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Monday, September 29, 2008


Okay, this time it DID hurt x_X particularly when they extracted the bottom molar. The root was curved o_o;; thats why it was so difficult to take out. I suspect the doc was twisting it here and there which resulted in the pain -_-;;; while the other 3 extractions were smoother. I had a total of 8 jabs of anaesthetic all thanks to the doc who made a last minute decision to extract the 5th molar, that's another 2 jabs, then I was still feeling pain while they were extracting the 5th, so another 2 jabs there DX

After the dentist, went for the event at MidValley. Blood and drool started dripping without me realizing again. Thank God for my red dress but the same can't be said for my while jacket >< Oh wells, it's just blood and drool *facepalms* The gauze got stuck on my brackets again >_>;; and the retail show owners were too evil to lend me a pair of scissors to cut the damn gauze -_-

Left the place early since the woman was being a bitch and I felt like my presence was unwelcomed by a few. Ah well my fault for being a real bitch and snappy at them I guess. Went hunting for my Cleo Sept issue before heading back but they're finished T^T

I'm sort of glad some are in the same boat as me. Tonight gotta sleep early and prepare to attack my fussy client ugh.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Sales Frenzy

Hur hur~ Todays sale is at the expense of my parents >D I went for Baleno, Cheetah and Bonita sales at 1 go haha. Bonita's evening shoes are gorgeous but sadly don't fit my kind of feet. There's Sakura and Green Tea perfume but after I smelt Miss Dior Cherrie Blooming Bouquet, I don't like cheap perfume anymore! *gets smacked* anyways..... *adds the perfume on her wishlist* Shall slowly save to get it T^T. It's RM308 for 100ml DX. My make up box expanded with the new arrival of my make up brushes!! XD Yes, I've finally got a set of brushes! After the sale, it was makan time at Sri Petaling! Grilled Salmon nyam nyam~ On to the pics :3

My brushes which only costs RM25

Necklace was RM1, brushes were RM1 for 3. Good deal, yes?! *_*

Grilled Salmon I had for dinner. Doesn't look appetizing but I can tell you only the salmon was good

No pics of the clothes I bought from Cheetah. Got myself a T-shirt and 2 skirts X3. Started to read Cleo too geez, I'm turning into a chick D8. I have to admit, the quality of the photos I took with my 1.3 megapixel camera phone isn't bad XD;; Good Nokia~

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Magic and Miracles

  • Good hauls from the sale today, too bad the eyeliner and Elseve producst finished AGAIN.

  • Lunch of Nasi Kuning and Curry Chicken = awesomeness.

  • Threading was painful as ever.

  • Concert Frontier is on!

  • Bumped into too many people for today =_=.

  • Thank you staff for letting me play with the Beagle and Shetland Sheepdog <3

  • An angel pulled me back from the dead, it was a wonderful 3 minutes where I felt the world still cares for me.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Todays Photos~

It'll be a short entry as I have to gather energy for the SALE SALE SALE!!!! XD

Lunch at Nando's XD

Reading this while working *sniffs* It's a good book T_T

Snacks area~~~

There's marshmallows, biscuits, mooncake, chips! The cupboard is loaded with tea, coffee, milo and cereal drinks >w<b

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Office Shots

Calling people is boring D:, most of the time I hear the dial tone or people telling me he/she is not available =A=. I'm much faster at calling people now haha. Made 300 calls today ^o^, yesterday I made 200+ calls only. I think thats cuz today I had to call 40+ people from HeiTech, easier since the numbers are the same. I was so bloody bored that I took pics of my office D:

My PC that has no internet T_T

The staff. The 2 on the right are the permanent staff. The one in the murky green shirt is my supervisor. The auntie on the left just started work today.

Yes... I'm taking pictures while calling people. *runs* This phone is so cranky and emo I tell you!

I forgot to take pics of the snack basket! >w< Tomorrow then!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Some Are Scarred for Life!

