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Friday, June 28, 2013

So where's Cheebs?

Again another hiatus from me... I should really try blogging on the go soon... Anyways, here's just to show what I've been up to.

Attended C2AGE 2013
I went for HELP's ACG college event held at their CAT campus near Chan Sow Lin. It was the most horrible 2 hours of my life.... not only because I had my shitty ass to a shitty event but my sole purpose going there was to make a transaction, only to have the other party not showing up because... HER PHONE DIED likewut????

So there's me, rotting away, waiting for 2 stupid hours feeling like a fool at an event that's as boring as fuck unless you're a Reika stalker than yea you might go there and get an orgasm. What did Cheebs do for the 2 hours? Well she ended up having cool shots of her reaching up the ceiling of the event hall.
So much cooler than my own cosplay shots LOL

Finally have Insta!
I took over my dad's iPhone because he got an iPhone 5 for FREE lol. This is my second Apple gadget after the iBook G4 (yes that's ancient) and I downloaded Instagram the moment I got it HAHAHA. You're more than welcome to follow me *w*V. I'll normally post random stuff, don't worry, I won't post my daily meals up yet unless I'm eating at good places lol! XD

Expect lots of iPhone/Insta photos on my blog... cuz it's easier than bringing my digital camera around XD;;

Learning to Sew
Omg yes you read that right! I'm learning how to sew for my next cosplay project XD;; and it involves a lot of pink and yellow~ I don't think I'll be learning to sew my other costumes..... after being exposed to how sewing works... I can honestly say I don't think I can have the patience and time to make my own costumes...
There's so much left to do, hope I can make it in time uhuhuhuhu T__T. I still need to do some painting and have the wings done :S

New Discoveries
In the last 48 hours,  was doing some research when I saw a snippet of Senki Zesshō Symphogear. It was a performance on one of their songs Gyakkou no Flugel and it looked very promising *_*. The anime's similar to Macross Frontier so if you liked macross, go give SZS a watch :D. For those who are curious, here's the vid that sold me :)

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Why I Need A Pair of Havaianas

I'm a flip-flop person ever since I suffered an injury from wearing heels. Now I can't wear heels otherwise, I'll feel a sharp stabbing pain up my waist so I wear flip-flops to just about anywhere.

I wear flip-flops to work
I wear flip-flops when I go for a date
I wear flip-flops to go shopping
I wear flip-flops to the beach
I wear flip-flops when I go travelling out-station

Ok ok... I think you get the drift haha! I wear flip flops to just about anywhere unless I go hiking or to the gym. Biggest problem about flip-flops... is that they don't last long since I wear them everywhere. Either the strap snaps or the sole gets worn out.
Created more than half a century ago, Havaianas has truly become an essential accessory for summer and throughout the years, they've turned a simple flip-flop into a fashion necessity, gracing their way to top fashion magazines. The simplest product made with a secret Brazilian rubber formula, Havaianas became known for being butter-soft, bouncy, flexible and durable. Forty nine years later, Havaianas have turned into a world-wide phenomenon, and the most successful product made in Brazil.
Havaianas store in Pavilion! It's one brand you don't see them posing with their product with a model :P
Feels like I'm walking into a candy store since they're so colourful haha

I've heard so much about Havaianas butter-soft sole but I've yet to try it >w<. Here's to hoping I can get myself a pair in time for the spa party!

Reason 1 - Buttery Sole for my Hardworking Feet
Havaianas is well known for being butter soft, bouncy, soft and durable. Sounds pretty much heaven for my feet as I walk and stand a lot most of the time. Walking on Malaysian roads is a pain especially if you don't have good shoes. My current flip-flop soles are already worn so I often slip especially when the pavements slant downwards..... I have yet to fall flat on my face...... note... YET.

Reason 2 - Comfort with Style!
Havaianas continues to grow with its wide variety of styles and colors. If you've seen their ads, Havaianas ads are always colourful and cheeky :P Feels like a young and hip brand *_*b

Havaianas designs throughout the years
My favorite would be the Slim and High styles. Slim because the straps are thinner so they look more dainty on my feet. High style because they're very practical when walking in Malaysia especially during the rainy season *laughs*
Havaianas in many styles and colors

With so many celebrities wearing Havaianas, goes to show how comfortable and stylish these flip-flops are! My current flip-flops are just plain black and I wear them more often than all my other shoes combined lol. That is just how much I rely on flip-flops >< Most of the time I even wear flip-flops to bloggers events *malu* Ask anyone and they'll tell you 95% of the time wear flip-flops.

Reason 3 - To Match My Wardrobe for the Spa Party! :P
From what I gather, the spa party will be all pink and purple. I'm not a pink person so I tried mix and matching earlier today to see what I can put together for the Spa Party :D

Omg what's missing?! >3<
Feels weird wearing a bathrobe to a Spa Party, cuz I normally wear nothing (ok maybe a swimsuit underneath) lol so thought of finding a matching outfit to put together orz. I'm no fashionista so you're most welcome to hit me with rotten tomatoes if I look bad T_T

I'll be going with pastel blue to the event but yours truly doesn't have the right footwear other than her worn out black pasar malam flip fops!! >A<

Havaianas comes in an assortment of styles and colors to fit any occasion!
Browsed through the Havaianas website and I see quite a few types that would be perfect for the event *_* ohohohoho
Slim Royal in Acqua
Slim Illusion in Mint Green
Or even a simple one would look lovely like.....
The Slim Crystal Dragonfly!!!
Omg this is one of my favorites! So simple yet so beautiful! As you can see, I'm a sucker for their embellishments hahaha! 

So please Fairy Godmother Havaianas *_* grant me a pair if you may and convert me into the Havaianas addiction like Megan Fox *_* Did you know, she has over 100 pairs of Havaianas???? All in different color and styles lol.

A Month of Accomplishment :D

Month of May has been quite a productive month both in my personal life and at work. It has been a stressful week at work and at the same time I've complete 2 very delayed shoots that took me 5-6 months of shoot prep due to unforeseen circumstances.

Romeo x Juliet
This was one of the recent shoots done last week. Debuted the costume during Comic Fiesta 2012 but had so much problem setting a time and date to shoot since everyone had different schedules. It was one of my most satisfying shoots as there's quite a lot of shots that can be used and also plenty of omake shots :D Will be doing an in-progress post about it soon :D

Romeo x Juliet
Photo by Black Rabbit Photography
We wrapped everything up in 3 hours! That's quite a productive shoot haha

Me as Juliet Fiammatta Asto Capulet
Swing as Romeo Candore de Montague

Photographer: Thomas
Saikangs: Xenon, Jared, Junnie and Audrey

New Prince of Tennis
Organizing a team of 20 people is a pain but worth it orz. This was one of the longest shoot I had. We started in the morning 7am at Cyberjaya for the first shoot then moved to Selayang for the evening shoot. The weather was horrible so sad to say we didn't have much shots that can be used :( nevertheless I had a really fun time with the geng as we tried out some new ideas.

'We've returned from the depths of hell'
Photo by: Fritz Fusion
My favorite photo of the batch ^o^/ when the Black Brigade completed their training and heading back to the U-17 camp for revengeeeeeeeeeeee

Noaji CG as Niou Masaharu 
Raymond Lau as Sanada Genichirou 
Me as Ryoma Echizen 
Belle Ng as Zaizen Hikaru 
Kirisamebaka Siao Wen as Momoshiro Takeshi 
Samantha Ong as Touyama Kintarou 
Amelia Ho as Kenya Oshitari

Photographers: Shun, Michael Ooi and Mogi
Saikangs: Jared and Takara

Thanks for all the fish peeps! It's been a very good month!