packed a few things that I thought would be useful.

The scenario I got was that my friend asked me to set him/her up with a girl/guy. heh, easy for Working!! but I was quite scared that the skit wasn't kuso enough.
Always a need for some tall person to be a physical item on stage XD;;
The moment of truth!
Then there's the REAL moment of truth..... the resultttt *drumrolls*
Betcha people on the floor was thinking 'Wtf a maid costume WON?!'
And yours truly got a placing!! *O* Thankew now I shall take the government's marneeee mwhahahaha >w<b. Thanks to those who have helped me! Satan, Wen, Xenon, Kilmasis, Swing, Jared, Qurshay and the people who I forced them to review my skit lolol.