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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Listen Up Troops!

This is your old trusty Sergeant CandyCat speaking. Tomorrow we're going to infiltrate building number 5 so I want all of you to get your asses up by 0500 hours! Pack your credit cards, cash, fanny pack and the biggest empty backpack you got. We'll gather at PC at 1200 hours, latecomers will be trampled and left behind! Lastly, repeat after me:


That is all.


Class was awesomely boring as usual especially when it's Bathi + Lo MW for the day.

Morning woes /*A*\ I hate it.

*sleeps and drools*

Are you goinggggg? XD Pardon me for the pic blurness.

Shades is the trend for today~ 8D



XD Time to prepare for war tomorrow!


  1. DeculturedPraetorianOctober 22, 2008 at 5:10 AM

    *salutes* ..men and women of this great army. I am Decultured Praetorian of the first prime of Ra. I bid you safe journey and may the gods protect you and your sanity during the great MPH Sale.


  2. can i go to withdraw money 1st at PB be4 to mph sales? I'M POOR..
    Anyway,i'm the lucky gal..don't u think so..? c u there on time..wahaha

  3. damn i forgot about the sale @@

    oh wait...full day Psychology Day today lol



    I shall ask my sis to raid that sale lol