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Thursday, October 16, 2008

My 'Japan' Trip!

Today I learned that smiles can melt the language barriers. Toyota Higushi High School and UTAR had a Cultural exchange programme so it was out duty to make them feel welcome in our rotten campus.

The set up at 8am.

Overall I was happy especially during the interaction session however there were a few points along the event that made me quite dissapointed and ashamed. Firstly, THHS had sponsored 10 000en for this event and looking at the performances and set up provided, I don't think they were satisfied. I overheared some of Toyota's teachers whispering to each other how messy the event flow was. The cultural performances were a bore, some of the Jap students were obviously sleeping though I wouldn't blame them. The performers weren't that synchronized and there was no spice or eye openers in them.

Throughout the event I mostly acted as a translator between the students and my group leader (I was the assistant) and also the PR Manager ironically. I ended up ushering most of the groups to their respective seats and checking their names. Somehow I felt proud that my Jap was put to good use for this session >w<

Stage backdrop zzzzz. Now when I think about it, I shouldn't have taken this pic.

The Chinese ochestra which I think is the best performance so far. Of all things they were making noise during the Interaction Session so I can't appreciate it.

My group of Jap students haha. Vinu has better pictures of me together with them XD.

The guys team haha. The cutest guy in the tour group so happens is the student rep of the school. Unfortunately I didn't get a chance to take a picture with him since he's in a totally different group T_T.

THIS IS THEIR TEACHER! DX OMG LOOK SO YOUNG! I forgot to ask how old is he in all the gushing =w=.

Colourful introduction cards made by the students to make things easier between us XD. There's also a green picture book behind there full of pictures of different things in Japan XD.

One of the students even presented me with a bag full of goodies! *_*

Inside it contains origami paper and Ohajiki stones. Seriously if she didn't write that they were Ohagiki stones, I would've thought they were some stones for my non-existent aquarium.

And guess what 'souvenirs' UTAR provided them? A notepad, a pen, chicken biscuit and a UTAR T-shirt which was only presented to the group leader. How can I not be ashamed =_=

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