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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Review: BeautyFoot Day 3 to the End

Call me lazy! But yes the thought of 7 posts full of my feet peeling aren't very pretty so I crammed them all into 1 post. That and also I was too lazy to blog the progress all of a sudden orz. So sorry for leaving my blog unattended for more than a month but I had a pretty exciting month that kept me out most of the time XD;; Moving on to the review!

Day 3

As you can see the skin has started peeling after my shower. An important lesson learned on that day... DO NOT PEEL THE SKIN NO MATTER HOW TEMPTED YOU ARE. I picked at my skin for a good 45 minutes. From this, I peeled till almost half of the skin on my feet are gone, leaving brand new skin in the open orz. The parts of the new skin felt a bit sensitive since I forced peeled it T_T. Really, it's not hard or painful to peel it off. Just a little tug and it comes off and I went on a peeling spree orz.

Day 4

Day 4, the skin is peeling worse than a snake shedding its skin lol! This is the result of me peeling like crazy ~_~;;; The fact that my feet was constantly exposed to water during the rainy season increased the peeling process. This photo is also taken after my shower but I trimmed as much skin as I could before going to bed. Wouldn't want my bed or house to be littered with skin =P
The top of my toes also started peeling~
Day 5

There's not much skin to trim off for that day but I do detect a sour odor from my feet >_> which I suspect it's because of the decomposed skin being left there for days. Thank gods I wore flip flops most of the day. Halfway throughout Day 6 I finished peeling all the skin so there wasn't any picture to take T_T;; but the top of my toes were still shedding and there was a bit more left by the end of the week.




    wakes up.. but after that ur feet leng leng?

    1. Yesh very nice~ Even after a month, the dead skin accumulated sheds of easier :D

    2. Quite syiok leh peeling the skin HAHAHAHA as gross as it sounds XD;; The biggest problem is not letting ppl see your feet XD;; Sure will smell if wear covered shoes ~_~ Lucky during that week, I hardly go out see client so can wear flip flops in office~

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