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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Pampering Needed!

My face is screaming at me 'Look what you're doing to me!!!' so I stared at the mirror and lo behold >A< acne popping out (3 on my nose wtf) and awesome eyebags! I haven't had any major breakouts for ages eversince I used ~H2o's seaweed cleansing water XD. Sadly the item is RM60 DX so I'll be using Garnier or Follow Me next, both which I got for free @w@

Purchased some masks, sort of like a present for myself for the birthday month XD. I'll be getting the Freeman Raspberry Facial Scrub too, hope my face condition improves TT__TT. Using some Loreal face firming cream and Garnier moisturizer which I'm planning to give away to whoever who wants it. I'm switching to the Aqua Defense range so yea do give me a holler if you want it. I've only used it 1-2 times.

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