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Sunday, June 2, 2013

A Month of Accomplishment :D

Month of May has been quite a productive month both in my personal life and at work. It has been a stressful week at work and at the same time I've complete 2 very delayed shoots that took me 5-6 months of shoot prep due to unforeseen circumstances.

Romeo x Juliet
This was one of the recent shoots done last week. Debuted the costume during Comic Fiesta 2012 but had so much problem setting a time and date to shoot since everyone had different schedules. It was one of my most satisfying shoots as there's quite a lot of shots that can be used and also plenty of omake shots :D Will be doing an in-progress post about it soon :D

Romeo x Juliet
Photo by Black Rabbit Photography
We wrapped everything up in 3 hours! That's quite a productive shoot haha

Me as Juliet Fiammatta Asto Capulet
Swing as Romeo Candore de Montague

Photographer: Thomas
Saikangs: Xenon, Jared, Junnie and Audrey

New Prince of Tennis
Organizing a team of 20 people is a pain but worth it orz. This was one of the longest shoot I had. We started in the morning 7am at Cyberjaya for the first shoot then moved to Selayang for the evening shoot. The weather was horrible so sad to say we didn't have much shots that can be used :( nevertheless I had a really fun time with the geng as we tried out some new ideas.

'We've returned from the depths of hell'
Photo by: Fritz Fusion
My favorite photo of the batch ^o^/ when the Black Brigade completed their training and heading back to the U-17 camp for revengeeeeeeeeeeee

Noaji CG as Niou Masaharu 
Raymond Lau as Sanada Genichirou 
Me as Ryoma Echizen 
Belle Ng as Zaizen Hikaru 
Kirisamebaka Siao Wen as Momoshiro Takeshi 
Samantha Ong as Touyama Kintarou 
Amelia Ho as Kenya Oshitari

Photographers: Shun, Michael Ooi and Mogi
Saikangs: Jared and Takara

Thanks for all the fish peeps! It's been a very good month!