Asshari, Poopathy, Wee Your Lee....... these are names that can REALLY make my brain sway the wrong way =A=;;I think I was the only idiot laughing to myself at my table DX. What were their parents thinking?! hahahaha

I bumped into Johnny today during lunch =D Hopefully he joins the workforce! XD We need more noisy people! Their 'kitchen' looks interesting. I kept eyeing the basket full of snack goodies XD;;; The toilet is so clean and odorless, it's a real joy using it <3

To a dear friend, stay strong! *huggles*

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Trolling Out For The Week

Sales are making me uber broke DX. Thank gods for my pay that comes in at the end of each week. On Friday, I'll be heading out to check 3 sales orz. What I hope to do on Friday...

  • Check Bonita sale at Shamelin

  • Loreal sale at BB for hair mask, shampoo and face wash

  • Bank in cheque!

  • Fashion apparel sale of brands such as Marks & Spencer, Next and TopShop at Ampang

  • Threading at Brickfields, my brows are crazy

  • Buy cancan so that tailor can measure my costume

Work was ok, I desperately need an MP3 player that can last for 7 hours though *grabs her NDS* This is the part where I'm grateful no one has made a splendid offer yet haha. NDS can last for 10 hours playing music the last I tried whereas my MP3 player can only last for a measly 2 hours. Made 2 new friends immediately, Sheryl, a coursemate of mine and Jonathan a final year student at HELP majoring in the obvious, Psychology orz.

Puasa is good, cuz there will be baazars at every corner haha. The Metrobus that always stank of pee smells of curry, laksa and cakes this time. Easy for me to get warm dinner before going back too.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Thank You Pressies

Dad just came home from an Indian wedding and he gave me the thank you gifts haha. I find it unique since I've never seen gifts from Indian Weddings. For Malays they normally give some plastic flower with an egg or sweets attached to it @w@ but this is new.

It's a cute box courtesy from Hotel Istana =D

And inside contains~ *drumrolls*

Heart-shaped chocolates~ <3

Will eat them tomorrow *o* cuz I gotta get enough rest for my first day of work! =D Updated my wishlist too @o@, added Chicken Soup series in there <3. Now I shall continue to read my collection of sadist books lol.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Short Lived Freedom!

My car is turning into a second house haha. I tossed my shoes to the back this morning before starting the engine since slippers aren't allowed in the exam hall. Exam thankfully was a breeze (sorta). Lecturer told us exactly what's coming out only I took him half seriously =.=

After exam, it was 10 minutes of screaming 'freedom' then rush to meet up with Shaun, Ashlyn and Daniel for a trip to Pulau Ketam~ =D Due to some delays, we only reached there at 3pm orz. From here I'll let the pictures do some of the talking for me.

Port Klang KTM, I was jakunning over those 2 things that stop people from crossing the tracks when a train passes by.

Lots of people on the boat >w<

This darling dog helped herself over our leftovers of prawn heads XD Very obedient girl <3

We had an awesome meal of Buttered Fried Prawns, Sweet and Sour Crab, Claypot Curry Fish, some lala cooked with ginger and Kailan for the heck of having a balanced meal =D The guys were abused as our DBKL as usual but one of them forgot to bring his extra tank =w=;;

Banzai~ our biggest DBKL =D

After our lunch, we took a walk to burn some calories while reminiscing the old times. Ashlyn bought some marbles and Shaun went on a hat frenzy haha. We bought the iced flavoured lollies in plastic wraps that used to cost 20 cents back in out school days. Cheap yet refreshing on a hot sunny day 8D. My iced lolly ended up being eaten by the turtles orz cuz I accidentally dropped mine in a pool filled with those amphibians.

His way of thinking which hat to pick haha

Pulau Ketam has definitely gone through some great changes =D

We spotted some small colourful tiny crabs unfortunately my pictures are uber blur =( Here are the last few shots before I hit the sack from exhaustion!

