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Monday, October 13, 2008

Pink is the New Color!

My teeth feel so still and itchy now x_X The white stuff on my gums turned out to be an infection. They asked me to gurgle salt water and it should be fine swts. I've never seen an infection going on for 2 weeks D8. They attached the molar bands and used a more tough wire this time. The taste of the chemicals they used still lingers in my mouth, I feel like barfing now. Good news is, my braces are pink for the month XD;;

Birthday looked kinda fun from the pics but this girl had to skip it to keep her sanity. The pain isn't that bad as I'm slowly discarding the group from my life. I'm prolly doing a major change to my hair by perming and highlighting it for a more mature look. Timetable looks flexible enough for me to work half-day twice a week as well which will allow me to gather more funds for my new look XD. Only setback is my hair isn't long enough >< Grow hair, grow!

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  1. Gamba on the hair growing!

    I think it would have been ok, I kept mostly to just a few people too!