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Monday, September 29, 2008


Okay, this time it DID hurt x_X particularly when they extracted the bottom molar. The root was curved o_o;; thats why it was so difficult to take out. I suspect the doc was twisting it here and there which resulted in the pain -_-;;; while the other 3 extractions were smoother. I had a total of 8 jabs of anaesthetic all thanks to the doc who made a last minute decision to extract the 5th molar, that's another 2 jabs, then I was still feeling pain while they were extracting the 5th, so another 2 jabs there DX

After the dentist, went for the event at MidValley. Blood and drool started dripping without me realizing again. Thank God for my red dress but the same can't be said for my while jacket >< Oh wells, it's just blood and drool *facepalms* The gauze got stuck on my brackets again >_>;; and the retail show owners were too evil to lend me a pair of scissors to cut the damn gauze -_-

Left the place early since the woman was being a bitch and I felt like my presence was unwelcomed by a few. Ah well my fault for being a real bitch and snappy at them I guess. Went hunting for my Cleo Sept issue before heading back but they're finished T^T

I'm sort of glad some are in the same boat as me. Tonight gotta sleep early and prepare to attack my fussy client ugh.

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