Ah Poh face ><

KTM Funz~

Mum called later on dragging me to see her friend's new house then it was another huge meal, dinner DX. Her friend decided to treat us so we called dishes. You can imagine how bloated am I right now D8 and all the guilt I'm feeling for eating so much. There was a nice cat there too <3 I've molested a total of 5 cats today <3

CAAAAAAAAAT <33333 such beautiful eyes <3 seriously it took me a while to get her to look up long enough D:

I think some of you might be wondering now.... 'WTF WHERE'S THE FOOD PICS MAN! I AIN'T INTERESTED ABOUT THE ANIMALS YOU MOLESTED!' Sorry D8 the food charmed us to eat them and by the time we woke up from the spell, half of the food was gone D: Prolly will get the remaining pictures from Ashlyn. Sorry for the bad quality pics on my blog. It's only a 1.3 megapixel cameraphone afterall =( I'll end this entry with a paparazzi pic :P


Saturday, September 20, 2008

Please, just don't give a damn.

Fuckers. I've given up on going for a holiday. Lemme just sit at home crunch junk and wait for the time the bitch in the house to get murdered or drop dead =_=.

Edit: Looks like my holidays won't be wasted. Starting a job on Monday to Thrusday for the next 3 weeks. Ironically it's an agency that does event management too.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Target Locked!

I've been thinking about getting a DSLR.... but that means I have to quit cosplay for a year since it'll really leech my savings. Parents are more than happy to pay half of it. Oh well... guess I'll have something to do during cons instead of rushing to prepare my costume days before it.

We'll see whether I get the DSLR next year =.=;;;

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Biggest Hurdle

Buka Puasa~!

I'm just too happy that Comm Theories is over haha. My eyes are exhausted due to the lack of sleep and driving in the terrible jam. Been ages since I felt such pressure from studies. I sat in front of my laptop from 2pm yesterday to digest the reports. Each report took me 4 hours to read and make sense of whatever rubbish it contained orz. It's such a relief that I was able to answer the questions =D

Celebrated the end of the horror by having a short meal at Old Town Kopitiam with Sylvene and Jin. The Genting trip came up, am very tempted in joining 8D just not very keen on the theme park. After that, rushed to Sunway and crashed at Daniel's place. Started to feel tired that time but I really wanna pig out to celebrate haha. Lunch at TGI Fridays was awesome 8D and starting to be curious on how TGI staff work, seems like a fun environment.

Manage to catch up on CG and Frontier and starting to love Nunnally back again *w*. His cat stopped by to say bye to me as I was about to leave XD had to leave early to pick dad from some rich area in PJ. Found the area but unfortunately didn't avoid the massive jam in time TAT. Mental note: Jam starts at 5 on both sides! It took me 1 1/2 hours to reach home from PJ!

I'm now at home, out from a warm bath, bloated with cake, fully refreshed to read more manga! So excuse me! haha!

P.S Oops forgot to tell about the cat =D I bumped into it as I was walking to the lift. The fella was lazing around so I tempted it with some TGI fries. Well I got its attention but it seemed to be more interested in the economic rice >_>;; It knows...... there's fish in there! And it tried to bite the box open!

Monday, September 15, 2008

To The Dentist

Now my mouth is so numb, it's a good chance to slap me lol. I just came back from an extraction and the visit was as amusing as ever. First they swabbed some Strawberry alcohol (wtf...) on my gums, next came the shiny needle DX Wasn't as painful as I thought despite the hearing from people's experiences and stories but the syringe is so friggin scary. Then some male dentist came by and took one of the sharp objects and clawed my teeth asking me "sakit tak? sakit tak? muahahaha!" DDDDD: Of course I didn't feel a thing but hay! I was watching from the mirror above me man!

Finally it was time for the extraction D:. She kept using different plyers to extract the teeth, each getting bigger than the last orz. I didn't cry throughout the whole procedure T^T banzai~ Tried to go home using the SPRINT highway out of curiousity, had to go through 3 tolls but it's a much smoother journey. On the way, the gauze couldn't hold anymore blood and the rest started dripping from my mouth orz, no wonder the motorcyclist was giving me a funny look but I only realized after I felt liquid on my shirt. I took a glance at the mirror and gosh I look like some blood-thirsty vampire OTL. Drunk one-hand driving for the rest of the way. The seatbelt is bloody now..... will clean it later x_X

Teeth's getting slightly itchy now x_X Waiting for the anaesthetic to wear off so that I can munch pork noodles.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Run Towards The Sunset!

