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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Things To Take Note

MPH distributor sales at 22 Oct - 27 Oct. Take your leaves people~ 8D No matter how much people said I've matured, I'm still a damn child at heart cuz.... Guardian is giving/selling away Paddington Bear plushies T_T I'm so tempted to buy but... I have too many plushies on my bed D: I have a seal, Mokona, a dog, a pig and a killer whale DX. I need a queen sized bed! Loreal's Color Riche lipsticks are tempting too. Very sweet colors, oh wells shall wait till they have another warehouse sale >D

Argh my rainy day picture got eaten by my laptop in the middle of transfering it =A= so no photos for today

I'm RM600 richer now =w=, can finally start on my projects. I celebrate by reaching home drenched, hungry and eating maggi for dinner since I'm too tired to buy food and the stupid asshole is being his useless self =_=.

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