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Monday, June 27, 2011

Of High Tea and French Vanilla

Yes! Sunday was the day I went to satisfy my curiosity with Victoria Rossa. After reading through the reviews, it seemed like a hidden gem that's worth discovering. Am blogging from office cuz I don't feel like going back~ There was a Victoria Rossa outlet in Pavilion but it closed down so we went to the Sri Hartamas outlet instead. When we arrived at the shopping center, we went to the directory to check which floor it's on and lo behold! It's not in the directory! o__O

Thank god I could look back at the blog links for directions (hurray data plan!) and found the place which was in the middle of all the shop rows o_o Kinda sad really.
Sorry for lousy pic =( Sad Victoria Rossa 
The people we pretty engrossed with whatever that's in front of them that we almost had to seat ourselves. Jared says that it's the position of the kitchen and the dining area which is quite far apart. I just think that there's very few customers and about 4-5 staffs and no one looked out for us? >_>;;; C'mon..... I was already rating this place a B- for service by that time....
The place is prettily decorated with pink and white.
There was a really pretty corner with the shelves and plush sofas but they were chained up so I didn't have the heart to take picture of its sorry state D8. Deco was really pretty but ruined by the surrounding shops so the ambiance was totally ruined. As I flipped through the menu, I was shocked that the prices were jacked up ;_; They claim that people steal their pretty menu's which was why they changed to the laminated ones... now I know the real reason why! ;A; The high tea for a set for 2 was as expensive as the high tea at the Ritz Carlton so we decided to skip it and try some other a la carte stuff on the menu instead.
Even the teapot is all dolled up XD;; Our Organic Special Blend Green Tea. RM9.90 per pot
English butter cake. The cutlery is pretty~ RM4
Cranberry Scone accompanied with butter and jam. RM7
Jared's VR mixed puff which took almost an hour to arrive! Even though the menu said 20 mins >_>
Inside the pie. Mixture of sausage, ham and onions  *stares at Mika* XD;;
The food is delicious! The butter cake and scone was a little crumby so it was messy to eat >_< and Jared's puff was made from simple ingredients yet tasted wonderful :3 Sorry, I have difficulty describing food D: They're either nice or just BAD LOL. The tea was a bit fruity complimented our meal very well :3 I wouldn't mind buying a pack home honestly =D The biggest problem here is the service really.... I can ignore the ambiance but the service is a HUGE turn off. Jared had to end up bringing the pot to the waiter to top up hot water. The crew didn't seem very pleasant honestly...... it's such a pity for such a nice place....

After tea, we went to Desa Sri hartamas as I wanted to check out some boutiques. Didn't find what I wanted but I found this darling cat that had such a cute meow >w<
Peek-a-boo! :3
Then we picked Uncle Ezel out for dinner at Kalamazoo. We just found the SS2 Mall sign right above his house to be darn amusing =D
No photos of our dinner at Kalamazoo cuz I'm lazy! but....
I have picture of my supper! French Vanilla from The Cream & Fudge Factory.  
It's just one scoop of sin topped with strawberry pile filling, shortcake and caramel drizzle and I'm hooked! I now bid Baskin Robbins baibai!!!! haaa it was a good weekend and now I have to go back to focusing on my tennis. I sucked so bad and photoshoot is just a month plus away!!! Gotta shape up as much as possible!!!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Like Getting Hit By A Truck

I have a sudden whitehead outbreak on my chin and a huge cyst behind my left ear. The whiteheads are all stubborn and refuse to pop out and instead choose to stay on the surface like a mushroom. I kept scratching them off but they kept coming back!!! I should probably go for a facial to clear off the congested area once the cyst heals. Speaking of the cyst..... that's another one that came up randomly. I suspect it's from all the stress at work and the lack of sleep though I don't feel it mentally.