I'll be grateful today that my mum allowed me to drive to college and there was parking right in front of the faculty. I'm not grateful for the 3 stomachaches that I got for the past 12 hours at different times. First one attacked at 11, second during exam and the third one's right now.

Exam today...... was a total flop! I answered practically bullshit that I never knew I had. To summarize the questions, question 1 was about New Zealand Natural I was drooling at the thought of their ice-creams and their Sugar Free Ice-cream. We're to create a print ad and discuss the branding strategies and differences compared to other brands. Second question required us to make a fashion campaign a success using licensing, celebrity endorsement, third-party sources, ingredient brand and I conveniently forgot the last one haha.

As I was doing my exam my thoughts wondered to the committee I volunteered to. How much I thought I could learn and add to my work experience since I'm highly interested in event management. Alas, I think the only thing I've seen so far is internal politics, quarrels, one sidedness and i-want-to-act-by-myself attitudes.

All I can do is hope for a good internship I suppose. I see that the uni has approached very nice companies *_* Naga, Saatchi, HotShoes, Berjaya. Damn I hope I can land in an event management or PR company *_* really enjoy going out and see people! Mum thinks I should've taken PR instead of Advertising but I have no confidence to enter PR, at least with Advertising, I can fall back on paperwork.

I know I've been complaining about being so frustrated and all but I think it's for my own good I remain pressured and frustrated till the end of next week T_T. My output is so much better when I'm cornered though it leaves me grumpy, unable to sleep and a heck load of pimples on my head but if it's good for my future I shall keep to it T^T I'm sorry guys!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

The People Around Me

Looking at people like Derrick Barry makes me feel like quitting cosplay and use the time and marnee to be pretty instead haha.

Yesterday some silly arguement occured. Seemingly I'm thick-skinned haha who refuses to patch things up. I don't feel like patching anything up, especially in there. It just makes things worse. I've been keeping contacts of some of them but now I feel like I should've deleted them all =_=. Starting to feel so restless and uneasy and it's bad for my sleep zzz. I don't know what to do T__T

Barely reading my Brand Management notes. Really not in a mood T^T. I need a vacation!

Friday, September 12, 2008


AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA I lost..... marks..... I was suppose to prepare 1 billboard, 2 print ads, 1 TVC, 1 radio commercial and 1 brochure in a span of 2 hours! I could be some rising star in the advertising industry if I can complete that and score full marks =A= I only manage to draft 4 of them. Skipped the brochure and one print ad since I think the message of the campaign is more important. I've lost 20+ marks though ;_;

On the way home was hot as hell yet we stopped by MCD to buy banana pie orz. I'm just dying for ice-cream but rather not risk it since I'm still having my periods and with the amount of stomach aches I've been getting, dare not risk another one.

I wanna work asap!!! Damn exams.... gotta tackle Brand Management and a lil bit of Comm Theories (hopefully haha)

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Tiny Bits of Rubbish

Today is World Suicide Prevention Day and if there's any day I don't feel suicidal, today is definitely not the day. The internetz is doing such a good job in rubbing it into my face haha.

That ugly feeling is back again. I'm starting to feel like someone's strangling me when I'm sleeping so I'll end up tossing and turning for hours until my minds is tired of staying awake. Had one of those silly dreams too *sigh* and I always thought it was because I can't stand the cold =.=;; My state of mind is in total chaos *facepalms*

Someone's making a big fuss about me blocking him. Ranting how I said I wished to remain as friends but blocked him and treat him like a stalker. When I meant staying as friends I meant keeping our connections civil. You must be absolutely blind if you think we're getting a long quite well. Every chat with you always ends up with me being frustrated. We have so many disagreements that it's just not possible to have a decent conversation =_= This is just my way of keeping the peace between us. Don't like it? Your loss. Sides, you aren't the only one I blocked of my list so stop being such a baby over it.

