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Thursday, October 23, 2008

No Mercy from the Weather

It's a blardy hot day and yours truly sweated buckets by just walking around the MPH sales twice. Before I talk about the sale, I'd like to share pics of ads that my CID tutor shared with us =D

My troops for the war today! Just kidding lol

Oysters anyone? This ad looks so effing real >< Ad by Maxis.

I forgot the hotel name lol. Just took the pic for the stairs XD

Mr Funny Face brought cake for the birthday boi~~

*splat* oops~ (I wish lol)

MPH was just awesomely packed @_@. Went with Sylvene and Zhe Theng (I finally spelled her name right!) Books were at an awesome bargain price. I spent a total of RM192 XD;; I found Nodame Cantabile manga vol 2 which was a rare find since there's mostly American comics.

The Tower of Knowledge! \*o*/

Narnia 7in1 - RM15
Abarat - RM10
The Secret - RM48
3 white emo biographies
Nodame Manga - RM9
That's all I can remember lol!

Sirap and Jelly under the shade away from the scorching heat just after the 'war' = Heaven

My car went for another servicing since the guy in charge of the tyres was absent last week. Tyres are in bad shape and one of the rims is badly damaged. So now I have an extra rim from the serviceman while he sends my rim for repair. Reckless me~ Total costs to change tyres and repair rims = RM360. Friday, sending it for alignment and balancing? @w@

My playthings <3 while the guy changed my tyres.