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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Because Jaya One Has No Lurve

People know Jaya 33 but no one knows Jaya One >O So here I bring pics of Jaya One together with my favorite spots to eat around there!

Side view of a building cuz I'm too arsed to go all the way to the front XD. It's free parking for all of us at this area so by 8am the place would be full.

This shop sells the best fruits ever. All the fruits there are ripe, soft and sweet. Even the grapes are all seedless. They're slightly more expensive than other fruit shops but worth the price. Honey Fuji Apples come at RM10 for 8 and hugeass pears at RM10 for 4. Ready cut Dragon Fruit, 3 slices for RM1.

Okay I haven't tried this place but I really love the atmosphere and ambience. I get such good yet super expensive vibes from that place haha.

Haven't tried this place as well cuz it's always jam packed but from the menu, there's lots of variety in both food and drinks XD Pricey too.

My favorite hang out spot in Jaya One. Welcome to Tappers Cafe XD. Inside is quite cooling but quite noisy during lunch since the food is one of the cheapest. They charge no service or government tax AND we students get 10% off XD. The boss is a very nice guy and curi curi make breakfast sets for us at 1pm if there's not too many people. I would recommend their breakfast sets cuz their lunch sets aren't that appetizing, then again it's just me who doesn't like Malay food XD;;

Simply Fusion, best place for lunch! The sets are reasonable, RM15.90 for spaghetti, ice lemon tea and a slice of cake of your choice. Really filling ^_^ I'd recommend their Mudcake Mississippi. It's only RM3.80 and basically it's a warm chocolate coated brownie <3

Tasty Treats deserves a mention from me because it's the only shop in the whole Jaya One that opens at 7.30am and offers cheap breakfast sets! The rest opens around 9am and their breakfast set offer is only until 11am =_=

Loiter area.

The stage area where there's activities every weekend. Jaya One is turning into an active place soon XD For the Halloween month they have a couple of activities lined up such as Pole Dancing (yes there's no typo), Capiorera which is a Brazil dance, Tai Chi classes, Tango! and Bake sales by The Cake Connection XD. There's also a sort of artist jam where random people can come up and perform their own written songs, sounds like a romantic night XD. If I knew I'm gonna be promoting their activities here, I would've got a better shot of the stage since I've just figured a better angle.

After work, it was a visit to PetsMore to see the cute Shetland Sheepdog <3 then dropped by Popular on randomness. Bought myself 2 books, one about Print Production and the other.... Shortcut to Sexy Abs orz and they're both at 70% discount XD.

There's so many things that I miss in life and surprisingly during moments like this, I remember someone telling me "Count your blessings". Okay I just suddenly lost the mood to type any further x_X Nights.


  1. Decultured PraetorianOctober 8, 2008 at 11:48 AM

    you should be their ..... spokesperson.

  2. Eh? You're working there now? If you are then next time I can come over for dinner or something. xP