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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The Old New Year's Eve Speech?

If I was asked to reflect back on my 2008, I truthfully can't come up with anything good. A lot of major bad shit happened along the way especially the first half of the year, the good stuff came in many small packages. If I was given one wish right now, it would be to erase all my memories which pretty much shows how much I hated 2008.

Enough looking back as there's no benefit to it. It's 2009 who will be knocking at your door, 2008 shall be burried 6 feet deep and no tombstone for it. Shall be anticipating for the many changes that will come. Firstly, I'll be undergoing an internship programme very soon for 5 months which only means ZOMG NO EXAMS! XD Final Year Project is also starting which means more research and any small mistake will be fatal. Then god knows what will happen to some particular committee, I'm just praying for a revolution.

Let's just end this with 12 new and some brought forward from old 2008 resolutions shall we?

  1. Improve results (gods how hard it is to achieve this)

  2. Get a better personality? (tolerance is very hard to come by)

  3. Buy a camera! (prosumer most probably)

  4. Better dressing! =D (girls must look pretty~)

  5. Not to ffk any cosplay plans.

  6. Fix face condition.

  7. GET SKINNY and tone (omg I nearly forgot this, it should be in no.2!)

  8. Juggle work and study again.

  9. Remain silent.

  10. Pick up something to work on (what it is will be a secret~)


  12. Get more friends to lean on. (poor them lol)


A Whole New World

  • I am finally a graduate of the foundation programme after waiting 2 years for the cert.

  • Got awesomely lost in my future workplace. Car stays home now, I shall continue pretending to love the bus. The place is a little inconvenient but everything's there. The only bus that goes by that area is U87 and T634 *facepalms* I shall start dreading now.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Up In My Room

Where treasures of a lifetime are discovered~ My room has gone thru the usual end year spring clean so there's less stuff lying around now.

Seashells that I personally collected from the beaches all around Malaysia! Impossible to find these beauties on the beaches anymore =(

My pride and joy for 8 years T__T Used to be 4 tubs full but gave my brother some >_>;;

*sniffs* My samans, need I say more?

Someone should be able to recognize this =P

Never though I'd see this again!! XD

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Of Christmas and Poliosis

Seriously speaking, there's nothing interesting during my Ipoh trip except for the visit to a waterfall reserve and me staying in an area that competes with each other on who has the best house design.

The waterfall reserve

Pretty house 1 T__T

Pretty house 2 T__T

Today treated Brian and myself to TGIF since The Apartment was just evil to me. The parking fee was just epic XD cuz we only paid RM2 for over 3 hours of parking =P

Appetizer of uber sourness - Shrimp Martini. I ended up fishing out all the prawns and kicked the dish aside.

Appetizer full of fat and super filling - Mac & Cheese

Chicken Caeser Salad - Healthy yes it's mostly veggie more than anything else.

Key West Whitefish - Only thing worth eating is the fish, veggies were kinda hard. No amount of weird angles is gonna cover up the fact that this fish was nibbled by me before this pic was taken.

Dessert! Cookies and Cream and the cookie is too hard to me to nibble so I ate the ice-cream and throat is full of phelgm now =D;;

Chocolate Malt Cake of death~

Manage to wash all the food down without puking thanks to this Strawberry Parfait =D The texture is just so soft and fluffy <3 and the strawberry juice is perfect <3

What better way to make us feel even more fat by taking a shopping trip and trying clothes =D

A vest from SODA that I forced him to try. Successfully hid his stomach kthxbai. To buy or not? >D

Welcome to Club Kitty with me as your host and dancer for tonighttttttt. Dress from TopShop and it's around RM389 I think. Bust area was a bit loose since it was a size 8.

Pair it with a clincher and handbag, it'll be so Gossip Girl-ish. Another TopShop dress.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

O Holy Crap~

Now these are stuff worth buying and WEARING than hanging cakes and biscuits on my ears and neck *rolls eyes* Have a Round Bean
You can customize what charms to chuck on your bracelet and they have a few pretty charms for Christmas! <3 Darn I wish I saw this earlier so that I can get myself a Christmas present. Okay I know my first sentence really sounded like an insult but hey I'll shut up now lol.

My Christmas season was spent in Ipoh of all places *facepalms*. All I did for Christmas was being a driver and traveling 700km. Awesome ain't it, well report will be up when my phone is charged.

I realized that throughout this year, everyone slim down and reduced weight except ME DX. Having your grandma telling you that you look HAGGARD, I definitely blame my third semester for this. Since it's the end of the year, time to list down the things that I've accomplished and be proud of myself instead of moping and adding the number of wrinkles to my face.

