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Sunday, September 27, 2009

It's A Good Good Night

Yesterday I got a random sms in the afternoon from Sylvene saying she's got an extra ticket for Arthur's Day so I changed and joined Teri's car trip in record speed. Met Jonathan and oh god the amout of trash talk! >A< It's one of those days where you laugh and squeal till your jaw hurts XD;;

The concert was not bad, I love the company =D and really enjoyed the night 8D.

Today.... hur hur chocolate overdose day. The gathering at Schokolart was awesome. I'm glad everyone manage to mingle around nicely X3 Presents ahoy!

Glow-in-the-dark panty, Lucky cat chime, Russ doggy plushie =D, Maybelline eyeshadow, Loreal Infaillable lipstick, Mamma Mia OST, mini tophat, Kiwi Yoghurt mask, Dan Brown - The Lost Symbol 8D and Roxy business folder. 8D Thank you guys~

Yes this entry seems different compared to my previous ones, less wordy but I'm just to happy to write a lengthy report so have a picture!

Love you sayang <3


  1. oie.. apahal jared bukak mata during kissipoo wtf. ITS RUDE lol pejam la doi

  2. I think it's the time I was trying to get chocolate out of his mouth XD;;