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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Singapore In A Post

Can't say it's in a nutshell cuz this is definitely not some nutshell XD;; Singapore was more of a vacation for me than a work trip. A very stressful vacation because everything was in SGD and I had to think twice! =( Actually I don't think there should be much to think about cuz all of the items are down right expensive and I'm broke =(. I was stress from resisting everything that caught my eye T_T;;

But it's all over now and I survived. The most expensive thing I bought was the Ezylink card HAHAHA. The 7-11 cashier gave me a funny look when I asked her does the top up in the card have any expiry date. In summary:

1. Toilets oh toilets!
I'm already missing those super clean toilets in Singapore. Every. Single. Toilet is clean down to the toilets at those dodgy cafe corners. We were eating dinner at some noodle house in Bugis and their toilet is all white and way cleaner than my own toilet! Lololol.

2. Hotel
We were staying at Grand Pacific Hotel, formerly known as Allson Hotel. For a 4 star hotel, it's funny that they didn't have hotel when a mamak in KL can have their own wifi D: Putting that aside, the rooms were good, have a look =D
Yes I brought my bolster. Problem officer?
There were quite some funny incidents. My room was always colder than usual even though we remove the card that turns on the electricity but the creepiest incident was when the TV was on blaring at the loudest volume in the middle of the night. It was weird because normal when the TV is turned on, it goes back to channel 1 and at mid-volume but I woke up to find it on the last channel we watched and at the loudest volume =_=;; 

Have I mentioned the showers were HEAVEN! The pressure and the temperature was just right! And there's handheld showers which I prefer compared to the stationary shower heads! The toiletries were shitty though... The conditioner shampoo brought my hair into tangles halfway. It hurt so much, I had to use my hair serum to detangle my hair. There were still tangles in the morning so I had to make my hair go through the serum ritual again. 

3. Food
This time, I didn't have a bad experience with food. It's probably because we ate hotel and cafe food most of the time. Funny part was the Singapore branch took all of us to eat a local food buffet the moment we landed. The local food was all Malaysian food!!!! and the restaurant was playing BM and Hindi songs *facepalms* 

Throughout the whole trip, we were fed 5 times a day *facepalms* There's breakfast, tea, lunch, TEA AGAIN then dinner *dies*. I gained about 2kg when I weighed myself. I'm silently hoping it's the muscle but fat chance XD;; Everyday I had bacon for breakfast. There was LOTS of bacon....
Bacon heaven~~~~
And now I'll be avoiding bacon for the next 6 months XD;;. I also drank a heck lot of water while I was in Singapore. Good for me but I kept going to the toilet. Now that I'm back in KL, it's back to mentally preparing and anticipating what we'll find in the cubicles ;_;

Now this deserves a post of it's own doesn't it XD;;

5. Training
This time, our training covered the very basic on using social media for business. Training took almost a full day and half of the people were playing with their phones.

6. Sight Seeing
We had time to go sight seeing at night during our trip in Singapore. The first night, I went out with Gwen to get Audrey's iPad, then I went hunting for Fanta which was a disappointment because they don't bring the can in. I traveled from Funan to Liang Court to Central then to Bugis for dinner. We were back in the hotel in 1 hour and 15 mins! Gods how I love the bus transportation there! *_*

On day 2, training ended earlier than expected so our MD took us on a tour to Marina Bay Sands. The place looks lovely. All of us spent time jakunning and taking photos.
Johnny exercising his tummy!
Ugly picture of the skies.
Taken the same time as the previous picture but so much difference. This definitely calls for a new cam  >_<
Wide pavements and lots of people but still enough to roll around
We just had to plank there. Photo by Johnny >_>
My photo of him was nicer >_> and it had a helicopter right in the middle too!!! D:
At night, we walked down the streets of Orchard roach back to our hotel. Took about 30mins and our legs were shaking by the time we reached the hotel XD;;

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Before Leaving

I'll be leaving in about 2 days time to Singapore for training so this is just another picture sharing post XD;; I have no mood to blog according to the days now since most of the time I forgot to take any pictures >w<

1. Makeup tests.
Now with office work a little quiet, I had the time to mess with my box at home XD;; I thought of trying out 3 colors instead of the usual 2 just for the heck of it and this was the outcome.

Sorry for now powdering my face =/
The 88 color palette I have wasn't really pigmented. I should really look into getting the Urban Decay primer for my next test since I've been using pencil eyeshadow as a base all this while and it tends to crease when my lids start to get oily. I only realized how unblended the pink eyeshadow looked after I uploaded the photos orz. I loved how the blending turned out nicely but just as Jia Chee pointed out, I should really work on the shape at the corner of my eyes, otherwise, I'd look like a panda.

