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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Life Isn't a Bed of Roses

Recession is a real pain! For those who think my job is just heavenly *looks at Sylvene =P* It's honestly not. It sounds nice cuz that's what I want it to think it is.

Times are hard >__< parents are switching my phone to prepaid D: so I'm now raiding for part-time weekend jobs and signing up for any chance I can get. Guh I'm feeling so weighed down T^T. It's so sad that I can't cosplay and I'm in the cosplay department. Thats just.... SAD =__=

I never thought I would do this in this blog but finally...


Friday, February 27, 2009


After getting hit by so many waves of frustration I bring you the details for the Langkawi trip.

Depature from LCCT - 6th May 10.20am
Return from Langkawi - 8th May 10.40pm

Air fare + SkyBus - RM130
Accomodations - RM60
Car rental + Petrol - RM50

Total RM240 per person. I'm not gonna be a mommy and budget your food too but I can tell you roughly what we're gonna have. Breakfast will prolly be at the nearby cafe that sells pastry sets for RM3.90 and comes with coffee. For dinner it's definitely seafood =D. Chinese style for the first night and Thai on the second night. Your hand carry luggage must not exceed 7kg if you wanna avoid charges.


  • Beach~ bring your bikinis gals and for the guys, suck those fats in!

  • Jetski <-- must do! bring marnee people!

  • Shopping! Yea we're gonna raid every shopping centre!

  • Alcohol <-- at least 1 round for my darling babies who are turning 21 this year and have never touched cocktails~

Monday, February 23, 2009

On A Food Troll

I've been in the mood for some different food cravings. One minute I would be craving for some fine dining and the next minute I'd be craving to have a tuna pastry at Delifrance. Gah! x_X ....and now I crave for some plain soba.

Today my parents decided to eat somewhere else instead of the usual coffee shops nearby (finally!) so we headed to Glutton Square in Pudu =D

They call the place 'Wai Sek Kai' but honestly it gets the title Oodles Noodles Street (okay that sounded kinda cute lol) from me. Most of the shops sell just about any noodles there is and some kept repeating.... The smell was unbearable as the air was filled with the stench of roaches. I was only there for one thing...

Egg custard!!! <333 It's so sweet and the texture is smooth~ *drools*

The oven has been repaired and it wasn't my fault so you people can stop snickering now! So happens the capacitor broke down when I decided to bake >_>;; My braces are going at a very slow pace so they decided to use a harder wire. Now I just can't chomp on crispy stuff without wincing for the next few days.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Beautiful :3

Better In Time Acoustic Ver.
4 Minutes Acoustic Ver.
Umbrella Acoustic Ver.
GODS THESE ARE FUCKING AWESOME! *O* And this Umbrella sounds so much better than Marie Digby's =_=

God Knows...

I'm still very upset over what happened. That woman didn't have to tell the whole world over something this small. Sad to say it does remind me of my old self truthfully. Still, I hate people having the wrong impression on me. The time I spent to alienate myself, building up my walls and swear not to get hurt ever again, all wasted. It took so much willpower and strength not to go back there for my own good. Having people tell me I'm a much better person than I was previously, kept me going till then.

Damnations for listening to emo songs lol. It's okay, there's still enough concrete to build another wall that shall last longer. *puts on her safety helmet*

Friday, February 20, 2009

Vacancy: Traveling buddies

A male and female needed as a traveling buddy regardless of age, skin color, height, width, stupidity, or social class.


  • Can pay for their own expenses.

  • Doesn't mind backpacking.

Date: 31st April or 6th May
Venue: Langkawi you asshats

  • Flight - RM80 (tax included)

  • Lodgings - RM30 per person for a night

  • Car rental - RM50-70 per day

  • Petrol - $$$

  • F&B - $$$

A 3-4 day holiday depending on what you wish to do, I'll arrange it. Car rental and petrol expenses will be divided among 4-5 people. The guesthouse looks cosy and the owner has 3 dogs and a puppy there so do bring treats =D

I've done my work, now it's time for you faggots to confirm your bums for the trip. It's during peak season so I like to make bookings as early as possible.


I hate the forums of what it has become... 3 out of 5 post, the user will have 'I apologize if I'm overstepping my boundaries' or 'sorry if I'm offending anyone' in their posts. It only shows that.......

...well I'm having difficulty finding the right words. As much as I love the politeness and shit, I just get the vibe that they're cowering in their seats in fear that they'll get flamed for their post before they click the 'post' button. Either that or it acts as a shield for the post.

It feels like they're afraid to boldly step in and tell me the truth right at my face, it just feels like there's something more but they're hiding it. There's so much difference in in treatment when replying using my nick and using a normal forumers nick. *sighs*

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Screw Ups and Cravings

Yesterday, I made a mistake that nearly cost the company a few thousand dollars and a client. It showed how much they trust me (or they're too busy to check up on me lol) and I feel touched~ I was making an ad for Marriott and accidentally typed the wrong vacancies which nearly threw the Marriott rep into a fit.

I ended up being scolded with so much sarcasm =D;;; Also thanks to my work today, I'll be able to add in ads I did for Genting, Mercedes and Marriott into my appendix for my final report! X3

The skirts I wanted have all been sold =( boo hoo but they'll have restocks for the high waist one so I'll be getting that =D. On the lookout for a new bag as well since I'm carrying my college bag to work which seriously isn't appropriate and totally clashes with my dressing >_>;; ClothesBucket has opened their second batch preorder for awesome looking shoes. Dang tempted to get those Bradshaw heels but the black ones cost RM160 DX but the grey is only RM135.