We got a whole truckload of work this month from our loyal client and that was the same time my chin got congested. Suspicious yes? Well in short, we have a couple of brochures and other items to finish up before the end of the month and the client isn't really helping when they throw the things at us right before they go on leave or business trips. *sighs*
Johnny testing out the theory of reducing the temperature in the car LOL
Based on this video rofl

Recently did my scaling too so my teeth are sorta clean now. The dentist said my gum infection was severe so advise me to finish my braces as soon as possible. I'm trying but the progress is slow =( and now I'm being shifted to be examined by another batch of doctors who are seemingly much more senior that the previous batch. It's been already 3 years T_T

My new friend in addition to Ms. Systema.
Now I have to brush in between each teeth with this tiny thing EVERY DAY D8 just to keep it plaque free. I also kept a bottle of mouth wash in office to use during lunch. The dentist was also careless when attaching the wires to my teeth brackets so now I have the end of the wire hooking onto the walls of my mouth when I chew. Now I know how it feels like when a fish gets stuck onto the hook >_>. Pretty painful yea..... but I didn't realize it till the next day since my mouth was numb after treatment. Oh wells...... 3 more weeks to go.....

Face problem + cyst + workload + painful braces = emomomo CandyCat

and what do women do when they're emo? 
Yes retail theraphy D8
Just realized how much I spent at Watsons in less than a year. It was all the beauty drinks really.
Bought a Fila shirt and Pronic pants at Jusco during their JCard day. All together it cost less than RM50 and it's not because of POT! XD;; I'm a Fila shirt supporter before I got into Prince of Tennis XD
The next biggest haul after my racket. New set of Lancome Maqui Miracle foundation =). I asked for a Genifique sample too since I've been dying to test it out
Also got a Yayoi Kusama pouch with purchase above RM150 including any Lancome Teint Miracle or Maqui Miracle foundation =D It's so small that it's more fitting to be a coin pouch >_>. I tried stuffing my Lancome compact in and it fit nicely so yea... it'll be my compact protector since the pouch is covered with a thick sponge.
Hope my mood will be much better for the next few days. I just have to survive till the 8th of July >w<. And Ms. Audrey, if you're reading this, I just wanna inform you that we can execute our plan already as I've saved enough money to pay all at 1 shot XD;;

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Of Hangouts and Tennis

Mmmmmm yesterday I had a strong craving for Nasi Lemak so I dragged Johnny to the Bumbung Nasi Lemak store at SeaPark before our spontaneous trip to watch Green Lantern.
String of people eating there
They shifted the tables from the parking lots to in between the shop lots. Feels like eating illegally XD;; I was tensed most of the time watching out for cockroaches ._. The incident in the lift last week really spooked me. For those who didn't know, I was with a friend in the lift when she spotted a cockroach. It was too late to get out so on impulse I screamed loudly >_>;; I'm horribly terrified of cockroaches. They're unpredictable with their movements and they always seem to approach you! 

Anyways, next day I spent the day with Jared :3 We haven't had a proper date in 3 weeks thanks to CF *glares at Nerv* Had vegetarian at Annalakshimi before heading to the sports store to get my tennis racket and his grip tape replaced.
Dinner with the sunset
Just kidding, dinner was at Jaya One with Ezel and Swing with Nerv, KidChan and Teh-O joining much later.
My sad udon.... gods the amount of spring onions inside >_>
Our barbarian tearing through her food, tsk tsk.
Mandatory dessert at The Bee. Mars Cheesecake
KidChan's churros and Peppermint Tea. Eating Churros has never been so obscene
The peeps playing Jenga with papa Ezel on the watch. Swing now has to watch over CSP for a week >D
A good outing today as I accomplished filling up my tennis gear =D 
My new tennis racket =)
My new tennis racket is a Wilson N6 Hybrid. According to the person, it's most suited for beginners. The head is slightly larger than my previous racket and a hell lot lighter! Will be testing this baby out soon *w* I'm quite happy with this shop and the stuff is priced much cheaper *w*.
Balls and more balls~
Got the balls that the POT manga uses in their matches ufufufuf so bought it to be used as photoshoot prop~ and also for practice sessions XD. The red ball over there is a coaching ball that is softer and slightly bigger than a tennis ball. Because of the size and softness, it has a lower bounce and the ball will travel much slower which gives me more time to improve and adjust my strokes. Hope this would help me with training =D
The store packed with sports gear *w* Was so tempted to get the super large tennis ball! XD

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Review: Nature Republic Tailor-Made Formula Concentration Patch

Blogging ALMOST feels like a chore these days because I found nothing worthy to blog about in my life. Most of the stuffs that happened are kinda short or lack of photos so I ended up not posting.