Items used
- P2 pencil liner in Black
- Loreal Super Liner in Black (which the eyeshadow ate it all up)
- 88 color eyeshadow palette
- NYX Ultra Pearl Mania in Sky Pink Pearl

2. Supply stock up
I won't say this was a visit to Popular for the sole purpose on stocking up on my office supplies XD;; We were there to get materials so that Jared could fix my Charles & Keith sandals *w*. The leather of the strap cracked so the wire poked through and keeps poking my leg giving me what it looks to be a puncture wound. We got some craft foam and UHU-ed it to the strap and now it's back to being my comfy old wedges XD.
While Jared was looking for scissors, I found this! *w* Animal stick-it notepads~ Was really interested in the white seal!!!
But I got this instead! Cute right?? XD
3. Having fun 
Last week I went for Michy's birthday celebration in Tenshi Cafe, e-Curve. The place has definitely improved a little in terms of service but I still find the food so... pricey ;__; I'm starting to get fond of the curry rice there =D (but I can always go Pasta Zanmai for a cheaper alternative *gets whacked*)
My Ebi Curry Rice~
Jared's err.... Unagi Bowl? Lol looks like half salad, half unagi in there. Forgot to ask him how's his meal
The party came with a theme, eye wear for girls, head gears for guys. Guys totally failed in bringing their head gears cis >_>;;
Camwhore pictureeeeee. Credits to Audrey.
Absolutely love the Lancome foundation! Skin has never looked so flawless <3 *worships Lancome to her grave* I think the dim lights and the camera that closed one eye helped 8D;; Also to end this post....
Never expected myself to hold their member card wtf. But it does give me second thoughts of going back there XD;;

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

To-Do-List Week

*bounces in* Hello people!!! With so little stuff to talk about, I should just get a Tumblr and have a picture blog instead lol. This whole week I had a lot of things to complete and they're not even work related. Mostly like renewing car insurance, renew road tax, get signatures from the lawyer for my PTPTN forms, make appointment for my car polish and wax. Lots of things to do and LOTS of money flying away! This month I totally busted my salary and had to crack into my savings *sobs*

Nevermind! Hope for a better month. Now it's picture sharing time!
Pictures of the cat I bumped into on my way to the post office :3 Out of randomness, I stepped into a raw piece of chicken while walking there... yuck....
My Gliss Kur finally went on sale at Guardian Pharmacy huhuhu! No I'm not some cheapskate bitch, not all are for me :3 The orange bottle is Audrey's. Ok so I am a cheapskate bitch but it was on 15%!!
My gym card! Small right? =D We scan it for attendance.
Gah as you can see, my money flew to all those tiny purchases. The biggest buys would be my new racket, gym and car insurance =( I hope that with gym in my schedule now, I'll stay away from the malls XD;; So dangerous when your boyfie works right beside the mall >_<

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Bits of This and That

Long long week this has been >_<. We've just finished with our client's event so it'll prolly be slightly quiet for the next few weeks =D All my pictures I took during the week, never had the time to post them since I was rushing for the event. Thankfully I still had my weekends so my social life is not at stake! *_*b

Meet Shaun's dogs~
2 of them, Yogurt and Caramel. They're mother and daughter.
And they have an incest relationship! *O*
Had a chance to visit another production house for one of our projects. I love production houses cuz the environment is just so exciting *_*
This one had a frikkin Jukebox! Can you imagine the whole floor dancing at night? XD
Rooms are littered with stuffed toys but this one caught my attention XD So, so, so CUTE! *_*
Recently signed up for gym as well. Will probably do a post about their facilities. But first, a 1 month trial to see if it works =D. Funny part is the Secret Recipe right beside the gym >_>;;
There's more stuff I wish to put in like Audrey's birthday present and my glasses for Michy's birthday but I'll save it for next week and the birthday girl is suppose to take picture of her own present >D

Monday, July 4, 2011

Review: Maybelline Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner and L'oreal Super Liner Liquid Eyeliner

I've been trying to experiment with guy makeup as I'm cosplaying a guy in my next photoshoot. Most importantly I have to get my character's eyes right which is why I've been experimenting with eyeliners lately. All this while I've been using my P2 Kohl Eyeliner as I normally just swipe it and smudge for a smokey eye look. Sadly this eyeliner can't last as it wears off after a while due to my oily lids so this eyeliner is a no-no for my photoshoot. Liquid/gel eyeliner is always the solution for a longer lasting, non-smudging application but my clumsy hands just won't allow me to swipe the brush over my lids in one straight line!