Attempting to try kajal eyeliner since I won't be buying any clothes this month XD;;;

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Belated Valentine

Since my oven exploded as I was making the gifts... here's a Valentine song from me >__< Sadly I couldn't embed the player there zzzz. Hope I break all your ears and sorry if I sound so squeaky.

Neko - Valentine Kiss


Fashion Crisis!

I am in a dilemma! =D Help me pick please!

Nice cute format skirt for RM49 or

Gypsy skirt for RM59

Both images are from A Chic Store.


Monday, February 16, 2009

Withdraw Further

Again my shell is starting to crack. Don't you dare prod further if I say I can't fucking tell.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

There's a Thief In the Night

A bit behind on photos from my handphone so up they go.

Spotted this Fiat during our tennis session. Ugly like crap -_-;;

Got this from a CNY hamper o_O;;;

Comes with a mirror

And a cute drawer to boot <3

Such a nice potential cosplay prop XP and very heavy which is good so that I can throw it to the next jackass who hurts me ever again.

Ridiculous dreams but ignorable. Push them aside by setting short-term goals to make you anticipate the future. Mine?

  • He's Just Not That Into You

  • Change grip tape

  • Facial session at Slimming Sanctuary

  • Alexis for some cake and a good book reading session

  • Summit shopping

  • Marley and Me

  • get Confessions of a Shopaholic book series

  • The Gift by Cecelia Athern

  • TopShop dress plz

All shall be accomplished by the end of the year =D

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Valentine Treats

Typing this while my office is in a fury. Typical Thursdays since clients wanna rush for the Saturday slots. A shoutout to whoever reads this post will get a belated valentine's gift from me =D

The catch is, you're gonna have to catch me, gimme a kiss on the cheek and watch your family heirlooms drop off and roll to Neverland, NEVER to be seen again. OR you could always ring me up and meet up with me provided I'm free. Lunch dates are to be made only in Bangsar Baru 1pm-2pm =P I'm rotting on weekdays 5.30pm-6.30pm and Saturday. This treat is only valid from 16th-21st Feb. Attempts on the eve of the 14th will be entertained but you gotta roll to my doorstep then =P

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Think Ahead

AWARD school Asia and New Zealand programme looks quite interesting, though the process of going through it reminds me of The Pursuit of Happiness. Might give it a shot in 2 years time since I don't fulfill the requirements just yet.

Weekend was filled with events that involved waking up late, tennis, makan, golf, pigging out, movie, more fun filled crap and boring meetings. Main highlight for me was having a hannibal Trilogy marathon which ended up in such agony since the third DVD decided to emo. All in all Hannibal is so awesome that it makes CSI a show for babies! *o* *kowtow Anthony Hopkins*

Time to plan a Valentine's surprise =D Who says Valentine is for lovesick couples? Only sad singles celebrate SAD so be a happy single and go spread some love to those who don't have it. The furry residents at SPCA and PAWS sure could use some =3

Monday, February 9, 2009

Hijikata Heaven

I feel like I was still being leered at due to my history. I don't feel like a person. Feeling like this drives me to quit but the stress levels in there attracts me. I crave to be overworked, to be pushed till I breakdown and go insane or plainly just end up getting sick.... My happiest moment was me getting a fever right after I got on the bus to head home after working for the last day of PC Fair.

Disturbia. End of story.

Onto more rainbows and happy stories where the princess lives happily ever after, I went to Jusco and bought edamame to fill myself to death. Of course there's a reason this entry is called Hijikata Heaven.

Wasabi Mayo

Tropical Mayo

Citrus Mayo

Friday, February 6, 2009

Crisis Ahead

Well looking from a third persons point of view, I shouldn't be afraid as I shouldn't be involved anyhow. Whatever it is, the uni will have to be responsible. The only thing I can do is to give my best and hope all goes well.

A little sleepy this morning since I watched Red Dragon last night until 2am. Now I think some crazy psychopath will just jump behind me and murder me but that doesn't stop me from watching Silence of the Lambs and Hannibal tonight 8D

Cosplay Progress: Pink lala socks! *checks*
Shopping Progress: Clincher *checks*, soon-to-be Dress shirt *checks*

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Open Your Eyes

Earlier I was reading some fanfic whereby the main character works as a wedding planner and it occurred to me, I'm graduating next year and it'll be time to find a job. I've never narrow down my choices to what jobs I'm interested in but what I've always liked is to plan. 

The joys of running around rushing like crap. You get to collect and build contacts and deal with people who talk all high and mighty like they know everything. Fuss over picky clients and lying that it's good when it's not just to make them happy and you yourself will be laughing your ass of, making face with your partner in crime behind them. Great view to see the success of your plan. Coming back tired and crashing to bed straight away, won't need to wait for hours to fall into a deep sleep ever again!

Hmm it sounds fun and nasty at the same time XD;;; around 53 days left until my 6 week holiday =D;;

Monday, February 2, 2009


I've totally overspent for the year of january XD;; Very tempted to take my angpow money just to spend on clothes but I've been always putting my angpow money into the bank out of habit since little so in it goes >.<

This means some goal setting needed! Only buy 2 things a month MAX! 1 piece of clothing/bag/shoes and 1 make up item. My urge to experiment on make up has been so strong that I've really stretched my finances to the limits to satisfy my greed and surprisingly I didn't feel any pressure from it.

It's so sad not being a working adult T__T Am really tempted to work for PC Fair again but if I do, I'll have to juggle my work and my final internship report *sighs*