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Monday, October 29, 2012

Tosaya Japanese Restaurant @ Taman Midah, Cheras

My next expedition brought me to a Japanese restaurant nestled near the rows of hawker centres in Taman Midah. Really, I never expected a Japanese Restaurant to be here since the next road has a string of hawker centers until my friend recommended me this place to meet up for dinner.

The front of the restaurant :D 
From the front door, it doesn't look like your average Sushi King restaurant. The front is hard to miss since to Tosaya word is kinda big :D You'll see this the moment you turn into the junction.

The interior that greets us at the entrance. Oooohhh look some familiar faces! :D
My company for the evening. Misao missing from the picture cuz he was late T_T
Tables separated by dividers for more privacy. 
Japanese patterned bowls, cups and teapots decorated on the walls along the cashier~
Main reason we came to this place was for the All You Can Eat Wagyu Beef!!! Ohohohoho You can choose between sukiyaki or shabu-shabu to cook your beef. 2 person for only RM88 for All You Can Eat WAGYU Beef heheh why not!! My doctor asked me to eat more beef since I had low iron count so I thought it'll be a good opportunity to pig out :D. Sadly luck wasn't on our side as the waitress told us that their stock of beef is kinda low so the Beef Buffet is Out of Stock for now...... *SOBSSSSS*

All You Can Eat Wagyu spread on the menu *sobs*
End up we had to order something else *sniffs*. I picked something from the bento sets. We saw that there were some stuffs wrapped in bacon so decided to give it a go.

Char Siu Ramen
Enoki Bacon. Enoki mushrooms wrapped with bacon
My Salmon with Chicken bento set
Junnie's Beef Mayo bento set. 
Quails egg wrapped with Bacon and also some Chicken + Onions
Presentation of the sets are not bad and surprisingly filling despite the small salmon piece I had ._. The chicken given in the salmon set was a bit tough and tasted almost like the Karage chicken at Marufuku (of course... Marufuku is better sad to say). As for the bacon wrapped quails egg, you can probably see in the photos that it's not very appetizing.... it isn't and the bacon is VERY small ._.

I find the pricing a little steep for what I got so far. Bento sets range from RM23+ onwards. My Salmon set was RM29 if not mistaken and I'm not that happy for the tough chicken in that set. Even the bacon wrapped items was about RM6.

The restaurant is kinda small, can't really cater to big groups. I recommend you better make a reservation before coming over especially during peak periods the place can get a bit crowded. Ambiance was nice but the crowd that was there when I was dining was horrible as there were 2-3 kids running around screaming their heads off so I sent them a glare to shut them up.... 

Even though I've got quite some complaints over the food but I'm still keen on trying their beef set hoho~ 

Ended the night with some sake :D
Tosaya Japanese Restaurant
Jalan Midah 1
Cheras 56000 
Kuala Lumpur
(you can spot RHB and Hong Leong along the row)

Tel: 03-9130 2764

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