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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Between Bleeding or Aching

After 3 years of having braces, I think my teeth are throwing a silent tantrum.... My teeth started aching whenever I eat cold or hot things. Now this is a huge problem since whatever I eat is either cold or hot unless I eat everything in room temperature >_>;; so I picked up Sensodyne a couple of weeks ago.
I just wanted to make an entry to show pretty packaging 8D
Picked up the smallest (and so happens the most expensive) tube I could find. t's about an extra RM3 compared to their standard pink or green range. There's no clear difference to me other than the packaging and the prices, all of them end up protecting your teeth ~_~. I bought this tube just because of its unique printing so yea... kill me! DX
Looks like face wash lol
The tube doesn't look like toothpaste too @_@ I thought it was a face wash and it doesn't help that the toothpaste is now together with my skin care bottles XD;; All my care items are a bunch of tongue twisting brands *_* I now use Sebamed face wash, Systema toothbrush and Sensodyne toothpaste @A@;; pening babi sia....

The toothpaste does help a lot with my teeth but the toothpaste doesn't lather up like normal toothpaste so there's no 'lubricant' when I brush my teeth which ends up making my gums bleed since my toothbrush bristles are a lot smaller. The only way I can think of avoiding bleeding gums is to brush even softer =_=;; and hope the dirt gets scrubbed off OTL

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Dammit, cosplay and work has been taking me away from my blogging lol. I've been so busy preparing for the photoshoot last week. Based on the characters and costume, it may seem easy but what we wanted to achieve was hard =/. I took up gym just to tone up for my character. 2 months in the gym and there's a slight difference. I'm glad it all paid off =). I spent about 2-4 weeks scouting for the perfect tennis bag because the one that came from Taobao was a badminton bag @A@;;
See how small Audrey's bag issss >A<
Next was tons and tons and TONS of research to perfect our poses to be as close as our characters. Thank god both of us have basic (VERY basic) tennis training back in high school so we just have to practice and to get as close as possible.
Yes squash court is our best friend.
So... results of our months of hard work?
Thin legssssss Well not stick thin yet but I'm happy at how they look in photos *_* Photo by Reina
Back shot of me cuz I don't look 12 or a shota >w<
Now I'm waiting for the action shots *w* We realized we missed out a hell a lot of things so most likely there's a second shoot coming if we're hardworking enough *_*

Wednesday, August 17, 2011


The only thing I like about living in Malaysia? The gazillion holidays we get for the ever stupid reasons XD Today was a holiday for me *w* but some of my friends were unfortunate to have to go to work today haha. Still, I still didn't ditch my routine. Woke up at 8.45 and went to gym for my dose of workouts then flew to Bangi to collect my tennis bag.
Old and new side by side. Wide lens is wide *_*
I've been scouting for this bag at almost all the tennis shops. Well not really all, I targeted the ones that are highly recommended by the tennis community since I can bargain with these shops and they're quite reasonably priced. I wanted this bag for my cosplay project and also as an upgrade since my old bag is too small. I bought the Yonex Tournament Series 2010 for RM96 after discount which was a good bargain =D
6 racket compartment
Even though I only have 2 rackets, the other compartment is for me to store tennis balls, towel and water. There's still space for my shoes and valuables too! :3 So I can pretty much bring only this bag to the court.
Cat resting at the mamak when I was having lunch
Kitten hiding under the rack <3
Came back around 2pm and made some calls to see which commissioner of oath is available to sign my loan forms. It was cheaper than I expected but now I discovered that my documents have to be signed too =_=;; so I'll probably have to take leave to settle it then immediately submit them *sigh*. 

Oh! and last night me and Johnny were treated buka puasa and premiere tickets to a movie!
Guess? =D
Yes I'm a Gleek!
But first, we gotta fill our stomachs!
The makan was buffet style filled with a mixture of Malay/Chinese/Western dishes. Nothing much to rave about there but I particularly like one of the desserts.
Sago and gula melaka
The dessert was nice and sweet but I find the sago too sticky so the gula melaka doesn't coat nicely around the sago when I cut the sago. The movie started at 9pm mostly snippets of the tour concert, fan testimonials and behind the scenes with the cast. I'm a bit sad that they didn't play some of the really good songs >< and Sue Sylvester didn't make an appearance!!! Probably she thought that the movie sucks so bad that she didn't wanna play a part of it XD. I really enjoyed the fan testimonials, only thing I hope is that it's not fake XD;;

Pik Pok

Every weekend (well the past 2 weekends so far lol) has been dedicated to tennis practice since the shoot is 2 weeks away *_*. Gosh I still don't feel ready. I still have my wristband to paint and Ponta can to think over. Last week's game was terrible since it's just me and Terence so we had to play singles and boy we sucked! None of us have the reflexes to play singles. Terence kept throwing cross shots and I spent most of the time sprinting and chasing after balls ;_; and my ankle has yet to heal which makes things tougher. The game ended up not being very enjoyable for the both of us. *sigh* Anyway have a shot of the game 2 weeks ago.
I feel like I'm doing some dance over here lol
Photo taken by Michy and now I can see how sloppy my form is XD;; and how huge my butt is OTL. Need a lot of practice T_T I really do hope I can look for a coach next year but I'm still trying to build my stamina and muscles before that =D

