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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Fruitful Diet

I've been looping Mamma Mia OST for the past 2 days 8D it's just that awesome to me XD. My favorite songs are Lay All Your Love On Me, Dancing Queen, and Honey Honey. Adeline told me about Mamma Mia musical at Istana Budaya this December too *o*/ Sad the 3pm timing is only available for weekdays =( Tickets start from RM150 DX real ouch but I'm dying to go >< Damn you cosplay!

My meals today were kinda.... healthy. I had fruits for breakfast and lunch, washed it down with Polkka Melon Milk. Will prolly start drinking a cup of tea every night before I go to bed. I'm suddenly having this I-am-fat-and-not-pretty-enough feeling again gurgh!

Suddenly having a lot of thoughts as well.... it's like all talk but never do kind of thoughts. I wanna go for singing classes cuz I know my voice isn't that great, still quite embarassed over my DiGiCharat performance whenever I think about it. Dancing would also be a nice choice. Learn the salsa~ <3 learn to swing my hips and be more flexible. Thought of taking self-defence too, to whack those people who sexually harass me..... yea I got touched again. Someone groped my butt in the horribly packed bus. I don't know who did it since there's so many people =( Wish I could grab the fellas hand and use the move like in Kung Fu Panda "You know what happens when I lift the pinky~~~?"

Kk gotta go as I'm being pestered to clean the forums.

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  1. YOU ARE NOT FAT! Anyone who says you are fat (INCLUDING YOURSELF) should remember it might be caused by feeling bloated due to PMS. :P

    But seriously, you've lost a lot of weight, darling. It's not healthy. :(