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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Emo Cats and Sales

I'm turning into some sale freak at the rate I go. Today had to sit through some boring meeting and hear people interrupting each other *rolls eyes* The word 'lunch' does not exist. I was fidgetting cuz there's a cat outside Vincent's house that's screaming for attention =D;; After that, we zoomed to The Big Blue House in SS3, nice stuff but no money haha. Was eyeing the waist clinchers but it looks a tad bit loose on me and it's RM28 >< Left quite early to rush to the MPH sale for the THIRD time lol! Didn't buy anything much, just an ocean encyclopedia for my mum's friend.

Ironic that you critisize me for not being able to find a part time job. If only you aren't so anal about me coming back at midnight, I would've been secured for plenty of jobs.

Vincent's emo cat. It's quite cute how it hid under the pillow in its cage earlier.

Big blue house at Kelana Jaya =D They have jumble sales every weekend I think.

The crowd is 3x the amount compared to the weekday. The books looked like they got raped inside out kau kau =_=;; I wanted to get the Cecelia's silver hardcover book but it was sold out. Not surprised since there were only 2 left yesterday.

Sharing some awesome shots taken by my brother =D

The most fluffiest and fattest dog everrrr \*o*/ *squees* I wish I was there T^T I would've hugged it to death!

Lol my brother gave the title 'God's Light' to this picture. Taken at the service center. It looks awesome in a way XD

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  1. tell me more about the big blue house =D i like jumble sales! where, when and what time XD oh and what? i like vintage dresses...