  1. I dyed my hair for the first time.

  2. Braces which didn't hurt much thankfully.

  3. Worked 3 kinds of jobs.

  4. I'VE WAXED =D

  5. The first time I've decided put a stop from being emotionally abused.

  6. Become a model? *o*;;;;

  7. Drove my car to insanity literally.

  8. Been at deaths door twice.

  9. Fever for a total of 4 times.


  11. Cantonese level up =D;;; all thanks to cosplay.

  12. Being so lovable till I deserve Junjou manga 1-7 *is still stunned to get it*

Okay obviously some of them are just rubbish but as long as I'm proud of em!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Aftermath of Stress Week

The most epic 2 weeks of the year has passed DX. I'm still awake and dang proud of myself for making it through even though I got super sick halfway. Now everything's gone except for the sore throat. I'm glad I made those cupcakes and gave em out as Christmas presents. Sorry if it's a bit stale guys cuz we made em on Friday morning before rushing for set up. Stayover at Teri's house on Thursday night since parents were away and I was still pretty sick. Gosh what an experience..... cockroaches walk around the place happily! >_> 2 came out when we went down for some cosplay work plans. TWO DAMMIT! T-W-O!

Set up was a pain since there wasn't any aircond and most of the people were conveniently unavailable. Lots of make ups for us to grab~ new lip gloss and eye shadow. Rooms were a bit shocking too, try picturing 5 people sharing 2 single beds. The room was cramped for 5 and there's only 1 socket. Bathroom was gorgeous except for the weird pear painting hanging beside the toilet wtf.

Day 1 - Dressed as Ranka and worked my body to the hall. God knows which idiot decided to turn our poor Coffy mascot into some fucked up PINK lolita freak wannabe which is such an opposite when you look at the promo flyers and posters.

Group cosplay wasn't that awesome and I got pretty bored judging most of them. Audio quality wasn't that good either which made it worse. Job was done by 3 and I went back to the hotel and crashed till the post mortem. Late night wig styling till 2 at Daniel's and was awesomely locked out by Audrey >_>;;

Day 2 - A sick Tianzi in action with a lot of people telling me I look half-dead. Quite happy that many came up to me and complimented on the costume~ >o< but my wig was an uber mess. I totally forgot to bring my gel >__< need better make up skills too. Lighting sucked so bad, it's lucky I didn't accept many photo requests.

Overall it was tiring but I enjoy the rush of working. As much as people said CF was a success, yeah we were a success, at licking our sposors shoes of course and making fans more disappointed this year. Usage of storage room was also abused by non comm people. Eventhough you're close to the comm and shit, that doesn't give you the privilege to use it as a nap room or make up room. We have fucking expensive stuff inside, what better way to make yourself as a suspect. Call me bias or a person who doesn't appreciate friends but when it comes to work, comm are comm and friends are just friends. You don't get extra privileges from me if you're my friend. This is very unprofessional for a large scale event as this. Am looking forward for some revolution in the committee. And my future friends are so gonna hate me somehow for having this kind of work behavior.

Putting my work personality side, I'd like to thank Pat for dragging me and Audrey into the photo despite feeling so unwelcomed >__< We've never been into the chan and are super loney people atm so it's nice to have that 10 minute moment surrounded by people whom we used to gossip with.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Short Update

If you enjoy talking to my passenger door silently, please just fucking tell me. I'll install a passenger door that will auto open and a chair that could throw you out. I think Japan has that.

Exams sucked but that's the least of the problems. Tianzi's wig is giving me shit and there's tons left to do. Screw you set up. If people can skip it just to go for LOtR concert, I'm sure me skipping to SLEEP since I'm sick is okay.

Fever's been going on and off now it's just a slight one. Cough turned to sore throat and the flu's been paying random visits.

This is the suckiest update I've ever made. Just wait till Tuesday =(

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Work Report

Truthfully saying, PC Fair was the most enjoyable experience compared to Hotlink. My colleagues were all super happy people and we kept taking chances, scrunching up flyers and throw at each other XD Food was also awesome IF I wasn't having braces. They serve us chicken, veggies and an egg with fried rice so I pretty much threw away the chicken for every meal >_>;;

Customers there were much better too. Most of them were so polite >o</ Wat I got when I was working at KL Sentral was just leecherous old Indian uncles. The foreigners were open to my explanations but the rest just ran away when they heard the mouse costs RM79. Wouldn't blame them haha even I wouldn't buy it.

The booth arrangement was a little weird. All the rubbish items was placed at random halls. Usually it'll all be at the last hall. This time the last hall was occupied by TONS of cockroaches aka the Great Wall of Promoters =A= SERIOUSLY.

We have UMobile and Maxis roaches and also P1

And there's celcom roaches.

