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Monday, June 21, 2010

Girls Weekend Out!

On Saturday, I chose to abandon ALL my work and went for a stay over at Teri's place lol. It was just us girls with skincare, dorama and one laptop X3.

Sex and the City 2 Special Screening event much thanks to The Body Shop! =D

Was one of the few lucky people to grab a pair of screening tickets to SATC 2 so decided to drag Ying Ling along since it's quite near her office. Rushed out of office by 5.30pm and got into an accident =w=;; Banged into a MyVi cuz some dumb shit van driver jammed onto his brakes which caused the MyVi to suddenly stop and I couldn't break in time ;_; I could hear skidding from the car behind me. No damage on my car but the MyVi had a scratch >w<;;; The girl was kind enough to let me go huu huu TwT/

Reached Pavilion by 7 and parked at Starhill (yay for RM5 parking!) Body Shop gives awesome goodie bags *o*. We got a full-sized Delipcious lipstick along with some coupons to be used at The Body Shop!!! *o* They served some finger food before the event and Ying Ling kept eating the smoked salmon orz. Then as we went into the hall, we collected our complimentary popcorn and coke! Omg thank you Body Shop for taking such good care of us >w<;; Met quite a few familiar faces =D Janoah, Fatin and I saw Miu when we were leaving the hall haha.

As for the movie.... omg the brands just scream out at you T_T;; The walk-in closet is to die for, shoes that you could only dream about, the lifestyle that you will kill for >w< ah~ I wanted to scream so badly throughout the movie TwT damn, damn, damn!!!!

Saturday, we were suppose to attend the Body Shop Delipcious in store event ;_; but we woke up late *sigh*. Still, our minds were set to shop at MidValley so 3 of us got dressed and head to MidValley around 2pm. Dropped by Stage to check their 50% discount, Teri and Ying Ling both were eyeing on the eye shadows. Went to Skinfood so that Ying Ling can get her nail polish, 3 of us spent quite some time playing with the colors @_@. I'm so tempted to get some myself but my hands are so stubby, the last thing I should do is highlight them for public attention T_T. Last stop was at Shu Uemura where I made the most spontaneous and most expensive purchase in my entire life OTL. The only time I would splurge this much is at warehouse sales ;_; oh well, there's always a first for everything.

My haul =D Cleansing oil + eyelash curler + membership card and some few samples.

I've been delaying my purchase for the cleansing oil but when I heard there's a RM50 off the third item, I just HAD to buy something before I regret it for life. Sides, I've been keen on being a Shu Uemura member for some time. So with my purchases and Ying Ling's we got our curlers at Rm35 each *_*;; after playing 'cheat' haha.

In Teri's words, we shopped while she dropped XD;;;

Saturday night, another stayover! *o*;;; (I shamelessly invited myself lalala) Ying Ling brought over her mango mask for us to try XD;; and we had to supervise Teri using the Shu Uemura cleansing oil XD;;

Mango mask from Baviphat! For a brand that has a counter in Parkson, their products are sure cheap o_o. This mask is only Rm49.90!

Looks like whipped cream XD;; I'm quite interested in buying the Peach peeling gel since it exfoliates + pore care + brightening effects! Who knows, it might work then I won't need to buy Laneige's Strawberry peeling gel XD;;

Someone awesomely kept getting cut by different objects lololol

Even though I'm now flooded with work T_T;; it was really worth it *_*

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