Arisa had kindly offered her gel eyeliner for me to experiment (thanks dear!) and I've also bought the L'oreal Super Liner recently when the item was on sale at Watsons =D

Maybelline Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner

The eyeliner is in a glass pot and comes with a brush. Some would call it a more affordable version of Bobbi Brown's gel eyeliner but I can't vouch for that since I've yet to try Bobbi Brown's. The eyeliner retails for RM39.90 and comes in 3 colors: Black, Brown and Limited Edition Blue (which is gone by now unless you chance upon it at warehouse sales XD;;) 

• Oil-free formula holds highly concentrated pigments in a clear gel base
• Smudge-proof and waterproof for 24 hours
• Most intense line for lasting drama                                                  
• Safe for sensitive eyes and ophthalmologist-tested
• Contact lens safe

I'm good with the long lasting and smudge-proof. I can't say it holds for 24 hours because I couldn't even keep the eyeliner on for an hour. Why? The problem lies in the brush. I really do appreciate that Maybelline includes the brush with the gel liner and it does pick up the gel really well. Upon swiping the brush on my lids, I found the brush to be really rough and scratchy. It hurt like a bitch when I tried applying on my water line. By the time I was done, my whole eye was twitching in irritation. 

Removing the eyeliner was a real chore as well. It was just TOO stubborn. I used my Biore cleansing wipes followed by Shu Uemura's cleansing oil then topped it up with Fasio's makeup remover to remove every single bit of that eyeliner. Crazy but yea that finally did the trick =.=;; I guess that's how LONG-LASTING it is.

My advice: Keep the gel, ditch the brush. Just invest about RM15-20+ for a decent brush and save your eyes. My eyes were fine when I applied the liner with one of my own brushes. Just make sure you wash it immediately after application or else the gel will get stuck to the brush and damage it.

L'oreal Super Liner

Got this on discount so I only paid about RM30 which is cheaper than Maybelline's Gel Eyeliner hehe~ The product comes in a small sleek tube which is easy to bring around when traveling =D Comes in the standard colors of Black and Brown.

Superliner is a liquid eyeliner in a special sponge tipped pen for the creation of fine lines or thick, sultry flicks. Colour is applied with precision and ease and dries without smudging. Ophthalmologically tested.
The sponged tip
The sponge tipped is hard and stiff(god that sounds horribly wrong) which makes it super easy to draw the lines! In fact, the applicator is so comfortable that I can just press the whole sponge onto my lid instead of slowly drawing the line like using a paintbrush. After drawing, it dries up pretty fast and lasted pretty long without any touch ups. Here's my favorite part! By the end of the day, I just rub the corner of my eye gently and then PEEL the whole eyeliner off my lids! XD I'm in love now! I do hope L'oreal won't discontinue this product because this is a real gem! *touch wood*

From the looks of this read, you can definitely see which eyeliner I'm leaning towards to XD;;

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Clocking in 15 a Day

Wow July sure rolls in fast =/ My last week of June has been VERY hectic. Most of us leave office either close to midnight or past midnight and coming back to office at 9 in the morning and the cycle continues. I've never showered so fast in my entire life to spend as much hours as I can on bed. Washing hair became a problem too as my hair is long and it takes time to dry. I end up doing more work while waiting my hair to dry so I only sleep at 3am+ and waking up at 6.30am everyday T_T.

Well, thank god the week is over and surprisingly I still have the energy to go yamcha on Friday night and out on an early Saturday morning XD;;
Creepy mannequins staring out in the middle of the night =/ Good bodyguards XD;
Saturday morning I had to meet Johnny at Bukit Jalil to bring some work to one of our suppliers. After submitting the materials, we decided to have breakfast before going our separate ways.
My Claypot Lou Shi Fun *_* Oh god it was heaven! <3
Didn't feel like going home yet since mum was around so I went to MidValley to do some stuff. There was an exchange programme going on at Watsons where you bring your old bottle of shampoo and exchange it for a brand new Tsubaki shampoo (220ml) =D I only got to know the day before so early in the morning I quickly turned my house upside down for am empty bottle of shampoo. When I arrived there, there were mostly aunties and uncles exchanging the shampoo.... but it's okay! I shouldn't care AND I got my shampoo >3< *kisses*

Dropped by MNG as I saw the sign 'EVERYTHING AT 50%, 60% AND 70%' How to resist, right???? All the clothes were of my size and I saw those awesome high waist pants that I've been hunting. Too bad the size 6 fit me well but was choking me while the size 8 didn't look good on me =(. I settled for one chilli red MNG shirt/blouse instead. I noticed that I've gotten fat too... since I couldn't button the stomach area when I tried a size 6 blouse >_>;; 

I'm loving the shirt right now =) It just screams handsome! and it only cost RM79 >w<
Handsome potential work shirt and my Tsubaki shampoo! =D
Probably will buy a few more pieces from a particular blogshop I've been eying. Oh money flies away ;w; Already I have to pay for my car insurance and racket I bought last month >_< My money for my clothes shall come from my previous savings *sobs*