I found this patch interesting when I was stocking up on my acne stickers at Nature Republic so I bought it out of curiosity. Just as the name says, it's suppose to help with concentration so I thought I'll be able to use it on one of those sleepy days in office =P
The mask
The package is designed to tear off easily from the side. My first gripe about this mask....... everything on the back of the packaging is in KOREAN. To add on to my frustrations, there's barely any info on this patch that I could find online other than 'special patch for concentration' *rolls eyes*. I'm curious to know what are the active ingredients that claims to help in the concentration.... oh wells.

There's directions on how to use the mask on Nature Republic's website but I'll also put them here just in case.
1. After washing, apply toner
2. Peel clear film patch from backing
3. Fit on forehead and remove after 30 minutes to 1 hour
* Use 2-3 times a week for the best result.
The clear film patch.
There is the smell of Chinese herbs on the patch and it smells quite gentle-ish. I loved the cool feeling from the gelled area. It feels sticky but fraid not cuz it leaves no sticky residue! which is a huge plus point for me~ Overall I feel like I placed medicated flubber on my forehead haha.

No sadly I didn't feel like I could concentrate any better but we had fun doodling on the patch *flees* Well I guess it did solve my sleepy problem with the mess we made.Unfortunately, I can't find the picture of me with the doodled patch.

Friday, June 10, 2011

[Pusheen's Log] I'm Home!

After 1 1/2 months of doing nothing at Gwen's house, I'm finally at my owner's place. Oh I'm sorry! How rude of me to not introduce myself. My name is Pusheen, the star of EverydayCute.com and now the pet of CandyliciousCat aka CandyCat.
Gwen squashed me in her bag with this hard box of cookies to be given to my owner >_o
The moment CandyCat got her cookies, she immediately hid them away from her family! o_o How stingy..... anyways, I know that they're hidden in the drawer in her office so I'll probably sneak a few nibbles when she goes out for meetings >D. 

When I arrived at my owner's house, I was expecting to be showered with hugs and kisses and be placed at her side at all times. Well..... half of it came true.......
I got squashed and mauled by the other 3 residents of her bed T_T... and I got no hugs =( Her bolster gets her affection for the night *sighs*
End up I didn't sleep at night because the other 3 were as noisy as hell playing tag but I stayed right beside her to make sure no roaches come near her. My first night as her buddy so I must take good care of her! One day, I shall replace that bratty stinky bolster of hers! In the morning, I thought I'd be able to catch on some zzz's since I'll get to hog her pillow while she's at work but NOOOOOOOOO. She took me to work as well! *sadface*
Had a short nap under the nice warm sun <3
She left me in her bag while she was busy working. Lucky I had that small bear of hers to accompany me. He smelled kind of funny though.
My only company for the day =(
After work, she carried me to the back seat where I immediately konked to bed until I woke up to someone molesting and squishing the cottons out of me! @A@ Some weird friend of hers name Swing and that noisy Gwen were chatting away in the car T_T so I ended up not being able to sleep while those 3 noisy people started gossiping.... sigh.... girls....
Hogging her laptop.
Although I'm tired, I feel that I need to rant my frustration somewhere! Luckily, that silly owner of mine left her blog page on the screen and rushed to the bathroom *grins evilly* Hope she gets a bad stomach ac- oh crap here she comes! *scuttles to bed*

Till then~

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Visiting Read Malaysia 2011

Last weekend I was busy, fortunately not preparing for another skit. I'm still a bit exhausted from Hari Belia and my throat is still clogged with phlegm. Talking is difficult with phlegm making its way up your throat >_o. This time, I was in the judge's seat for Read Malaysia's Cosplay competition together with Kikyo and Edo. All photos have been hijacked from other people because I'm too lazy to take any, that pretty much says something bout the event, no? Or it could be just me who can't stand using my lousy camera anymore.
Day 1 contestants. Photo taken from Alan Chin's album.
Day 1 was for the solo category. I'm happy that there's more variety in the pool of contestants instead of it being populated by the popular characters. Contestants were required to do a skit not exceeding 5min. Categories for the competition: Best Cosplayer, Best Skit, Best Costume, and Best Group. 

