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Sunday, March 31, 2013

ManiPedi @ The Nail Bar, A Girls Day Out

Wheeeee weekend is here and first thing I did on a Saturday was to hit the gym then joined my bestie, Audrey out for a pampering session at The Nail Bar, Pavilion. Few months ago, we purchased a Groupon voucher for a classic manipedi + hand and leg massage. The place is located on the 6th floor INSIDE Miko Hair Saloon. We had to call the person to find out where it was since this wasn't mentioned lol

The salon at a glance.

The Nail Bar takes up a very tiny section of the hair salon. Right at the entrance, you can see their wide range of nail polish colors available which also serves as a wall of privacy at the same time :P

The area is able to fit up to 4 customers only
I was shocked to see how small the place was @_@, only being able to tend to 4 customers at a time.... no wonder they were so fully booked. There's not much area for the staff as you can see things dumped here and there.

The wide range of colors to choose from :D
I was itching to try the crackle nail polish but I don't think it would suit my tiny nails >< so I opted for something between orange and pink.... coral I suppose XD;; Audrey on the other hand, took a shimmery mint green shade.

The end result of our manipedi session
Our manipedi was done in record breaking time.... 40 MINUTES. Compared to my experience at Posh! Nail Spa, this was a bloody super rush job. Not only I didn't feel pampered, the environment was very cramped. There's a thin line between cosy and cramped and this was just plain cramped because everyone was so close to each other... The main counter for The Nail Bar was so close to me that I can just whack her with my short hands =___=;;

The manicurist applied the base coat and then the color before the base coat could dry up... as a result, the polish came off in a chunk.....

What became of Audrey's pedicure...
Before our nail polish could dry, another customer came for her appointment so Audrey got shooed from her seat to sit elsewhere @_@. I'm not fond of manipedi's in the first place but honestly from this experience, I would never recommend this place to anyone.... Goes to show that some companies are only interested to generate sales rather that looking at the long term goal of building a customer base...

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

OB for Shu Uemura x Plusizekitten Event

Imagine how happy I was when I got the invite to Tammy's event together with Shu Uemura! Have been so horribly emo and moody, I just needed to go somewhere and destress >_<. When I saw Tammy's event, I knew by hook or crook I HAD to get my ass there. The last Shu Uemura x Plusizekitten event I attended was the Tsumori Chisato Xmas party and it was such a blast! Thank you Tammy for having me at your event \T__T/

The best part was, it's a dress up event!!! *_* I've been so cosplay deprived due to a few setbacks so this event was a good excuse for me to dress up! *_*b. Try and guess which princess I dressed up as! :D

Each year, Shu Uemura collaborates with a young and upcoming Japanese artist to come up with a limited edition collection that is sure to charm the Shu Fanatics. This year they've collaborated with a young Japanese artist, OB and launched a dreamy and magical collection that revolves around 4 princesses to help aid your skin concerns.

Presenting to you 

OB for Shu Uemura 2013 Spring Sakura Collection :D

Cherry Blossom Princess - grants pore-less smooth skin as fresh as the petals of the cherry blossom
Moon Princess - gives you luminous soft skin as a hazy moon in Spring night
Forest Princess - gives vitalized even-tones skin as fresh as the young leaves in early Spring
Ocean Princess - gives you bright skin, as transparent as the ocean

The 2013 Spring Sakura Collection

About the artist, OB. OMG she's only 21!!! I feel so under accomplished ><
Plusizekitten readers all mingling around
Reached there a bit late and my hands were kinda full so didn't snap much pictures T__T. It was great meeting new people :D and some familiar faces. Gods its been ages since I've been to a blog related event.

Our host, Tammy from Plusizekitten giving her speech XD
Followed by a tutorial by Lisa Yap, Chief makeup and Brow Specialist of Shu Uemura :D
After that, attendees were free to mingle around and play with the testers. Shu Uemura has specially provided brand new brushes for the event so we got to use clean brushes *w*. I ended up using my own fingers LOL. Didn't really play around that much as I had already did my own makeup before heading to the event.

The cleansing oils for the Spring Sakura Collection, an all time star product of Shu Uemura
The cleansing oil box packaging. Dreamy design on the outside, super cute design on the bottle :D
Part of the 2013 Sakura Spring Collection. Didn't manage to snap the whole collection as I didn't know the eyeshadows were brought inside the store ;_;
My favorite product out of the whole collection :D Ocean Beads Mini False Eyelashes <3
Attendees also got the chance to decorate their own canvas bag based on the OB collection using acrylic paint. The bags can be taken home and used. I myself know am a failure in art since I started school so I stayed away from the paints XD;;

Alicia painting the Ocean Princess
Ooooh curious to see what she painted
Half finished, doesn't it look gorgeous? *_*

There was also a competition going on during the event, awards were out for grabs for the Best Dressed OB Princess and Most Creative Artist.

