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Friday, June 28, 2013

So where's Cheebs?

Again another hiatus from me... I should really try blogging on the go soon... Anyways, here's just to show what I've been up to.

Attended C2AGE 2013
I went for HELP's ACG college event held at their CAT campus near Chan Sow Lin. It was the most horrible 2 hours of my life.... not only because I had my shitty ass to a shitty event but my sole purpose going there was to make a transaction, only to have the other party not showing up because... HER PHONE DIED likewut????

So there's me, rotting away, waiting for 2 stupid hours feeling like a fool at an event that's as boring as fuck unless you're a Reika stalker than yea you might go there and get an orgasm. What did Cheebs do for the 2 hours? Well she ended up having cool shots of her reaching up the ceiling of the event hall.
So much cooler than my own cosplay shots LOL

Finally have Insta!
I took over my dad's iPhone because he got an iPhone 5 for FREE lol. This is my second Apple gadget after the iBook G4 (yes that's ancient) and I downloaded Instagram the moment I got it HAHAHA. You're more than welcome to follow me *w*V. I'll normally post random stuff, don't worry, I won't post my daily meals up yet unless I'm eating at good places lol! XD

Expect lots of iPhone/Insta photos on my blog... cuz it's easier than bringing my digital camera around XD;;

Learning to Sew
Omg yes you read that right! I'm learning how to sew for my next cosplay project XD;; and it involves a lot of pink and yellow~ I don't think I'll be learning to sew my other costumes..... after being exposed to how sewing works... I can honestly say I don't think I can have the patience and time to make my own costumes...
There's so much left to do, hope I can make it in time uhuhuhuhu T__T. I still need to do some painting and have the wings done :S

New Discoveries
In the last 48 hours,  was doing some research when I saw a snippet of Senki Zesshō Symphogear. It was a performance on one of their songs Gyakkou no Flugel and it looked very promising *_*. The anime's similar to Macross Frontier so if you liked macross, go give SZS a watch :D. For those who are curious, here's the vid that sold me :)

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