Day 2 contestants. Photo taken from Peh Wen Haur's album.
Day 2 was for the group category which then turned into solo/group category as the prizes applied to both categories. In conclusion, as quoted from Kikyo 'could do better', harsh but true. I'm surprised that cosplayers aren't aware how important it is to make sure that their audio is clear enough. I'm sure it doesn't cost much to invest in a good mic *stares at her RM12 mic*. 

After the competition, I stayed around to listen to Shio's performance. Manage to have some pictures with friends XD;;
Me and Satan. It's a conspiracy I tell you!!! XD;;
I've been dying to do this since last week! 8D
Bandai had this huge gashapon machine at their booth and I noticed the thing is good enough to fit half my body in lol. Those who thought it was embarrassing ended up joining the wagon >D

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Performance WIP and the Works

I needed a MC just to kick myself to write a post. Shows how lazy I am lol. Nothing serious, just a fever from a viral infection. Anyways, this is a WIP post of our skit performance last weekend for Hari Belia Cosplay Comp. It was sort of a last minute thing so we entered the most simple costume EVER, K-On. Bet ya no one expected us to get a placing =P. Photos are a mixture of Audrey's and mine.
We made use of dad's mini recording studio.
The mixer is just for show XP but the mic is not. The mic is GOD. It's so bloody clear and blocks out a lot of noise! For a small mic, we underestimated the fella! Took me a few days to sync all the audio and added all those last minute effects and 2 days of practice. Very little time to practice I know since we're working, our only option was the weekend. The next problem came was finding the instrument. I wasted one week since I couldn't find Azusa's guitar so I had to rewrite the whole bloody script. Thank god the recording was done after I revised the script. Anyways, we switched the instrument focus to Mugi's keyboard since it's easier to find a keyboard. For that, we thank Michy and Ngin for loaning/helping us!
The 2 keyboards.
We ended up using the one Ngin got for us. I'm sorry Michy!!! ;_; but your keyboard was too small for Audrey TwT. Skit went quite smoothly for the prelims. Our only problem is that the location was bloody hot!!! Hooray for simple costumes XD 
Our nightmare for finals.
Words were picked out from a dictionary for the finals. Obviously we opted for the word 'better' cuz 'better' is better! *flees* Then came the nightmare of coming up with a script, recording AND practicing in less than 24 hours. Prelims ended at 5pm and finals began at 11am the next day @A@ so there wasn't much time for a breather right?

WRONG! We came back, took a shower, ate dinner AND WATCHED CSI + HOUSE FOR 4 HOURS x_X, all because I had a writers block. I thought watching TV could give me an idea but it went on till midnight XD;;;; 
Our sound room for the night XD;;
Recording didn't take that long since the skit was much shorter and we were already in the character moods after the prelims. The tedious part was editing the audio since I had more sound effects to add in. 
Supper break at 2am.
Edited the audio till about 4am+ and by then I was already quite tired. It didn't help that Audrey was sleeping beside me too ;_; so we went to bed with the audio only 70% complete T_T. Woke up at 7am to finish up the audio and was only done around 8.30am OTL. 
Last minute memorizing and practicing for the skit OTL
We had to leave for Putrajaya by 10am so you can imagine how much time we had to practice ;_;. We continued practicing under the tree beside the polis trafik while waiting for the competition to start LOL. Not surprised that our performance didn't turn out as well as our prelims >_< Ah wells, I guess I shall be grateful for getting a placing at least =D I knew it was gonna be difficult since we were at a BIG disadvantage with our simple costumes.
After the comp, we dropped by the Anal Ro- I mean Read Malaysia to see how is it going
Definitely a tiring weekend and worth it for what we got, but I think I'm too old for this OTL