Alicia won Best Dressed OB princess :D She sew her own costume just for the event! Definitely deserved the prize :D
There was an extra award for the Best Effort, went to this lucky lady here :) Love what she did to her eyes. The sparkle effect reminds me of Glinda's makeup from Oz
Group picture of the attendees! Photo from Plusizekitten.com
Have you guessed which princess I went as? :P

Photo by Senri
Tadah! Decided to go as the Cherry Blossom princess as the its almost the Sakura season in Japan. Also... mainly because I only have a pink wig *gets smacked*. Yukata and obi were from Onini, additional props were bought from here and there haha.

Goodie bag from the event :D
Everyone went home with a goodie bag and I was surprised when I found out inside the goodie bag was a Limited Edition 24k Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler!!!!! OMG Thank you Shu Uemura for the generous gift!!!! and thank you again Tammy for having me there!!!! Will definitely use the Rm20 voucher to get the Ocean Bead mini eyelashes and the cute Sakura Custom Case Duo Eyeshadow.

L'oreal Sales Melaka & BB Lips Giveaway

Don't you like the word SALE? I love how Malaysia has sales almost all year round and if you stalk closely, sometimes you can find good bargains :D. A shout out to cosplayers and beauty fanatics in Melaka! There will be a L'oreal sale this weekend organised by OnlyBeauty so head on down to The Jetty Holiday Inn, Malacca this weekend and grab yourself some bargains! 

Personally I feel this would be a good start if you're a new cosplayer, on a super tight budget and looking to build your makeup kit :) Here you can find skincare and makeup items at jaw dropping prices! :D Heck, I started building my cosplay makeup kit by hunting for bargains from sales like these :D

On top of grabbing stuff at bargain prices, OnlyBeauty is also conducting a giveaway on their page. They'll be giving away lipsticks worth RM29.90 each to 50 lucky fans for sharing their sales news on Facebook & Twitter! Winners need to redeem the prize at the sale from 29th - 31st March, 2013 at The Jetty Holiday Inn, Malacca.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Also as a plus, to those who are going to the sale, be the first 10 to comment in the post and you'll win a Maybelline BB lips lipbalm from me :D (sponsored by OnlyBeauty \*o*/) The condition is that you'll have to collect it from the sale :P. Giveaway starts from now till March 28, 1pm.

Yummylicious shades :D Cranberry Jam sounds tasty.... I feel so hungry blogging bout this at 2am in the morning x__X

1. Leave your comment together with your name, follower ID and email
2. Email me (genjo_sanzo88@yahoo.com) with your full name and handphone number :D
3. Sit tight with your fingers and toes crossed and wait for the redemption SMS.

Remember, only the for the first 10 comments who are attending the sale :D~ I wish I could go but I'm so far awayyyyy T3T

Monday, March 25, 2013

String of Events

Yea yea it's been a while since I've blogged. Haven't been working on my cosplay projects or blogging anything this year thanks to work. Once I reach home, I watch Anime, read BL till its time to sleep ~_~ Hopefully in the next 2-3 weeks will be the last of my hectic days *prays*. Anyways, just summarizing what I've been up to for the last 3 months before I blog about the last event I went to :D

Beginning of the month, I attended 2 weddings @_@ 1 was Ayase's and the other was Jared's cousin.
Signs of not going gym are all showing there =/
Nice mingling with the CF-ians that day and as usual, when CF-ians gather there's SURE to be dorama and gossip lololol. Thank you, Ayase for the invite :) It was a real honor to be there for your big day.

Jared's cousin's wedding kat tempat atasan!
Jared's cousin's wedding was held at Banker's Club and boy does it look gorgeous! Felt so out of place in there @__@ and met all his relatives. Sad to say this place is out of bounds for cosplay shoots unless you can pull strings :P

CNY 2013
Every year CNY keeps getting less exciting :( Ever since my grandma passed away, the house has been quiet. It's disappointing that I only 'lou sang' TWICE for this year ;___;
Office 'lou sang' banquet style :D
Drank my first Apple Cider at the office CNY party :D and I felt so warm and fuzzy after just one bottle @_@. Was the first time I wore a wig to office since they had a theme and it was damn fun to hear all the whispering of people who were wondering who am I :P. No one could guess that it was me mwhahaha considering I'm still kinda new :P. Oh wells~

Of Alpacas and Cats
Whenever I'm free and can muster the energy, I go visit Char Siew Pao for some animal therapy
Words can't express how much I love Sire Pao ;w; LKAJHJSFLAJSHLJ!!!!! Please like her page :D

I've also recently obtained another plsuhie for my bed OTL
Meet Packie the Alpaca
Jared got him for me from Taiwan and now my bed is kinda flooded OAO. To date, I've got a pig, a seal, a large Pusheen plushie and now Packie who is larger than Pusheen occupying my bed @_@ and I have one more plushie coming in soon OTL

So yes... not much from me in the 3 months T_T which shows how busy I've been *sobs*. Look forward to my entry on Plusizekitted x OB Shu Uemura Event soon! :D