My reason for blocking a hell lot of people? Me and the people I'm not fond with are mixing in the same circle. I'm no longer comfortable with this and I don't appreciate people coming up to me and go "Hey, I saw your ex bla bla" Inconsiderate asses.... can't be blamed since they don't know the real story but I wish I could just strangle the bastard for just sweeping things under the rug.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


  • I'm finally RM50 richer after collecting the damn cheque from Mines

  • The Gods of Food are cursing me, my past 3 meals has been hell.

  • Bored to death but the quarantine should do some good for a while.

  • Got offered a job at Aquaria KLCC working with animals which I'm assuming it's just.... FISH?! *facepalms*

  • Another job would be distributing flyers. Good pay but only 2 days.

  • I'm still lazy and not reading for my future papers. Go me T_T

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

You want it, DIY, Bitch

SPD was not as scary as I thought. Only setback was having a damn uncomfortable stomach the whole day. After the paper, we headed to Izzi since someone demanded me for food instead of a sex shirt. Somehow the valet parking service is gone so parked at Pavilion instead. Bloody expensive I gotta say =( RM3 for the first hour and RM2 for the next subsequent hour.

The food quality in Izzi has dropped =_= I'd give their main courses and appetizers a 3 now, dessert a 6 out of 10. My mushroom soup was between warm and cold, lasagna sauce tasted like they dumped a can of tomato puree on it, the whole thing was mushy and tasteless. The chocolate dome was satisfactory I suppose but I find the biscuit part was kinda stale.

Rest of the day spent by crapping, guess it was a bit odd combining friends from different social groups but not as bad as I thought =D Been through worse ones.

All of a sudden I'm starting to loves flutes x_X. Feel like buying one and learn by myself haha. First was a violin because it was cheap but after thinking... It's difficult to learn and high maintenance =(, occupies space too T^T so baibai. Checked for flutes and they cost a bomb D8 Ah well will see how far this obsession can go x_X

Bitch started making a fuss about me not cutting the fruit. I'm having a blardy stomach ache and all she cares is filling her damn stomach. It pretty much shows that:

  • She's a lazy bitch

  • My brother or the rest of the assholes can't help do my chores once in a while

  • or they're too stupid to do cuz SHE NEVER EDUCATES HIM TO DO IT

You're an asshole you know that, and you'll forever be one.

Monday, September 8, 2008

*clings onto a pole*

Shitz mum demands to cart me to the hospital after exam zzzzz cuz I've been having diarrhea and fainting spells too often and now I can't stand being exposed to the aircond. Too cold.

Exam is in less than 12 hours time.

God bless.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

I can't find the pressure button!

Exam is less than 2 days away and I'm not panicking orz. Was playing Sigma Harmonics earlier and manage to go to stage 2 by using GameFAQ =w=;; I can hardly understand a thing on that game orz. I tried playing Chi's Sweet Home DS too but it was boring.

Then browsed thru LYN forum and found a job that can keep me occupied for my whole semester holiday. The job pays RM50 a day and it's 10-6. Basically we just travel around and decorate some stall according to the client's preference. Problem is, gotta be at Sunway by 10 D8 but the good thing is we can travel all the way to PD just to hang some banner haha. I guess I can take it as a back up job if I can't find any better jobs.

The place just seems like a screwed old junk house now. You don't need to buy tickets, there's always the backdoor! Even if they have good bouncers, just butter them up and that's it. Someone really needs to tear that place apart and start back with a strong foundation.

The pathetic bitch continues to pamper the bastard. I don't mind but when I become the damn victim, I DO mind!

Friday, September 5, 2008

Out to Cram

Our purpose for today!

