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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

When You Believe

Note to self: sleep before exam. Everything was flushed out of my brain the moment I sat in the exam hall @_@. All of us decided to pull an epic miracle by studying for our FINALS YESTERDAY LOL. The exam was okay but honestly I could've saved my time studying since some questions just require logic orz.

After exam, went to MidValley to try my luck again after Sunday's BS day. Plus, there's new samples to grab haha.

Kiehl's! Finally I got my hands on their samples!

The sales person is just so awesome *o*b. I was just peeking at their Rare Earth collection outside and she just came up to me and handed me the brochure. "This is our latest product. Good for those with oily skin and want to shrink pores bla bla bla. You can take home a sample if you want to." Okay honestly I'm shocked o.o. I've heard that Kiehl's holds onto the 'Try before you buy' concept but I'd never thought they'd ask me if I'd want a sample in such a straightforward manner @@. Of course I didn't pass up the chance =P and she generously handed me 3 samples: cleanser, lotion and mask. The other oddball on the right is a sample for Audrey. I asked for something suitable for sensitive incase her allergies act up lol and the SA recommended this. Omg I love you Kiehl's! >w<

Vichy and Clarins ^w^V

Vichy was redeemed using a coupon from Cleo. The first time I went there, they told me they ran out of stocks and they only have 60pcs a week wtf. Glad I decided to try my luck again today~ =). This pore refining essence helps shrink pores but requires continuous usage for a long period to maintain it. One small tube of 30ml costs RM110 x_X. Expensive investment which was why I was darn keen to get this sample =D. Clarins Hydrating Masque was redeemed from an e-coupon 8D because I was frustrated for not being able to attend their media launch for their Autumn Nude Collection. The mask doesn't dry up and you only need to leave it on face for 10 minutes =D

These are not freebies (ok they sort of are since I didn't fork out my wallet for this) but swaps with King =D

Exchanged my freezing, sea kelp and Shiseido mask for these babies cuz I have too many in my stash and I'd really wanna try other masks =).

That's my awesome haul for today~ 8D. Thursday will try my luck somemore.

Photo untuk kenangan manis~ *gets smacked*


  1. hahaha samples~
    vichy ^^ haha

    in france, u can die to get samples >__D

  2. err problem with html stuff right ?
    i said

    you can die to get sample, they only give if you buy.
    for example : you buy vichy stuff, since ur a customer they give you garnier samples.
    but if you come and ask for samples, they throw you away lol
    even for perfumes. there are papers to test or you can pshitt on your skin, but not get a little sample bottle if you dont buy smth else.

    if someones ever find vivenne westwood's perfume sample..
    i wan !

  3. Nono, comments from new people need approval from the owner XD;;