Quite a nice looking cat I spotted.
Found this cat on my way to Jared's. It looked so nice sitting there that I just had to stop my car in the middle of the road and take a picture of it XD
And look! New toy! *o*
Finally got a new camera too during the weekend. No more yellow pictures and dark photos yay! *o*. After poking people for opinions and scouting around, I settled for a Panasonic Lumix LX5. Got it really cheap during the Lelong fair and it came with a cleaning kit which other sellers don't offer *w*. I'll be collecting my leather case this Thursday =). First thing I did was to take some night shots outside my house XD so will probably upload it on FB :3
Finally I had a bite of Humble Beginnings Mille Crepe!
After so long, I finally decided to just buy a whole Mille Crepe from Humble Beginnings. Bought it as a small celebration for the piece of good news at work~ =D I selected the French Vanilla added on with Fresh Strawberries. The cake is a lot more creamier and I'm surprised my boss liked it o_O. I like that the cake isn't too sweet but I still prefer my cake to be a little more solid. There's 2 more slices sitting in my fridge. Breakfast for the next 2 days? =P

Oh and this post shall be the last tribute to my old camera 8D. Next post onwards shall be taking pics with my new camera wohoo~

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Pump It Up!

I feel lazyyyyyy. There's nothing but tennis and POT swimming in my head since I've yet to develop the storyboard for the upcoming shoot. We had a trial run last week and we ended up playing for 3 hours! Not bad really. I'm very surprised with my stamina and heck I could still go on! *_*b We improved much more compared to when we were at school XD;; The balls don't fly out of the gate anymore, our rackets didn't collide, my upper hand serve enters the service box finally! *_* About 3 weeks left till the actual shoot. Sent my wig for styling, can't wait for the outcome! =D I'm still feeling so 'gung ho' from the session.

Gym has been good too. I did my measurements last week and found out I gained a bit of weight and I gained a hell lot of muscle too and only at 3 weeks of progress =D I suspect it might get a little slower from here on hehe.

This week will be any bust week for me. I'm so tempted to put blogging on a hiatus *gets kicked*. I have a presentation due next week and it's about a bloody thick brochure to present so I have to practice from tomorrow onwards. On top of fulfilling the visits to gym 3 times a week, I have to run to Bangdar this Thursday to check out the new stock of Yonex bags. I just hope it's either the Tourny Basic series, the Pro series in blue or black or else I'm screwed >_<.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Post To Life

Because Inglot was an ass now allowing me to take pictures, this post shall be a photo post about my life~ I went to Inglot, Sunway Pyramid to check their newly opened store. Well it's been open for more than a month but I didn't have the chance to visit till last week.

The store was spacious and I loved the range they had especially on the lippies and eyeshadow. Their freedom system palette is definitely something to rave about as you can customize your own palette and the price varies. Price wise, it's slightly lower compared to MAC. Only thing I could remember was the lippies cost RM50 and the eyeshadow was RM28. I'm eyeing their star product, the make up base which is priced at RM78 for 15ml. Now that one is a little pricey which is why I'm selling off my Smashbox primer before getting it.

The SA that attended to me didn't eye me like a scumbag unlike the rest of the lot. She knew what she was selling though she sounded a bit like a robot. Then again, it's better than having them stalk you around the store not saying a word. The part that was a bitch was when I wanted to take photos of the store. I think the supervisor eyed me like I was some upcoming brand manager stalking his top-secret-shop-that-no-one-has-pictures-off. Sad really..... no explanation given to why I wasn't allowed and I didn't tell them I wanted to take pictures for blogging. Shows how much they treat normal customers =(.

After my visit to Inglot, we went to Dragon-I to fill our stomachs since I've wanted to try their Siu Long Bao
Have I mentioned that the appetizers are yummy too? XD;; Couldn't stop eating them.
Siu Long Bao~ Very expensive but very nice *w* RM9.80
 Went to HMNK to visit the 2 cats. They were quite still that day so I manage to take a few photos.
No matter how I take the pictures, she always ends up looking so grumpy >_>;;
Blurry pic but this is the only picture with her eyes open XD;;
They don't get along, this is the closest they sit to each other.
And finally to show how fat Char Siew Pao has gotten @__@
Moving on, today is the first day of the puasa month and the streets are empty!!!! *throws confetti* I rushed home from office to take the LRT to PWTC and I was back home in less than an hour during rush period! *_*b Still very busy trying to get the items for the photoshoot. We'll be having a meet this Saturday to finalize stuff =D