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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Are My Thoughts That Narrow?

  • Peaceful sleep has not been in my schedule ever since the weekend. I think too much.

  • Drenched for the past 7 days ain't nice, I'm not surprised if my fever comes back for the third time this year.

  • Big mistake for me to say to Karen that I work better when I'm stressed and pressured instead of making goal settings for myself. She's prolly eyeing me as her next victim for her class next week.

  • Good gawd, 38 fans overnight. I suspect Plurk simply matches the newbies to old Plurk members.

  • Gingivitis has creeped into my gums, advised to gargle salt water x_X.

Photos Of The Day

Taken at Simply Fusion Cafe

Guess which costume is this for? XD Total amount of cloth is close to 10 meters XD

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    i don't know you......