But instead~

See this miang face! lol

We were rotting at McD at the open air area since he wanted to use the plug. Johnny joined later on. Studied a bit but mostly was copying tips haha. Next was lunch and we passed the pet shop XD

Cute cute Basset Hound puppy >o< Yet when they grow old they REALLY look old D:

After lunch we shifted to:

Coffee Bean~

I bought Hot Chocolate and Zef got himself Banana Ice Blended then we took turns taking naps haha. Got my usual Chipsters, it's a must XD and I cut myself T^T Dang the blade is horribly sharp. Syok lagi can camwhore somemore haha. The pain only came much later. It's gonna be difficult to Alt+Tab now.

It just wouldn't stop bleeding D:

This morning I also hit my head on the bed frame too =_=;; Well I was halfway brushing teeth when I felt my head spinning till I don't know which is the sky or the ground, so I rushed to my bed since it's the nearest resting spot and I though I was about to hit something soft. Instead I hit the sharp edge of the bed and stumbled onto the floor =_=;; and was stupid enough to carry the toothbrush with me that time. So there was I on the floor with my head spinning, my toothbrush got thrown to god-knows-where and toothpaste on the floor in my room D: Now there's a blue-black line on my forehead and the swelling hasn't stopped yet.

Came across the NST article when I surfed.
”Why does it take up to two years (for the first trains to be usable)? The answer is simple - every train is made from scratch, it costs between US1 to 2 million each and not just anybody can make them,” Shaipudin briefed reporters at a post-budget press conference held at their office.

Takes 2 blardy years to make a train but less than a year for it to malfunction =_=.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Wish the Sea is this Blue~

Summary of my trip.

Here's my Pledge of Love lol, that I shall find some decent men who aren't stupid,
love them for who they are,
and hopefully history won't repeat itself,
if that happens,
all I want next just to be a spinster in an apartment with 2 dogs.

Ate loads of nice stuff but the dessert counter is a big dissapointment =_=. They didn't have my favorite honeydew sago dessert. It's now filled with the small coconuts. A lot of cheese baked stuff, I tried the cheese baked crab meat and a hell lot of fish. Mum ordered the Alaska cod fish and it was huge O_O. Seriously, the sample portions they show... it's a trap! They're much more and can be shared among 2-3 people since we're talking about a buffet here!

The fried section taste as nasty as ever but thank gods I already knew it earlier. The alcohol section was a surprise and I downed a few glasses until I realized 'crap.. I'm driving and I feel funny now... Oh well, fuck you!' lol and washed the rest down with a pot of Jasmine Green Tea. I've actually planned to attack the dessert section but looking at the cakes... zzzzz it looks overly sweet and not tasty D: and true enough even the cheesecake I make tastes better and I'm a noob.

The staff at the alcohol section needed a bitchslap =A=
Me: Excuse me, what's this?
Staff: Alcohol
Me: Yes, I'm quite aware of that... what else is in there?
Omg wtf dun treat me like a kid! zzzzz I wasn't even wearing anything kiddish. It was a blue swirly toga dress and my hair was neatly piled up and clamped with a jawclip grrr. Okay it's late and I need to have enough sleep for today's group study session.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Progress Report

Noes!!! I haven't started studying and my friends are asking me stuff related to my subjects D: I've been Crunchyrolling, Youtubing and reading fan fictions the whole time =(. Damn I gotta pick the books tonight since tomorrow spending the time in Jogoya and then joining some study group on Thursday in which I can predict that I won't accomplish much.

Recommending you peeps to watch Mari and the 3 Puppies, Helen the Baby Fox and Quill the Guide Dog X3333. I'm a huge fan of animal movies XD. Oh don't forget to have a box of tissues beside you when you watch those movies especially Mari and the 3 Puppies. It's all available on Crunchyroll 8D.

Getting more gloomy lately zzzz eventhough I'm spazzing over the latest CG R2 and Shugo Chara goodness. The usual things are pissing me off. Yesterday got an unexpected call from someone asking me about my dissapearance. Truthfully, seperating myself from them was the best decision made so far. My emotions are much more stabilized and no amount of persuasion can get me to step back in there. I'm just sick of some childish, selfish, immature people in there. Based on the current situation, it's just best I just keep away.