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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Life Update #1109

Came early to look for parking and there were 2 cars waiting for parking too lol, can say I was the lucky one =P. Went to the mamak for some breakfast since I was craving for good ol' Nasi Lemak. It's been ages since I've eaten a packet as I hate the chili skin from the sambal sticking to my braces.

The sambal scuttled to hide under the rice >w<\ *gets smacked*

Isn't this cat adorable? :3 Caught it at the LRT station.

Chicken on the grill

The mysterious cat~ :3 with a nice bushy tail *o*

Phew first paper down and 3 more to go. I finished my paper early in hopes to avoid the jam and I failed =A=. The jam started from the main road of my college =A= and jam packed all the way to the federal. I started planning the fastest way to get home while hearing the traffic report.... SPRINT - jam will Bangsar, Loke Yew - jam, MRR2 - jam, the whole effing KL city - JAM WTF =A=. It's only 4.30 dammit!!!! TwT I suspect everyone's rushing back to buka puasa D=... curse the Ramadhan month =P Took me 1 1/2 hours to reach home =__= terrible...

Hope I get some decent sleep tonight. Been tossing and turning until 4am+ for the past 3 days.

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