And lastly DiGi

On the third day I prepared food since they feed us at such ungodly hours >_> Lunch at 4pm and dinner at 6pm >_>

The mouse I wanted cuz it looked like a puppy trampled on it but RM39!!! DX

My very own tag~ <3

Another cat angle XD

Sunday night, everyone crowded in one circle to hear the results cuz we're required to reach the 70k target to get commission:

Supervisor: Guys..... we're short by RM7.
(everyone starts promoting like crazy at the last minute and finally Nicholas bought the classic keyboard at RM19)
Everyone: w00ts! Commission!!!
Nicholas: Hey! How about thanking me???? D:
(Then a customer came...)
Customer: How much is this webcam?
(And Nicholas orzes at the corner XD)

Came back feeling totally pooped so I made history by preparing for exams at 10am on the day of exam =A= Paper didn't go very smoothly sadly so I'll just have to hope for the best. Last one to go.

The day became crappier when I decided to collect my costume. It was a disaster so to speak. Lots of problems which I can't be bothered to elaborate here. Just too darn frustrated =( and the message that came along added on to my frus meter.

Now I'm back with another fever so time to hide under the blankets~


  • Thread and wax (argh need mental preperation)

  • Collect specs

  • Redo plushie


  • Ingredients

  • Mess up someones kitchen


Sunday, December 14, 2008

Of Work

The Good
- Very flexible
- Colleagues are fun people
- Customers are way better compared to other experiences I had
- Meals provided
- Better work environment of course
- GOOD PAY for PC Fair rate
- I get to keep the exhibitor's tag! 8D

The Bad
- Legs are killing me slowly
- Work hours are slightly too long but it's bearable
- They only feed us at 4pm and we start work at 10am
- A bit of unfairness
- Bad eating environment

Will tell more on Monday night =D

Friday, December 12, 2008

The Season of Giving and Self-Pampering

Tis the season of giving and for once I have something to give to my friends T__T/ Now to just hope I have the time to make it. It's 9 days away from the event and I'm far away from ready. Besides exams and work choking me to death there's also the dreading Final Year Project I'm trying to complete by today.

My fixer has arrived and it's a marvel =D though it smells like air freshener but it works! Would still recommend MAC's Fix+ for those who can't stand the scent. Cheaper too I might add. RM100 for 100ml while SkinFood's fixer is RM49 for 60ml.

Thursday, December 11, 2008


Yesterday was epic for me because... I didn't shower the whole day! @A@ Don't ask why. I stinked really bad, regretted it, scrubbed myself super clean and now my hair smells so strongly of the shampoo I used.

Exam was hard as ever and my brain was blank >_> I can see the silent look from most saying 'Seeya at supp paper'. High chances I'll be joining as well. After exams there was no time to mope as there was our thesis to be thinking about so went to the library to check on potential topics to be used.

Came back to expect 2 packages but one of the postman was confused with the block number so one package. I now join the FreeBra Club <333


  • Ranka's mic and head bow

  • Alter Ranka's top if possible

  • Chop Tianzi's wig

  • Make Tianzi's spools

  • Get Euphie's cream skirt

Doesn't include other miscellaneous stuffs gurgh and it's 10 days away *headwalls*

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Carrots You Like?

Someone told me not to sing Ninjin Loves You Yeah, oh well I've just sung and bastardized it lol.

Person1: Sing Seikan Hikou or else you're not Ranka!
Me: How about the carrot song? 8D
Person1: Hell no

So I woke up this afternoon with the thought of bastardizing it.

Neko Likes Ninjin

Don't click unless you wanna cry. No, seriously. *whistles and continues her revision*

And I shall start working my body to cosplay Black Rock Shooter Miku!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

I Went To Buy My Cake From Hell

WP ate my entry so here goes AGAIN....

There's 2 cakes sitting in my fridge and I nearly died getting it >___>

Story goes when Zen decided to give their loyal fans a whole cake for free when they purchase a 1kg cake. I was awesome enough to think of getting their cake on the last day of their promotion thinking that the typical greedy Malaysians would snag it first thing when the promo starts. What I didn't take into consideration is that it's a public holiday today!


This was the queue 1 1/2 hours before the cakes arrived! When we asked them when are the cakes arriving, they didn't know either, they were just here because they saw the staff setting up the counter and the rest, monkey see monkey do, decided to just join the queue for the heck of it lolol.

Queuing was hell cuz I was wearing peep toe heels and having my period for the first day. The next challenge was to actually walk in those heels, carrying a cake box in each hand since Zen doesn't provide plastic bags, my handbag sling on my shoulder. The peep toe shoes hurt like crap and I was wincing all the way there >___<

Went to MAC and bought a concealer. Now I have 2 concealers 8D. Both have different purposes of course. My first one required the concealer to be mixed with other mediums before blending onto skin whereas the other one works as a moisturizer and concealer thus doesn't require medium mixing. Anyone wants me to do their make up during CF? 8D My hands are itching to try and cover imperfections on the face XDDDD

Monday, December 8, 2008

The Rocky Road Up, Lush Green Additions

Won't say my revision has been a breeze. My night felt like someone latched me on the car exhaust and took the car out for a joy ride.

