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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Unlucky or Lucky?

October 13th..... sounds like such an unlucky day to me. Oh yes I've been meaning to post some photos but just been lazy. Photos make a post more interesting >< so we'll start chronologically cuz I'm an very organized person! XD *gets smacked*

First will be a pink rubber ducky that I gave Shaun. It was an impulse buy, I remembered that I didn't have a bathtub so this will be floating in Shaun's toilet bowl I guess. He can use it when he emcee's for the Breast Cancer campaign too.

Dad's been hooked onto this beer lately and yeah it's 12%

Sem started today XD and I was suppose to attend rehearsal for the Jap thingy but I was there till 10 and they barely started. Rehearsal was suppose to start at 9.30am so I just ffk-ed and went for my lecture. Since there was plenty of extra time to kill, I went hunting for a warm place which is the computer lab on the second floor.

Rajin people, prolly facebook-ing =P

Zef posing with his rajin look lol.

Shucks I just realized that's the service guy bending over there *facepalms*

I had to take my car for service and I didn't know it was in a horrible shape @@;; The service guy was staring at my tyres @@;; cuz they were practically bald and one of them has a gash XD;;; My mum is prolly having a heart attack right now since we took that car in that condition to Ipoh lol. The guy said the tyre could've exploded anytime rofl. To think I'm just happily driving it around without realizing it lololol.

By the way, remember I told you guys how I damaged the car frame which was seemingly the strongest part of the car? Well yea since they had to elevate the car to change the tyres, I took the chance to snap the pic of my monstrosity.

*whistles and looks away*

While waiting for the car to get done, I saw a rainbow! >w< Now doesn't that make you forget your troubles and think everything is okay and just how lucky you are =)

Lecturer gave us a personality psychology test and I scored an ENTP. ENTPs direct their energy towards the outer world of actions and spoken words. They try to create new potential, changing things to see if any improvement can be made, and generally working towards a better future. They are often trying challenging the status quo and instigating change. It makes me feel like I'm a really... strong, outspoken and influential individual which overall sounds too good to be true haha. Can treat this class as a motivational class I suppose haha since she said she's gonna give us these sort of tests in every lecture.

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