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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Abroad Vs Local

This might sound of like I'm jealous and maybe I am a little but what's the big deal studying overseas? If it's a matter of getting experience, might as well join a homestay program or plan a holiday there instead of enjoying yourselves, getting hit with assignments all the time, complaining you're homesick and stuff. If the course isn't offered here then it's understandable, but why go through so much trouble paying such a large sum to get a miserable sheet of paper that can be obtained locally. Christ the amount I see spent just to study overseas is equivalent to a fully refurbished terrace house =_=.

To me, studying abroad means higher chance to land into a job since locals just love overseas stuffles but recently I think that chance can be obtained without going across the sea. It's just a matter of your involvements, confidence and how you bring yourself. One person in particular went abroad and came back working as some.... HR 'kuli'... I honestly think that the requirements for this kind of job is extremely low that even an SPM graduate can apply as well.

Call me an ass for being so critical about what people do with their lives but I just find it so hard to believe that these kind of people are fooling around and throwing money while there's so much can be done with that kind of money. Maybe... I could be jealous seeing them spending as though they own a money tree XD.

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  1. *pats*

    It depends actually. Sometimes those students prefer studying overseas cause the qualification there is higher. Quite a lot of the local uni/colleges here are not recognized internationally, and even if they do, they are looked down upon. Plus there's a very high culture shock between studying locally and overseas. Take reports, for example. How many universities/colleges actually implements the rule of anti-plagiarism by insisting on students sending lecturers their assignments in soft and hard copy to run through via a software that detects plagiarism? It is indeed expensive, but quite necessary to improve that idea of not-copying-people's-work issue.

    That's just one issue by the way. There's a lot of other kinds of issues that shows the wide difference between local and international. But yes, not all points are good. There's always bad points to studying internationally also *laughs* I think spending too much time with my US lecturers and dead has finally taken its toll to my perception hahahahahahaaha.....

    I feel jealous too when I see people able to study overseas, but then I think to myself: why the HECK would I want to spend so much to travel? I'd rather use that money for a vacation!!! :P

    But then again, going to US to further my studies is actually and advantage for me, in my degree programme. Why? Cause our tuition fees is actually half of what the students in US have to pay per semester XDDD Plus we get to have guide, and board and lodging provided *o* also can save money cause at Iowa Uni, it's like there's no place to shop everyday!!! HAHAHHAAHAHA