The ride up isn't pleasant at all but I don't have the choice don't I? Let's just face this with such a damn strong grudge in our hearts yet a smile on our faces peeps =P

Got hauled to the 7th Trade and Consumer Fair at Mines Exhibition Centre.

The hall is so big >w</ and the fair occupied 2 floors. Well technically MPH took over the whole second floor. They pretty much divide the halls into Jalan Masjid India, Kitchen and Appliances and Wai Sek Kai Road (please don't take the section names seriously lol).

I comb through the Indian stalls to find and assortment of jewellery, punjabi suits and lots of shawls =D. Quite a nice coincedence since I've wanted to get another Pashmina scarf for some time <3 and it's a good time cuz they were priced at RM10 per piece! XD Was very tempted to get some bangles but the idea of them jingling while I'm walking down the streat doesn't appeal to me.

Next was the Kitchen and Appliances section. There's also banks and property investment companies there that keep pestering the crap outta you to join their road to hell. The award for the most annoying booth goes to Maybank Etika for they even pester you while you're on the phone swts.

Then came the most awaited section. Food and samples time! >o< which I was darn grateful for as I was freezing in that hall. There was.... Vono, Seri Aji, Eu Yan Sang, Purple Cane, Seremban Siew Pau and a lot more I can't remember lol. I only remembered the ones that I nomnom 8D (shameless).

I was horribly tempted to ask them whether they need this for future promotions since the cage will serve my Nunnally costume well >w<b

Steam irons! and one of them is sitting in my mom's room now =D

My car spent its time enjoying this nice view under the rain while the rest of us were away.

Finally my prize, a lovely fresh green Pashmina shawl *w*. I actually took this color to match the summer green maxi dress I have so technically I can wear it for a social function coming up haha. Now on the hunt for matching slippers for it >__<

Saturday, December 6, 2008

BB Cream Get!

Hmm I love the new wordpress layout =D

and say hello to my new toy

Went to Etude House to get the BB cream I've been eyeing a few months ago. I'd recommend this if you want very mild make up. Moderate coverage for me, still require concealer for my moon texture face. Doesn't get into your fingernails when you scratch it and you do need to get a compact powder for a nicer feel. If your face still gets oily, use Skinfood White Grape Fixer XD

Product training was just weird but who cares, I got a raise and commission if hit the sales target. My therapy is going along fine as well, should be able to get back to my normal life by the weekend.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Shopping Maddness

J Card sales this year was crazy in so many ways. The sales has left me with a fever, headache, diarrhea, sore knees and stiff shoulders. At least, that's what I like to think but the curry was the cause of the diarrhea thats for sure T__T and I still crave for it D: Spent a bomb that day but hey it's mostly necessities: undergarments, socks, vest, 2 sweaters, peep toe shoes, 1 meduim sized handbag *thinks* that's it I think lol. Total was close to RM300 =S

It's 80% there but I can't see what it is!!! *bites on hanky*

Taken at 10.30am. This family moves darn fast lolol. Passenger seat filled with diapers and the back filled other purchases.

Got my Tianzi costume as well and it's very beautiful~ <3 Darn worth my RM600 (workmanship + cloth), now to hope I can chop the wig right >___<

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

A Clean Laptop has a Clean User =D

My tolerance went up to the breaking point last night. The amount of bull men can spout out of their mouths, I'm blocking you fucking lots for the week. Any attempt to even reach me or poke me for the damn fun of it during this week and I swear your family jewels will be beyond crushed and minced.

Laptop was also giving me problems. Could hardly surf and the mouse movement was darn slow so out of frustration I decided to format it backing up only my pics, uni crap and music. Everything else went down the hole of no return.

Done at 4am

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Stuff to Be Shared~

Was browsing Etsy earlier and wanna show you guys some stuff X3

LONG LONG CAT!! XDDD *giggles*

Very pretty necklace :3 am hoping to find something like this in Malaysia ><

Monday, December 1, 2008

Jam Packed Life

Oh wow I just realized my schedule is quite packed for December so it's impossible to squeeze another job in there =( Right now it's so blardy pack till it only leaves me a day or two to study for my exams eventhough those 3 papers are so many days apart from each other. Don't ask me why am I pushing myself to this extent, I have my reasons.

Got my hands on some Anime recently and I'm having so much trouble with mkv files grrrr It just lags and lags no matter what players I use T__T I'm done watching all the avi files ;_; now there's nothing left for me to watch D:

Also suddenly have this urge to block everyone out from my life again. Letting stupid people know me is one of the regrets I made in life. But that will slowly change.....

By the way...

Say hello to Midnight, my sayang =D