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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Coffee That Emos

After that 13 hours of sleep, I was just too darn lazy to drag myself out of the house. Woke up at 12 and later on discovered I was too late to go for my Typhoid jab so started to trace back for my blue card from Starbucks only to find out they threw it away >(. My only hope is that the DBKL clinic will print another copy for me D8

Then Jared called so I had to drag my ass out to exchange the dress. Very disappointed that the blue dress was sold out D8 but I had a nice chat with the boss >w</ and I found a nice blue bag XD;; Paid a visit to the Bad Ass Cafe before leaving 8D;;

The Bad Ass menu and lookie~ it's Donkey~ 8D

The baristas wear Hawaiian looking shirts and go 'Aloha' at you when you step in the store.

We ordered the Bad Ass Mocha latte (yeah that was the name) and sat down to have a nice chat <3. The mocha was normal, not much difference compared to Starbucks and Coffee Bean. The only plus is their loyalty programme. 5% off on your 2nd and 3rd visit, 10% off for beverage on 4th and 5th visit and so on. A card will be given and it'll be stamped on every visit XD;;

The doughnuts are effing huge and fat @A@

Took a peek at the merchandise before we left. There was a nice pink cup, just the right pink color that won't make you wince XD;;

The Bad Ass tumblers XD;; which costs a hefty RM49 @A@. The designs are very similar to Ed Hardy designs.

Lastly a shirt XD;; This really reminds me a lot of Raving Rabbids XD;;

Have a Bad Ass day. I'm starting work today so hopefully it goes well *w*

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